Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here's to you, 2014!

In a mere few hours as the ball drops in Times Square to ring in 2014 (and my friend Mike freezes his butt off as his first assignment doing crowd control there for the NYPD), it's a new year. A fresh start for everyone.

Looking back on 2013 as I did in my last post, I had a lot of fun and lots of positives. I went through tough interviews for a full time position and was one of 5 finalists considered (they cut it to 2 after the site based committee interview).  I definitely learned how to prepare myself for interviews, how I could answer questions differently and why I really became a teacher.

I spent the last year (well really 14 months) single and just enjoyed myself. I was in a relationship and in the end, I was miserable. You should never "dread" hanging out with your boyfriend (our differences REALLY showed during the last few months we were together). I have seen people get married, TONS of people get engaged recently. As green with envy as I may be, I am quite happy for them. I am a firm believer in that good things happen to those who least expect it. Now is not the right time for me to be engaged or married, according to God's plan. I hope to find that special someone soon that sweeps me off my feet, makes me laugh (until I snort really hard), cheers me up when I am sad and is just a ball of fun.

2014 is wide open with possibilities! I don't really like making "resolutions" because I never usually stick with them (IE: go to the gym....last time I went was AUGUST!). So these are just things I hope to change (well, I guess they are resolutions):

1. Pay off more of my student loans (mailed out one of my check's last week for my LAST SUNY loan and that was SUCH a good feeling!!)
2. Save more, spend less. (That whole shopping habit is gonna be a problem.....)
3. Find a full-time teaching job (keeping my options as in moving out of NY open)
4. Work out more
5. Run the Color Run in July
6. Cook more (I really detest cooking!)
7. Be happy with everything and everyone in my life.

Here's to you, 2014! The road is wide open and I am so excited about everything that 2014 holds!!

I am off to go visit my friend Olivia & Marc for the night at their apartment to ring in the New Year! Then working a double tomorrow...NOT FUN!!!  

Monday, December 30, 2013

{2013 - A Year in Review}

I can hardly believe that NYE is on Tuesday and it will be 2014 on WEDNESDAY!!!! WHAT?!!!!! Seriously, where on EARTH did 2013? I feel like it flew by quicker than 2012 did.

I have read a lot of year-in-review posts and I enjoy looking back/reading about big things that happened in other blogger's lives. Sometimes, I can connect with it. Other times, it gives me big hope! I did not think at first that I had an eventful 2013 but in the end, I did!

Nothing really exciting happened. I continued on for my job hunt for a full-time teaching job and continued to work my TA job. 
I really hope January 2014 is more eventful! HAHA!

We were struck with the lovely blizzard that was named Nemo. Some areas of Long Island got 2 feet of snow. Others got almost 3 feet. This just deepened my despise for snow and wanting to move out of the cold to the warmth!

I spent a week babysitting my nieces & nephew because my brother & SIL had to work because they lost their winter breaks due to Sandy (I still had mine)

Celebrated my brother Scott's 41st birthday.

I would almost like to forget this month. This is the month I had to put my beloved dog, "my" dog Shadow down. She got so sick and couldn't eat anymore. It absolutely broke my heart into millions of pieces. She was such a gentle soul and just loved food. I still cry whenever I think about her.
  That was her spot. Right behind the front door in front of our closet. Love my nugget.

Went into the city with my brother & his family. We went to the American Girl store for my niece Emma's 4th birthday.

She's a classy girl. ;)

Attended my sweet friend Ashley's baby shower! We student taught together after meeting in grad school and I am so glad we are friends! 


My best friend April moved to Ocala, FL for a new job as a court reporter for their paper. I miss her so much!

My niece, Sara Elizabeth, made her 1st Holy Communion!

Me, Sara Elizabeth and her Uncle John (my SIL's younger brother). We are her godparents. 

 My niece Emma Grace turned 4!
(This picture depicts Emma perfectly! So full of laughter and life!)

My mom turned 65. My siblings and I took her out to dinner!

-Took a MUCH needed break from work and celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the girls at Olivia & Marc's!

Guacamole, anyone?!


-I threw my cousin Lisa's bridal shower. The theme was "Anchor's Away"

The hanger I had made for her with her new name. :)

 Me, Grandma, my cousin Lisa, my Aunt Betsy and Mom at her shower

-Survived the year working as a TA! Spent the last two weeks of school grading.

-WE GOT A NEW PUPPY!! Our house felt so empty without Shadow in it and I knew I wanted another dog....not to replace her but to have someone to cuddle with and play with. I found her from a breeder in Missouri and she came to us. Her given name was "Cassie" but I renamed her Lily!

(I miss her being this small!!! :( )

Celebrated Amanda's birthday at the vineyards!

-Bryce and Lisa got married on July 4th! It was a HOT day but a beautiful wedding!

 Attended my niece's dance recital. Love that she is continuing this on in the family!

-Went to Philadelphia for the weekend with Shannon & her sister Meghan to see Taylor Swift!

-Went to Georgia for a few days to see my best friend, Stephanie!

Side note: I am OBSESSED with the Taquitos from the gas station, QT. EVERY time I go to Georgia, I have to have multiple of them!
Miss her! <3


 Celebrated 3 years of being at CPK...what in the world?!

 Went back to school. I still laugh at my schedule!


-Celebrated Amanda's birthday in the city

-Went to Allison's dad's wedding at the Aquarium as her date!

Chaperoned the Junior High Halloween Dance

Celebrated Lily's first Halloween! 

-Celebrated my 27th birthday doing a "Golden Mile" bar crawl in New Paltz with the besties!

-Spent Thanksgiving with the fam

-My niece Sara turned 9(!!!!) and had a dance birthday party.

-My grandma turned 90 and my uncles threw her a 90th birthday dinner.

-Celebrated Christmas with the family!

Overall, 2013 seemed to be a quick year but filled with lots of fun events! I am excited to see what 2014 holds...end of another school year, seeing my best friend April in Florida, going to Georgia again hopefully, seeing Luke Bryan in concert and so much more!!!