I love to travel! I lived the spring semester {2008} of my junior year of college in Seville, Spain aka Sevilla. It's in the Southern part and I absolutely loved it. It was completely worth EVERY penny I spent while I was there. And I have gotten to see some awesome cities! Here's a glimpse.

{La Alhambra in Granada, Spain during orientation}

{Sitting on the rocks of the beach at our resort in Marbella, Spain that overlooked the coast of Africa!}
 {Outside my university in Sevilla, Spain}

{Top of Gaudi museum in Barcelona, Spain}

{Guinness Factory tour in Dublin, Ireland}

{With my mom outside Buckingham Palace in London, England}

{With my GIANT piece of steak (first "real" steak in months!) in Cordoba, Spain}

{Sunburnt at the beach in Cadiz, Spain}

{Me standing on the I in the I amsterdam sign in Amsterdam, Netherlands}

**I truly cannot wait to travel more. The other places I hope to explore in the future:
~Paris, France (France in general...I was so mad I didn't go when I studied abroad)
~Italy (also mad I didn't get to go here when I studied abroad)
~other cities in Spain
~Puerto Rico