Monday, October 29, 2012

Blog Award Loving!

I often wonder how many people actually read my blog and wonder "This girl is just crazy." or something along that line. I have found it to be a therapeutic outlet, so I will continue to do it! That being said, I was honored when Whitney from Blessed Southern Tarheel nominated me for a Liebster Loving Blog Award!

The Liebster Blog Award is to say "You're doing a great job!" It is meant for blogs with 200 followers or less and to encourage small blogs to get more readers/followers! I love connecting with people in different walks of life on different things in diffferent parts of the country.

When you receive the award, post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you! You pass on the award to 11 other blogs (make sure you inform them that you nominated them) and ask them 11 questions. You cannot nominate the blog that nominated you. Save the picture (above) and upload it to your blog! 

Let's do this!

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I never dyed my hair until I was in college. I had grown it out junior & senior year of high school to donate it to Locks of Love and then once I chopped it off, I dyed it.
2. I broke my foot in 9th grade by tripping over a rock. Yes, a rock. 
3. I had a 9cm tumor removed from my left breast in December 2010. Honestly, I never felt it in me but it was 100% benign. PTL! 
4. I probably eat chicken 2-3 times a week. Pretty much, sooner or later I may cluck like a chicken. HAHA...Kidding.
5. I lived in Spain for four months. I have traveled to Spain, England, Ireland, Amsterdam, The Bahamas, Grand Turk. 
6. I like to eat my M&Ms in colored groups. Like all the blues together, all the reds together, etc. 
7. I've met Teresa Guidice, my favorite housewive from the Real Housewives series! Here's proof:

8. I didn't get my license until the summer after my freshmen year in college.
9. I only eat three vegetables (corn, carrots, green beans). 
10. I danced from kindergarten through high school and did every form of dance with the exception of pointe. I truly miss it!!
 11. I can wrap my legs around my neck and roll around like a pretzel. It is kinda freaky!!

 Here are the 11 questions from my nominator, Whitney, :
1. What was your childhood nickname? What is your current nickname?
My childhood nicknames varied. I had more than one. I was Krissy (my grandma's name for me), Maggie (my mom's...why, I have no idea), and Christmas Tree from my soccer coach. My current nickname is Krissypants (by Stephanie) and Apples.

2. Do you have any strange phobias?
I am pretty tall and yet I am afraid of heights. I think thats the really only strange phobia. Oh, and clowns.

3. What do you do for fun in your spare time?
I try to work out but this month, I completely slacked on that! I love to spend time with my friends and also make memories with my nieces & nephew.

4. What would you do if you had a million dollars? 
First, pay off all my student loan debt and any remaining debt my mom has and then go on a luxurious vacation! And invest some. Plus buy myself a Mercedes. A girl can dream!

5. Do you save old greeting cards and letters or do you throw them away?
Definitely save them! I have them in a memory keepsake box in my closet.

6. What are the three top qualities that draw you to someone new?
Their sense of humor (if you can't laugh about the stupid little things in life, then why can't you enjoy life?!), honesty, and compassion. I love a guy who is thoughtful and respectful to his mother (it shows how he will treat his future wife!) yet also can play with kids.

7. What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?
Oh this is a tough one!! Probably potato chips.

8. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?
I would say how sensitive I am. I can almost cry very easily at anything and sometimes it frustrates me how emotional of a person I am!

9. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, because how do you know that that is the person truly for you? You could think it is and in the end, it doesn't work out. I believe in lust at first sight.

10. Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, as what? If not, what is your favorite Halloween costume from the past?
I am not dressing up for Halloween. For some reason, this year I am just not into it! One of my favorite costumes from the past was my Girls Gone Wild outfit that I did with my BFF Stephy for a college party. Or my Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" costume.

11. What is your favorite part about blogging?
I would have to say that my favorite part about blogging is meeting new people in different parts of the country, being able to "connect" on different aspects of life and being able to form friendships. Blogging has such a strong sense of community it is amazing how it brings people together!

And now, for the fun nominees for this lovely award are:

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My questions for you are:
1. If your life was being made into a movie, who would you want to play you and why?
2. What is your favorite Holiday and tradition?
3. What is your most embarrassing memory/story? 
4. Why did you start blogging?
5. If money was no concern, where is your most desired place of travel? 
6. What inspired you to pursue the field you currently work in/will work in once you are done with school?
7. What three things would you take with you to a desert island?
8. What qualities do you look for in your significant other/spouse?
9. If you could pick three celebrities to be BFFs with, who would they be and why?
10. Are you an organ donor?
11. What is your "signature" drink or drink of choice when you go out? 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy, the Frankenstorm

Word. Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy is approaching. I honestly always take caution with what the new casters say because sometimes, they make it out to be a bigger deal then necessary. They did it with Hurricane Irene in August 2011. 

Yet, don't fret...we are prepared. Everything is tied down and put away. Today I went to the store for my mom & it wasn't as bad of a mad house as I thought it was going to be! Plus, I filled up my gas tank last night so I am good on that front. I was hoping I would not have to go to school tomorrow. Then, the best news happened. Automated message from the superintendent that we are closed MONDAY AND TUESDAY! Thank goodness!! This is totally going to throw the kids off their game but it is so much more important to be safe then sorry.

I also thought I was going to have to go into CPK tonight and just as I was starting to get ready, my boss Melissa called. She told me she didn't need me for takeout tonight but if I wanted hours, would I want to host (she had not called Melanie who was scheduled to work yet). I thought about it but I told her I'd rather stay home (since last time with Irene, I got stuck there!). She was totally okay with that and told me to enjoy my night (or nights since I dont know if I'll have to go in tomorrow!) off. :) 

I am actually going to use this time off to be productive and clean my closet/switch my clothes. No time like an impending Hurricane to do it!! I wonder if we will lose power this time. Last time, we didn't and I was very thankful. However, this storm looks much worse according to the news reports so we will just have to see!

Everyone in the path of this Hurricane, please be safe!! 

To my sister (in-law)

My SIL does not read my blog (actually none of my family does) but I just felt the need to write this..

To my wonderful sister (in-law)....

Not many people can say they have pretty much grown up their entire life knowing their sister-in-law. I am one of those lucky people who can say they have! I have known you since I was 6 years old. I will be 26 next month. 20 years of knowing you. How you've managed to put up with my brother for 20 years I'll never know. :-P

You have always been more like a sister to me then a sister-in-law. Neither of us had sisters growing up (she is the only girl with 3 brothers; I have 4 brothers). I remember your parents coming to my first Holy communion. Christmas mornings when we'd all give you stuff from Bath & Body Works. (When she was dating my brother long-distance and would come down for the weekend, she used to spend like 2 hours getting ready and the bathroom ALWAYS smelled so good after!). 

I remember going up to Mahopac Farms near your parents' house to visit it and the memories from that trip. I remember your brown car, the one you affectionately called a Piece-Of-Sugar Honey Iced Tea. You remember my obsession with the game Mall Sweep (I think thats what it was called) and how I loved the credit card swipe thing (haha we learn young!).

I remember the day my brother told us he was going to propose to you. I remember the day he took my mom to have her advice on your ring. I remember hearing about the phone call after it happened and we were soooo excited (even though we all already knew!). I remember your wedding day. Who can forget?! Limos getting lost, losing power, peeing by a flashlight, the hurricane lamp exploding. Or my dress that the bridal shop ordered in a size 18 when I was 13 years old and you could fit TWO of me in it. (Good riddance to them that they burned down after the wedding). 

I remember the time you told us you were first pregnant. I couldn't wait to be an aunt! The day you asked me to be a godmother to Sara was one of the best days. I remember the second time you announced you were pregnant. And the third. You are an amazing mother to my wonderful nieces and nephew. I wouldn't chose anyone else to be their mother or my brother's wife. 

You've always been there for me. You took me to look at colleges. When I broke my foot, you took me out to the movies to cheer me up (and also because my brother was out drinking). You have always been so supportive of me with anything I have ever set out to do. Whenever I ask advice, you give me your honest opinion. We share an odd sense of humor.

I am so honored and blessed to have you in my life. You're the sister I never had and always wanted. Happy 40th birthday to you, Laurie! May the next 40 be as awesome as the first! :)

Us in Disney August 2011

With my niece Sara in Disney in August 2011

The only character she wanted to see

With my mom

The baby of her babies. She's such a good mother!

The first of her babies. :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Okay Thursday!

Link up with Neely & Amber to share what is okay with you on this Thursday (the last of October!)! 

It's okay...

...that I am a tad jealous my cousin's twin daughters met Matt Bomer because they're filming a movie...mind you that they are 7 months old!! 

...that I actually wish I had a maid to come clean out my closet for me. be addicted to office supplies. be carrying around a book of crossword puzzles for my off periods at work. actually plan on going to the gym this weekend because I haven't been AT ALL in about three weeks and if I am paying for it, I might as well use it!

...that I am going into the Vera Bradley store tomorrow because I have a $20 coupon I cannot let go to waste. procrastinate cleaning your'll get done...eventually!

...that I have been listening to Taylor Swift's album "Red" non-stop since Monday. Can she please just release the tour dates now, kthanks!? get excited that I possibly found a great pair of pants for work at Kohls by Dockers. SCORE. want to eat a whole bag of Cheese Doodles in one sitting...except I currently don't have any. feel like I am having a brain fart when it comes to blogging lately.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Who can believe it is ALREADY Wednesday?! It seems the days are flying by at times. So here I am back linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! 

I'm loving that I got a FREE Target beauty bag in the mail today! It was my first time and it was a cute leopard print one with lots of samples in it. SCORE!

I'm loving Taylor Swift's new album "Red." Maybe obsessed is a better word to use! 

I'm loving that the election will soon be over. I can't take anymore talking about Romney bashing women or people hating on Obama. It'll make me a much happier person!! 

I'm loving the new flats I got for work at Kohl's today!! They are super comfortable and I cannot wait to wear them tomorrow.

I'm loving that in about two weeks, I will get to spend the weekend in NYC with my BFF April and we're trying to go see a Broadway play!! So excited to have the weekend off from work to do something fun. :)

I'm loving that I get to sleep in this weekend! 5am is a brutal wakeup call. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Life's musings...

Half the time lately, all I want to do is put on a pair of sweats & t-shirt, crawl into bed and watch TV until I fall asleep. Honestly, I've been in go-go-go mode sometimes I don't know how I am functioning! I did it somehow when I was student teaching but this time I crave more alone time. 

This past weekend all I did was work. Friday night, all day yesterday, and yesterday. Saturday was crazy. 11:30-9:30 with no real break. 10 hours on your feet REALLY hurts after awhile. I need to buy the Dr.Scholls' inserts for my shoes because it hurt to walk to my car when I left last night! Ha ha. At least tonight on takeout was somewhat slow yet good that I made decent money (more than Friday!). 

I officially know it is fall now because I can't breathe out of the left side of my nose!! I'm not kidding you...when it switched from summer to fall weather when I was in college, I was ALWAYS sick. Never seems to skip me. I do have to find something to take to be able to breathe out of my left nostril because it is quite an unpleasant feeling. And I am hand sanitizing the heck out of my hands at school since I am around kids so much. 

The other night I saw "Here Comes the Boom" with Kevin James. He played a biology teacher that tries to do MMA to save the music teacher's job at his school. I actually really liked it! It almost made me cry. He was so determined to be able to save the music program at his school and honestly, I hope to be a teacher like that. Someone who is willing to do anything (to a degree) for their school and has a good relationship with the kids.

After school today, I drove straight to Target and bought Taylor Swift's new album, "Red." I listened to it on my drive to/from work tonight. It is so so so good!!! I really cannot wait for her to announce her tour dates for this tour because I am SO THERE!! Anyone else get the new cd?

I would love to be able to breathe normally only took two weeks of being in the germ infested school to get sick! Hopefully my sinuses will clear up soon!

I hopefully will be able to clean the mess that is my closet. I am really struggling to find clothes to wear to school and the pants give me issues. The 12s are too tight at NY&CO yet a 14 can be too baggy even with a belt. Seriously, I need someone to just make the right pants that fit me. I feel like I am always whining about this but I hate that I have to keep pulling up my pants at school, ha ha! Now to find my 20% off coupon from Kohls to go there this week. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

Linking up for another one of my favorites today with Amber & Neely!

It's Okay...

...that I am excited about not hosting at all next weekend and just doing takeout shifts. SCORE. 

...that I am looking forward to watch Beauty & The Beast with the kids tomorrow during Periods 1 & 5 because that teacher is at a conference. And it happens after their quiz.

...that Wal-Greens is selling Taylor Swift merchandise. I may or may not have bought a shirt from there tonight. May being the operative word. HAHA.

...that I am also ridiculously excited for her album on Monday. Sad story for a 25 year old! need to clean my room and closet yet it is still a GIANT mess. I really need to do it at some point. be excited about wearing jeans with a college shirt tomorrow to work for College Week! SCORE! not want to dress up for Halloween. Honestly, it is not my favorite holiday. love office supplies. I swear I have more pens then I know what to do with! cry at how much gas costs. It's so high in NY. Gross. honestly want to stay in this weekend and do laundry. SO OLD. What is wrong with me? 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Today I am linking up with Jamie to share what I'm loving on this chilly Wednesday in October! 

I'm loving that I feel comfortable/have found my niche in the school I am working in. I truly enjoy working with the teachers I work with and one of them told me today I am 100 times better than the girl I replaced (who got a leave replacement in another district). That made me feel so good!

I'm loving that Taylor Swift's album "Red" comes out next week!! Even though I've heard four or five songs from it already, I am driving straight to Target after school to buy it.

I'm loving that I am having brunch with two of my besties this weekend. With our hectic schedules, it'll be nice to catch up for a few hours!

I'm loving that I actually get a day off from school on November 12th! Off that day and then three days the week after...I can get through the next couple of 5 day weeks. I'll of course be celebrating that day off by going to the doctor's for an exam before I lose my insurance at the end of the month.

I'm loving that my birthday is in a few weeks! (1 month from tomorrow's date). I would really love a MK watch or gray Uggs I have been looking at for a few years.

I'm loving these pins lately from Pinterest:

I'm loving that next month, I get to see this lovely lady in concert!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy as a bee

Sometimes I feel like I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Or I am just the little engine that could and just keep going. I may be crazy for working three different jobs right now. But we have to do what we have to do. I am lucky in the sense that I do not have to do lesson plans because otherwise, I would have gone off the deep end by now!! At least I have easy days when they are taking notes and I just have to make sure they get notes done.

The only thing I am finding hard is the kids that get accomodations...some of them ask for EVERY answer. Like "What does this mean?" which I can tell them if it says it on their IEP but I also get "How do you say ________?" Today during one period, kids were finishing quizzes from Friday and one kid every other word was asking "How do you say this?" "How do you say that?" "How do you spell this?" I will give a hint or clue (such as maybe what letter it starts with) but I am not the one taking the test. I passed 8th grade Spanish 11 years ago (yikes!). I don't want to be mean but if I tell them the answer every time, it's not fair to the kids who don't get taken out and don't know the answers. 

I have officially given up on trying to find pants for school. Actually, it's a lie. I just hate the way everything looks. And I thought I had another pair of brown flats but evidently I don't (just the ones that hurt my toes right now). Why is it so difficult to find a pair? I looked at DSW when I bought the heels but I think I am going to try another store. Because I feel more shoes! Dressing up 5 days a week is HARD.

Today after school, I decided to go get my nails done before going to CPK since I didn't have to be there until 5:30. Well, I evidently was so tired I kept dozing off while I got them done! Who falls asleep when they get their nails done? Obviously me. I got this fun color for the fall, "Recessionista" by Essie. 

Oh yeah...I still have to switch my wardrobe over from summer to fall. Anyone want to do it for me? Or donate more clothes to me? :-P

Time to go to bed so I don't fall asleep while I am teaching first period tomorrow (or at any point in the day). My first period teacher has a meeting so she is leaving me with the sub plans to do and just have the sub sit there since chances are the sub doesn't speak Spanish. 

I also want to go to a wine store and find this wine. We sell it at work and when we have a new item, we test/taste it to be able to describe it to the customers. It's a sweet moscato but I really like it! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

{Sunday Social!}

Link up with Neely & Ashley for this week's Sunday Social!!

1. What is your favorite childhood book?
I was such a nerd when I was little. I LOVED reading!! I read 252 books in one summer (yeah, total nerd). I'd have to say that the Babysitter's Club Series was my favorite book. 

2. What is your favorite book lately?
Hmm, that is a tough question. I would say probably Bethany Frankel's "A Place of Yes" (yeah, I'll still reading it).

3. What is the book you wish you could live in?
I think it would be awesome to live in one of the Harry Potter books. How awesome would that be? 

4. If you could be any character from any book, who would it be and why?
People might think this is bad but honestly, Anastasia Steele from the 50 Shades of Grey series. I want my Christian Grey!!

5. What is your favorite book turned movie?
Hmm, this is hard. I would say The Notebook and Harry Potter.


6. What is your favorite magazine?
I usually buy Cosmopolitan every month regardless of who is on the cover (I really should just get a subscription!). I also like People and Us Weekly for my celeb gossip. Occasionally, I buy Glamour and Vogue if someone I like is on the cover. 


Saturday, October 13, 2012

And all that jazz

It is officially fall, y'all!! I have broken out my North Face fleece because it was FREEZING yesterday. I was shivering as I walked into school in the morning. And it doesn't help that the school has central AC (okay, it will in the spring/June when it gets hot out) that is still on in the teacher's lounge. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that people are still wearing flipflops and shorts! And they wonder why they're sick....

I haven't really had an official "first full week" at school yet because my first week was only two days and this past week, we had Monday off for Columbus Day. So next week will be my first full week. I have to say, I really like it. I don't do lesson planning but I am involved with the teaching. Yesterday was kind of an easy day. First period, they just had to do vocab. 4th period, we just reviewed time. 5th period, they made a weather book. 7th-9th they took quizzes. I am really suppose to make sure all the kids with IEPs and 504s get their accomodations. I am still trying to read through all of them and my heart just breaks for some of these kids. They don't get to be exempt from foreign language class and in some cases, they should be. I've got all kinds of kids in my 6 classes, including a few on the Autistic Spectrum. One of the kids in 7th period is very shy in class and doesn't really volunteer that often (and when he does, I wish the teacher called on him instead of the same kids that always raise their hands). But when we were walking back from the library after he finished his quiz, he started talking to me and it just made me feel SO GOOD. Kind of hard to describe but when you see the kid start to open up and trust you, it's just such an AWESOME feeling.

The kids are also really polite (for the most part that I have seen). Also in 7th period, I have an 8th grader in the class who struggles with speaking English. The little guy in front of him always turns around and tells him what to do if he is lost, helps him copy his homework down. The other day when he was finishing the test, the kids in front copied the vocab he missed when he was out of the room. Bestill my heart! 

I also got my first paycheck yesterday and I was excited....except all the deductions always make me sick, ha ha! Plus, most of it is going to paying my rent to my mom/my car insurance/etc. Ugh, I guess with being 26 next month is REALLY is time to grow up. My salary isn't nearly what I would be making as a teacher but hey, it is a start and that's what is important. Sometime soon I will hopefully have my own classroom!!!

Sidenote: I just spent $86 on soap dispensers for my job at the restaurant this morning at Bed, Bath and Beyond. $86!!! The ones we were originally buying were $15.99 each (about three weeks ago I bought 3 of those for $52) but people kept breaking the spout on them or stealing them. Yes, stealing a soap dispenser. What the hell is wrong with people?! The ones I bought today are kind of hard to break the spout on but I am certain someone will steal it. Such cheapskates in this world.

Otherwise, I have nothing really exciting to report in my life. I am just go-go-go. I think the next time I get to relax is Thanksgiving break and trust me, that'll be wonderful! 

Polishaholic Swap Reveal!

I participated in a polishaholic swap that Allison & Allie hosted!! I love nail polish. Seriously, I cannot go into Target without coming out with a new shade of Essie. Virtually impossible!

My partner in the swap was Kristyn! I love that we have the same name....just different spellings! 

Here are my goodies from her:

I got a cute makeup pouch, sticky post-it notes (I love office supplies!) and three nail polishes. I got Essie's "Marathin," Essie's "Pilates Hottie" and China Glaze's "Rise and Shine." This is my first time getting a China Glaze polish and I think it is a fun color. I cannot wait to use all of them! 

I loved participating in this swap and hope to participate in another one again in the future. :)

(And this took me forever to post because I was at school all day and then worked tonight. Oy vey. Happy weekend!!)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

Link up with Neely & Amber!!

IT's OKAY...

...that I cried last night when I tripped over my dog and dropped my dinner (tacos) all over my floor. I was so done by that point I just cried that I didnt get to eat them. (It had been a long day)
...that I am slowly getting used to getting up at 5am. It's killer. But at least I am in a school! be excited that it's the weekend tomorrow even though I am working! still have not switched your wardrobe from summer to fall. have no idea if your voter registration status was changed. Let's see what they say on Election Day! be so over politics. Can this election just be over with already?! plan on eating chips tonight while relaxing. #fatkidatheart. be super excited that it is almost only ONE WEEK until Taylor Swift's album is released. be okay that you're watching Full House at 9:30 on a Thursday night. #winner. realize as I am in the classroom, I actually miss sitting in class & going to school. #nerdalert. not be the biggest fan of Halloween. I honestly dont want to dress up as anything. Lame, I know. need to buy MORE pants for school. Ugh, I hate pants shopping.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When words are not enough....

Words sometimes seem to never be enough. Or the right words in a situation don't seem to come naturally. You just *want* to say're just not sure how, what to say, or even when to say it.

Last Thursday, my brother Brian went to hang out with his college friends at one of their houses. A bunch of guys that he lived with his last two years of school. Was it a joyous celebration? No. They came together to comfort one of their friends who lost their brother in a car accident. Alex, Brian's friend from college, had a brother who was in the Marines. I actually met him at their graduation in 2007. His brother was killed in a car accident in California because someone ran a red light. Something that happens nearly *every day* (don't deny you haven't ran a red light, we all have!) took away a precious family member. My brother went to the wake last night and he was saying how he did not know what to say or anything. I just kept saying the fact that he was there to comfort his friend is good enough. Sometimes knowing when people are there is all you need in a situation like this.

Many people in the blogging community are also praying/feeling for Julee Turner & her sweet baby girl Preslee Bell. Julee's husband Matt passed away unexpectedly on Saturday night in a car accident in Arkansas. The pain she is feeling is just unbearable, unimaginable, indescriable. No one plans to have this happen. No one wants this to happen. Their daughter was only 10 months old. She will grow up without ever knowing her father; only hearing stories about him and how much he loved her. My mom unexpectedly lost her husband one night 26 years ago and was forced to single parent four kids (with one on the way (me!) that she didn't know about). I must say, she did pretty darn good so I know in my heart that God will guide Julee to raise Preslee to become the individual and woman Matt hoped she would be.

Please pray for these families. I honestly cannot imagine the pain they are going through. Hug your loved ones. Tell them how much you love them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Enjoy your time with them. Because in the blink of an eye, our worlds can change and they may be gone tomorrow.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

I cannot believe the weekend is over! Thankfully, we have off from school tomorrow because of Columbus Day. I am excited to sleep in...however, Tuesday will probably be brutal getting up,ha ha. 

Friday night, I came home, changed, and then went straight to work. It was not as super busy as last night was but decent. Then I had drinks with Amanda, which was so nice to catch up. It's really funny that we're such good friends now because we weren't when we were younger....because I apparently "hated" her as she said (I really was just scared of her!! HAHA) . We became friendly when we were in 11th grade, oddly enough. It's hard with such busy schedules to meet up but when we are able to, it is always a good time!!

I slept in on Saturday and it felt GLORIOUS!! I have a feeling I am going to love doing that more often now on the weekends. I figure if I had to get up this early all last spring for student teaching, I can do it now. My SIL tells me that your body becomes used to it after awhile so I hope that is true....because I really love my sleep! I did not have a fun night at work, ha ha! Who doesn't love going into work and finding out the phones are ringing non-stop so don't hang up the lines that are on hold, credit cards are being processed off-line, the call center is being taken off, etc? ME! Ha, it was a fun night for all.

Today, my cousin David & his wife Stephanie had their twin daughters Adeline Quinn & Charlotte Baily christened! My brother Mark & SIL Laurie are the godparents to Adeline and Steph's cousin & oldest brother are Charlotte's godparents. The twins were so happy during the ceremony!! Just like their older sister Elliot was when she was christened. We went back to their house afterwards and Stephanie had made a pumpkin dip from a recipe she pinned on Pinterest! Oh my heavens it was so delicious!!! I just have to find the pin on her board so I can make it myself. :)

Overall, it was kind of a boring yet busy weekend. I am looking forward to getting my hair cut tomorrow and cleaning my closet. Plus, I think I need to make a stop at Old Navy. I want a few more pairs of dress pants from there because it is difficult dressing for work 5 days a week and not knowing what to wear!! Any other teachers have this problem? 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teacher Status, y'all.

I feel somewhat elated that it is a three day weekend after being in the school for only two days, ha ha! I think it is hilarious that teachers get as excited as the students do about when there is no school. 

So, Thursday was my first day at the school. I got my schedule and went off on my merry way. It felt odd that they really didn't give me any instructions as to what I was really suppose to be doing. I work with a total of 4 teachers. Two of the teachers I am with for two or more periods. I work first period and then see this teacher again 5th & on 8A days. I also work with another teacher fourth period, one 7th period & 8B days and another one 9th. I have 7th & 8th grade students...oddly enough the age that I REALLY want to work with! Most people think I am nuts but this is the age I did all my student teaching in and I just like them. 

It was a bit of an odd first two days because the 7th grade classes were on field trips (depending on what team they were on) so yesterday, my 9th period class had 3 kids in it! Apparently, there are also no "clear-cut" instructions as to what I am to do with the really depends on what the teachers want me to do as my 4th period teacher told me. Some teachers have TAs sit in the back of the room, some just have them grade, some have them get involved in the curriculum and that is what I hope to do! I can work with the other kids in the class in addition to those who have IEPs/504s but when it comes to testing, I take the kids out and give them their accommodations. I still need to get my log in info from the tech people at school (it wasn't set up yet as of yesterday) so I can access all the teaching sites (SchoolTool, My learning plan, IEP direct), etc. 

I am sure I will be able to learn more as I go along throughout the school year.I am really excited that I was given this opportunity. Teaching jobs are so hard to find, especially in New York. Anything that gets me involved in working in & with the curriculum, in a school setting is a stepping stone to the future. I can't wait to learn more about these kids! Hopefully I'll enjoy working here.

There is one thing I don't like...getting up at 530am every day! HAHA! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

{Okay Thursday!}

Back for another rendition of my favorite Thursday link up! Link up with Amber & Neely to share what is okay with you today!


...that I survived my first day of working in the school!

...that I feel like I had NO idea what I was doing all day (they really gave me no instructions) be mad at my dog for waking me up at 4:30am this morning to go out. REALLY, I did not have to get up for another hour!

...that I am tired.

...that I am super excited for all the TV from tonight that I will be watching (Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Jersey Shore premiere!!)

...that I wrote down the release date of Taylor Swift's album in my planner today at lunch. Yeah, I have issues.

...that I am super excited to sleep in Saturday & Sunday. I plan on having a love affair with my bed....moving on! be excited to go out for a drink tomorrow night after work with Amanda!! make a to do list and put "CLEAN ROOM" on it. I'm not kidding. It's that bad...again. have almost cried during "Won't Back Town." #nerdyteacheralert

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{WILW - Happy October!}

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I am amazed that it is October...where did 2012 go?! Link up with the lovely Jamie to share what you're loving this week!!

I'm loving Taylor Swift's latest single release "Red" which is the title of her next album that comes out October 22nd!!! I am so excited for it. The first three songs I have heard make me think the rest of the album is going to be awesome.

I'm loving that I start my school job tomorrow!! I am a mixture of nervousness and excited! Hopefully it's not that bad and I can sleep tonight.

I'm loving that I got Cinderella on DVD! I got the blu-ray & regular DVD combo back (we have a blu-ray in the family room) because just the single DVD doesn't come out til November 20th and it's only $5 more for both DVDs so I figured it was worth it!

I'm loving that I am getting my hair cut on Monday. I am in desperate need of it and can't wait to see what the end result looks like!

I'm loving the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion! Part 1 was insane and I cannot wait to see parts 2 & 3. I was so touched by Jacqueline's touching story of her son Nicholas' diagnosis of Autism. The clips they played of her & him made me cry. 
 I'm loving my friends...always there for me no matter what! 

I'm loving that I participated in a Polishaholics Swap for nail polish. Can't wait to see what colors I get with my swap partner....I am sure this will only fuel my addiction more!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The joys of being an Aunt

With my niece's accident this weekend (gracias a Dios that she is okay!), it got me thinking to how fortunate I am to be her aunt. I was a senior in high school when she was born and was at the hospital with my mom & my SIL's parents & her brother John for her arrival. Sara is 7 years old (will be 8 in December) and just so full of life! She is so funny yet has a sweet gentle soul. In 2006, I was blessed again to be an aunt when my nephew Steven Louis was born. And in 2009, I was blessed again to be named "Aunt Kistin" (as Sara and Steven called me at that point) when my niece Emma Grace was born.

Her first birthday

Steven's first Christmas (2006) 

 My munchkin

Steven's first Easter

Sara & I {Easter 2007)

Such hams!

Sweet face!

Sara's dance recital 2009!

Emma Grace & I {July 2009}

Easter 2010 - Auntie status

Such a pretty girl! 

As we call her, Whippity!

Disney 2011 {Hollywood Stuidos}

Disney 2011 {Animal Kingdom}

Disney 2011 {Epcot}

Summer 2012 {Dance Recital}

The love I have for these three kids is just beyond measurable. My brother {their father} said I am probably one of the best godparents/aunts out there because I have tried to make it to all their important events in life. Preschool graduation, dance recitals. I remember each birthday and christening. I just enjoy being a part of these kids lives. I am so blessed to be their aunt and cannot wait to see the people they grow up to be!