Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's the weekend, baby!

...And I'll be living at work. HA! I pretty much feel that way. Might as well get me a cot to just stay there. But it's okay...I will be having more money. Although they took out a TON in taxes in my last paycheck...Yikes! 

I am so glad our computers are working again at work. On Tuesday, they crashed so the servers had to handwrite all the checks and the kitchen manager had to tell the kitchen what food to cook/any modifications/let's just say it took awhile. They were back up working on Wednesday but then the call center must have not been working because my butt was kicked on takeout. No one working Tuesday was a happy camper! I'm pretty glad I wasn't working. But it took forever to get our schedules this week and I finally have it...and will be pretty much living there too. I'm working all day Monday (boo on Labor Day!), Thursday AM Host, Friday dbl, Sat dbl and Sunday night on takeout. Oh well. At least I have two days off this week as opposed to only one!

I just wish I could see April since she'll be home this weekend. Maybe we can meet for breakfast one day! I get to start my tutoring job again this week on Tuesday. Back in Fall 2010, one of my grad classes for literacy required us as a "fieldwork" assignment to tutor a LD kid that is an undergrad at my grad school and we got $1500 off our tuition! Every semester since, I have been asked back to work it and get paid to, which is pretty awesome. They asked me to do two this semester but only gave me one because I think the program is somewhat small this year. But hey, it's okay! I'm looking forward to it. It also allows me to still be able to be involved in the field of education, even though I don't have a teaching job yet. I think I'm being hard on myself in that regard since my certification is effective 9/1/12 even though I finished all my tests back in March. Stupid New York State only issuing it in february and september! 

I have begun to look into certification in other states. States I am considering: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida. From what I can gather, some states require you to take the Praxis for certification. Anyone who teaches in any of these states wanna help me out?! I can't wait to actually get in a classroom and teach!! It'll happen soon!

I am spending my day tomorrow cleaning before work. My carpet in my room desperately needs to be cleaned. And I did laundry on a Friday night. Not thrilling but it was actually relaxing. I needed a night at home to do some "chores." 

Maybe it'll be nice on one of my days off next week so i can go to the beach one last time in 2012. Summer just flew on by! 

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