Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Thinking of the future...}

Okay, so I have always known I wanted to have kids when I was older. Being the youngest child of five in my family {and the only girl!}, I always liked the idea of growing up with lots of siblings. Personally, I would have preferred to have a sister thrown into that mix but growing up with four brothers {one who has a disability} has been nice.

And I love my nieces & nephew to pieces. They are constant reminders of the little ones I know I will have when the time is right with the right guy. And I have always known I wanted to adopt after having my own children. There are so many people in this world who can't have children and adopt. Or they already have children AND adopt. I would love to be part of the second half in the future aka like the next 10 years or so.

So I'd like to share this with y'all. I came across Savannah's blog (btw, I think that is just such a beautiful name) and in turn found her mother's blog. I do not know her/the family personally but her family's story is just so touching, inspiring and makes me want to be a better person all around. In addition to having their own three biological daughters, her parents adopted two little girls from China over the last five years. This time around, the family is in the process of adopting a little boy to bring into their loving family! The pictures of him on Savannah's blog are beyond priceless and precious. They are raising funds to help with the cost of travel, the adoption,etc. They are featured on this website, Wild Olive, to fundraise for their adoption. If you want to purchase a shirt and help them out, check out Savannah's blog for the code when purchasing a shirt.

The family's story is an inspiration and I can only hope I can be that self-less, loving and inspiring when I have one of my own! Check it out today and maybe the shirts will appeal to you!

It's already Thursday?!

It is already Thursday?! Seriously?! Well then, it is time to link up with Becky @ From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday!

Seriously....people's stupidity sometimes bewilders me. I had to work a double on Sunday night (I'm a hostess at California Pizza Kitchen at my mall). Okay, no biggie. This guy walks up to me after his party of seven is sat and asks "Do you have a separate listing for hamburgers?" to which I stared at him and said "I'm sorry, we do not." Dude, it is the California PIZZA Kitchen! We do not serve hamburgers! Nor do we serve French Fries. Also, why would you bring your DOG out to a restaurant to dine? Someone called and asked if they brought their chihuahua, could they sit outside on our patio? Um, no, it is a restaurant. The only type of animals we allow are seeing eye dogs. Seriously people, GET A CLUE!

Seriously...I'm not a fan of my car right now. Usually, I love my little Corolla. Infact, her name is Cora the Corolla, creative I know! But when I had it inspected the other day, I was told I have "weak struts" which apparently has something to do with the brakes or wheels, I forget. Anywho, it'll cost me almost $2000 to replace them...seriously?! Do I look like I'm made of mad dough? Time to go get another estimate (a la from my friend's dad) and sell my soul to pay for it. This part of being an adult is what sucks.

Seriously...I'm annoyed at my phone. It worked perfectly fine last night when my friend texted me a picture of my car at the light when I was going to work because he was behind me. (He's such a creeper!) But then the scroll stops working making it totally unusable. I tried googling what time the verizon store by me opens but it didn't have hours. But I just had to shut it off because my alarm was set on it from yesterday and now it'll go off every FIVE minutes if I dnon't have the phone shut off....seriously, better get a new one!

Seriously...I don't like taking my dog to the vet. I have to trick her into the car by giving her treats. She is more content laying on the cold tile floor behind the front door next to the closet door (aka her little corner which she was sitting in this morning like she did something bad) than going in a car. Also, I have no idea how I'll get a poop sample as that is what they wanted. Our yard is all cleaned up from it and um well, yeah, I don't feel like driving with that. Plus, if she has to get blood drawn or anything, I may & needles don't mix. I have a fear of needles now ever since the nurse doing my pre-surgical testing did this to my arm for bloodwork back in December: (yeah THAT should not happen...even the surgeon commented on it!)
Seriously...I do not want people to text me for coverage for their shift for the rest of the week. I was going to try to reschedule my appointment with the lung doctor next Friday depending upon if I had an AM shift or PM work shift but seriously, not worth the hassle just to go to dinner with my friends. I mean, I'd love to but I'll just meet them for drinks. But seriously, I had two people asking me to work for them on Tuesday...I made it so I couldnt get scheduled go work on Tuesday. A girl has gotta have a break every now and then. Oy with the poodles already!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

all the small things

No, I'm not going to go into a Blink 182 song post. The lyrics/title of their song just seemed appropriate for this blog post title. Otherwise I would've just written "random crap." I am thinking about a bunch of miscellaneous things right now.

1. It is probably bad I have no desire to study for my CST (Content Speciality Test) although I need to. My mother keeps annoying me about my certification and she just doesn't seem to listen or understand that NYS only issues certification in September and February. Most jobs want you to be fully certified when you apply...granted I'm sure if you were in the process of getting it, it would not be that big of a deal but still. And not to be pessimistic, but I dont think I'll pass my CST the first time around. Some people do (and maybe I will) and some people don't. We'll just have to see.

2. We got our shirts in at work. For two weeks, starting next Wednesday, we are wearing these t-shirts that advertise the new menu items. They have some cheesy sayings on the back. The two I got were "Have you ever been hit in the mouth (or maybe it was face) with a shrimp" (for Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer...I'm happy I got this!) and "Meet pepperoni's evil twin" for our new pizza. Yay for being able to wear these for two weeks as opposed to our black button down dress shirts.

3. I won a Vera Bradley Deco Daisy backpack on ebay. I got it for about $20 or $30 cheaper than they retail for, including the shipping. It's red and black so it'll match my luggage when I go away. I was planning on using a hipster while in Disney (did the last two times) but wanted to use something else instead. My mother is going to laugh at me for the amount of Vera I bring on this trip. OH WELL.

4. I really want to go on a cruise somewhere. I have brought this up to my friends from college. Five of us (Zach, Amanda, Shannon, Olivia and I) all went to Disney for a week in January and it was fun! The summer we graduated (well everyone but Amanda because she is a year younger than us and Zach because he is older than us) in 2009, we traveled to New Hampshire to surprise our friend Heather. We know we can travel together. And my friends all agree a cruise will be fun. Who has tips on cruises? We want to go some place tropical! I figure by looking into this now, we can start planning and saving.

5. I think I need to go find a new place to have my car looked at. I had it inspected yesterday and it needed new wiper blades to pass. Then they tell me it needs new struts. I asked John (my man) what that is and it has something to do with the tires or whatever. They said the front will be about $1000 and the back about $9000! holy cow! just rob me blind, why don't ya?! John said I'm getting ripped off so maybe I will need a new estimate.

6. Also, my phone broke. Well, I'm convinced it did. I have a Blackberry and love it. (See below this) It was working completely fine...until about 5pm today when it won't let me use the track ball/pad. I tried resetting it, taking the battery out, turning it off, etc. Nothing. I'll be mad if I have to pay to replace it but oh well. Especially because there are some pictures on there that well need to be deleted and ones I dont wanna lose! Guess I'm hitting the Verizon store tomorrow to get this lovely toy replaced/fixed/whatever:

#7. It might be a good idea on my part to actually write a cover letter for teaching jobs. I realize I will probably have to change it each time depending upon school district I apply to. My resume is done at least. Maybe the reason I am procrastinating on this (like everything else in life) is because I'm scared to be growing up. There. I admitted it.

I'm going to go find some new music to update my life with now.


It's Wednesday, y'all! That means it is time to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

that I got an A- in one of my summer classes. That class had a super hard final. And I got an A+ in the other. Score for me being smart!

loving that I am able to catch up on my sleep now. I took a nap for the first time in a few weeks yesterday and it was so necessary! I did not feel good and seriously might take another one today. =)

loving that I got to go to the beach on Monday! Despite looking like a cross between this:
(Meeko from Pocahontas...according to one of my co-workers)

and this

(Sebastian from The Little Mermaid), I had a good time at the beach. Despite 10 tables of customers commenting to me how bad I was burnt, I'm feeling much better now.

I'm loving that my best friend got the job of her dreams. She just moved all of her stuff back from Manhattan on Saturday because her lease on her apartment from grad school was up....only to find out yesterday she was offered a position was a reporter for the NYC bureau of Japan's largest circulating newspaper! She is super thrilled to be moving back and will be living with one of our friends from high school who will be going to CUNY Hunter. I'm sad she won't be here as of August but I'm happy she is getting what she wants.She says she is destined to live there....I'm destined to live in the suburbs, ha ha!

And it reminds me, I need to get my butt working on my resume, cover letting, and studying for my CST on July 16th!

What are you loving this week?

Monday, June 27, 2011

new hair =)

here's a picture of my new hair cut. we went out the other night to dinner and then to an outdoor bar for my friend amanda's birthday. she is on the left. but first, i went from this:

my hair the day of's past my shouders. also, don't mind the mess in my was from student teaching and i STILL have not made time to clean it up. i keep telling myself tomorrow.

and went to this:
(Amanda & Me).....such a difference! But considering it is pretty low maintenance and if I want it to look "full" I have to blow it out, I'm pretty happy.

I went to the beach today. It was spectacular....only, I am now burnt on my chest, right thigh, face (sunglasses tan) and neck. UGH! And I kept reapplying AND used SPF50! What on Earth? What brand and SPF of sunblock do you all use?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

where did the weekend go?!

Geez, where did the weekend go? It honestly always flies by! I had to work on Friday. But I did something a little, well, drastic before I had to go to work. I got my hair cut. I desperately needed it. My hair had not been cut since September and it was just in desperate need of a makeover. Normally, I get my hair done at my hairdresser's house and she only charges me $25. Not bad for a wash, cut and blow. Except, I couldn't get an appointment with her for awhile so I figured I would just go somewhere this time and then go back to her next time I need one. Well, I went to a place in my town recommended by the girl who works at the place where my dog gets groomed. I originally went on Thursday but did not realize it was prom that day so I had to go Friday. I got a sort of "bob" hair cut. And I almost fell over at the price...$50! I mean, maybe that is typical in salons but I couldn't believe it. I dont even think my prom hair cost me that much. Oh well. Once in a while you need that kind of hair cut. I got SOOO many compliments on it. My manager opened the door at work (we gotta ring a bell) and goes "OMG I love your hair!" The best part is I do not have to wear it up because it is super short and above my shoulders. Nice! And it seems pretty low maintenance. I'll take pictures later and show y'all.

And Friday was just super busy at work. Non-stop! And so was yesterday morning. No joke, I had to figure out how to put a party of 17 people together at one point. I've done it before but it was just not something I was expecting. And then no joke, 15 minutes after that party got sat, another came in and were 16. It was going to be an hour for them (at least) unless they wanted to sit on the patio. Then one of the little boys tried telling me they'd split up but there was no way that would work because they'd be NOWHERE near each other. So they decided to do the patio and I had to have my manager watch the front and seat other tables while I was outside setting it up. Those patio tables are HEAVY!! Luckily, one of my coworkers Lauren who was working takeout (I work in a restaurant) came out to help me. God bless her! I was super glad I did not have to work last night. Because...I get to work a double today! YAY for when I get that paycheck next week because it wil be super fat!

My brain was so fried yesterday...I asked off for July 6th for my niece's recital. It's a Wednesday night and usually I have not worked them but it is in my availability if they need it. Oh hey, I just realized that her recital is a week from this upcoming Wednesday and needed to ask off. I wake up this morning and realize I wrote July 8th as my request off on the form....and her recital is July 6th. Oh yeah, brain FRIED! I'll have to tell my manager today because I dont mind working that night (the 8th)....just need the 6th off! Ha ha, that is what I call special. I just love my job so much. I also want my new shirt to see if I get the bang bang shrimp one. HAHA.

I'm glad I got my summer bill for school straightened out. I went to the bursar's office and told them the online website would not work for accepting my refund. The woman could not understand why but took it there.Thank goodness...I was starting to get really annoyed. It can be bothersome when the little things that should not cause issues are the ones that do cause issues.

Last night we went out to dinner for my friend's birthday. I normally don't have a problem paying for someone but why should I have to fork out almost $60 when I tried to order the cheapest thing on the menu. Maybe part of it is because my friends don't do dinner for my birthday. Whatever. We went to a greek place in my town and I have learned...not that big of a fan of Greek food. Afterwards, we went to this one outside bar and it was $10 to get in! Such highway robbery. It was nice but on top of a beer costing $6 a piece and mixed drinks almost the same price as admission, I probably won't go there. But it was a nice celebration!

Time to go get ready for another fun-filled day at work!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm linking up with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday! Link up!

1. Seriously?! Is it that hard for my school to figure out the answer to how I can pay my summer bill?! I tried doing it on the website for the refund from extra loan luck and the same on the bursar's website! And hey, today's the last day of summer classes (for my session) and I never paid the bill. Seriously, what kind of morons work there?!

2. Seriously?! How has it been that I haven't gotten a haircut since September?! Cannot wait to go get one today.

3. Seriously?! I am so excited for this summer. I have so many exciting things coming up! From going to Britney Spears Concert on August 2nd with my BFF Shannon to Disney a week later with the family, a possible trip to Hershey Park with an awesome group of friends, etc. So much fun is going to happen!!

4. Seriously?! Can people stop asking me to cover their shifts at work? Apparently I have a face that won't say no. Normally, I do not mind covering a shift because it's money which I can always use and if I have nothing to do. Like I switched shifts with someone last night and they worked my Monday shift because she's graduating today and had family coming in. No biggie. But I'm not giving up my plans on Sat night to work someone's shift and do two doubles in a row. No thank you. I want money....I just don't wanna cover EVERYONE'S shifts when I never (actually RARELY) need coverage. End rant.

5. Seriously?! Can Mother Nature stop being so temperamental?! It's so crappy this week! I want to go to the beach before its next summer!!

I need to go study for my final. Maybe my professor will repeat all the questions from our quizzes. Wouldn't that be lovely? And oh, I'm so excited to massively be cleaning my room soon! So I can walk and it doesnt look like a war zone!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I hope you're making it through the week!

It's time to link up with Jamie and show what you're loving this week!

I'm loving that tomorrow is my
last day of summer classes! Can I get a whoo-hoo?! I did not have a final in my class today but I have a 100 question multiple choice final tomorrow. After I'm done, this is what I plan on doing:

I'm loving that I was able to make it to my nephew's preschool graduation this past Monday (pictures to soon follow). He is 4 and a half. I like to call him Mr.Monkey! I cannot believe he is going to kindergarten! It seems like the other day he was this small:

I'm loving that in less than six weeks I'll be seeing this girl:

with this awesome friend

I'm loving zumba! It is seriously an awesome workout! My friend Amanda and I did two different classes, each with a different instructor. We really enjoyed the one we took on Monday. In fact, when she played Shakira music, it pretty much sold Amanda (we both have a great love for Shakira music). I think we're going back on Monday and officially joining the gym. Yay! Seriously look into zumba! It's such a great workout and no matter how ridiculous you think you look, you have so much fun!

I'm loving Toddlers & Tiaras. I need my bad reality TV to laugh at! Seriously, I get sucked into watching these shows and can't stop watching! I swear when I have children, my daughters won't be in pageants. Not that there's anything wrong with it if anyone has been in one...these moms are just psychotic!

What are you loving today?!

Nothing says good morning...

Nothing says good morning like getting a text message from your boss at 7:30! I think I had the worst night of sleep in a long time. My air conditioner is not in yet (it is sitting in front of my dresser which is a huge annoyance and has been for a couple of weeks). Yet, it has not been super warm out every night to need the AC. I was ridiculous last night. I had my window open and after awhile, I had to close it because I was too cold! I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. If I wore pants, I was too hot (I had them on earlier). So I woke up twice last night. And then to receive a text message at 730, oh NOT fun. I'm trying to figure out WHY my alarm went off at 7:15 instead of 8:15 (when I clearly did not get out of bed until almost 9:30!) on my phone. Oh well. It was about work today. Work should be fun tonight. Joy. Maybe what her text was about will be over by the time I get to work at 5!

Additionally, I am not a morning person by any means. It is known in my family that I'm rather cranky in the morning before I get my coffee. Yep. That type of person! Does not matter if I slept 12+ hours or 6. I just am more of a night owl. Which brings me to my next point...I am taking my Content Speciality Test (CST) for my state certification (last one) on July 16th. They only offer it in Nassau County which is approximately like a half hour from me. No big deal, right? Um, I have to be there at 7:45AM on a Saturday morning. Which means I will be leaving my house at the butt crack of dawn. Awesome. I already know how I am rewarding myself that day!

Well, I might as well go finish getting my stuff together so I can go do a science experiment in my class and go to work until 10pm. Nice.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Procrasination is my game

Lord knows I procrastinate like the BEST of them. I mean, I never really was like it in high school. Usually, the nights I had dance, I came home and did my homework so I could just eat dinner and shower after dance. Then I got to college. and that all changed, ha ha!

I vividly remember my freshman year of college, I had a research paper the spring semester for my Freshman Comp 2 English class. I actually decided randomly one night "Hey, I'll do an all-nighter and get it done." Brilliant? Yes and no. Stupid? Partly. Needless to say, I got a 100 on it! Sophomore year my final for my Developing Adolescent Psych class was a 10 page paper on our adolescence. My roommate Steph (I've talked about her before) was in my class. Our brilliant minds did it the night before it was due in yet again another all-nighter. Oh we were just clever.

I pretty much did that the rest of college. I lived by my planner and got the majority of my assignments done. But I'd get distracted by lots of things. Yet, I find sometimes I work better under pressure. You know, like David Bowie's Song "Under Pressure.." That was the case for all my assignments I had for one of my Special Education classes this summer. I waited until this weekend to do all my work...and I finished it...getting all A's. SCORE 1 for my inner nerd.

I got out of my summer class so early today I was able to race over to my nephew's pre-school graduation! It was so cute! He surely does not like any form of dance as his older sister does (believe me, she is the star when she is on stage!). I was super happy to be able to go because last year, I got stuck working so I couldn't go to my niece's graduation. It is hard to believe his sister (my goddaughter) will be in first grade and he'll be in kindergarten! They are growing up so fast!

And in true fashion, I took a nap today when I got home. Usually, I work Monday nights but one girl wanted to switch with me this week because she needed her Wednesday shift covered. It was nice not working. I did zumba this morning with Amanda. And I'm addicted. I feel weird saying that after taking two classes but it's such a good workout. No matter how ridiculous you look, its so good! I liked this instructor because her music was fun and there were a lot more younger people in this class. I think Amanda and I are joining the gym and it'll be fun.

I cannot wait to be able to clean my room. I need to put my air conditioner in my room...or rather have one of my darling brothers put it in. And put my winter clothes away....I'm just waiting for summer classes to be over. It'll be my project next week. Need to do some major cleaning!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

And the point would be...?

I don't mind taking summer classes. At a condensed version of a fall or spring class, usually there is less word. Usually being the key word. My summer class last summer was pretty easy. I mean, I thought I bombed the final because of the way she worded questions but score, I got an A- in the class! I'll take that.

I'm taking two classes and I am done on Thursday. Only one final in both. Thank goodness. So, can someone now tell me the point of why I have to do a thematic unit for 5 different subject areas when I will only be teaching Spanish? Since, hey, that's what I'll be certified in? I get that it is since I'm taking Special Education courses but seriously, is this necessary? I'm wasting a perfectly good Sunday before having to be at work at 5 where I could be at the beach? At least I already have the ELA one done and the Spanish one done (totally using one of the lessons I did for student teaching!). I'm in the middle of Health right now and will do two more soon. I think I deserve a steamy hot shower after I finish my health write-up to wake me up.

Yeah...pretty much just had to complain about it. Don't like it? Oh well.

Yesterday was slow at work. And when I say slow, I think at one point four or five tables came into the restaurant in the span of an hour. Usually it's double/triple it on a Saturday. Very weird. My coworker/friend Danielle and I ordered food (what we usually do on Monday nights) and stuffed our faces. LOVE it.

After work, I went back to Victoria Secret for the semi-annual sale. How can they sell bathing suits with only the bottom?! Or the top?! No joke. I found the bottom of one I really liked but there was no top. That's just absurd. And actually everything in the sale did not enthuse me. I ended up with more underwear. I'm sure at this point my underwear goes past 100. And yes..all from Victoria's Secret. I probably should get rid of some. Oh well.

And, I bought the perfume by this lovely lady from Sephora (mind you, the first time I've bought anything from that store). After the reviews of it smelling beachy and nice (and oh, the fact that she's my idol and I'd die to have her legs/body), I had to have it. Can't wait to wear it today!

Friday, June 17, 2011

{External Hardrive}

That is my baby. My macbook pro. Okay, well the picture isn't of the one I own but still. I had a Dell in college and seriously had problem after problem with it. Within three months of owning it, I was trying to write a paper one night and no joke, my screen started to look like it was having a seizure. My brother tried to fix it but it kept happening. I took it to the help desk at school and they were only to tell me my three month warranty had expired BEFORE this happened. Splendid. Cue the crying phone call to my mom that my computer was broke and I would fail all my classes...and massive phone calls later, she bought me a warranty. Turned out that my video card was broke and when they tried to diagnose it, they said "Well, you're the first person to have this problem with this model. You should feel special."

Yeah, I feel REAL special my computer does not work! The next year it was pretty fine. When I came home from Spain, my fans blew. Don't worry...I had the necessary plug adapters so I couldn't fry my motherboard while in Europe. Then I got a line going vertically on my computer. They sent someone to fix it at my dorm...three hours later, the line was BACK. They essentially sent all the parts for a new computer for the guy to fix it...the technician told me they should have just given me a new computer. Well, once I graduated, my battery was kaput. It would cost me $300 to replace thank you!

So I worked my bootay off at my job and saved up my money to buy a Macbook Pro. I got the 15" model and loved it. It was my form of crack when I got it. My then-boyfriend had convinced me to get a Pro and not the regular macbook (the all-white one). In the two years I've had it, the ONLY problem I have had is my track pad stopped working last summer. Took it to the store and got great customer service (seriously...Apple & two favorite places for customer service).

Well, I have a ton of pictures on my computer and if it were to ever CRASH, I'd be crying the Nile River from losing them. So I want to get an external hard-drive to back them up as well as all my files (I still have every paper I ever wrote in college on my never know when you'll need them!). But, I don't know which one to get. How much space it should have on it. How much they run for....if you have ANY idea, please give me some advice!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

When I'm 40....

When I'm 40, I wanna look like my idol...Jennifer Aniston. She just seems to get BETTER looking with age. I mean, I want to have her abs and tan when I'm 40 so ya know, I dont have to spend all my hard earned money on a little thing we like to call plastic surgery....

I mean look at her in the next issue of Marie Claire (which I totally need to buy ASAP):

Why can't my hair ever look that good?!

I want her legs!

Excuse me while I go run on a treadmill at 9.5 speed so I can look like her...HAHA!

Okay, let's try this again because seriously, blogger wants me to smack my head in frustration, haha.

I'm linking up with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday. I have no idea how to get her button on this blog because when I tried it the first 348235 times, it keeps linking my text below to it. So I just saved it. So let's just give this a whirl.

1. Seriously?! does my neighbor across the street need to use a saw EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?! I don't know wth he is doing but seriously, there's no need to be doing it at like 7am. Every day I've tried to sleep in this week, he has disturbed me. Boo.

2. Seriously?! my college did not respond to my email about paying my summer bill with "That's a very good question. We'll get back to you when we have the answer." Are you for real?! Take $1500 off my bill for your stupidity, pleasekthanks.

3. Seriously?! what is with this weather?! it is so darn bi-polar. last week for three days straight it was so hot & humid, i had considered building an igloo and living in it. now, it's sunny one minute, downpouring the next. what on earth?! Make up your mind, Mother Nature. I need to get my tan on at the beach like yesterday!

4. Seriously?! was it necessary during Extreme Couponing last night to announce "Breaking Duggar Family News...tune in to the Today Show tomorrow morning" that the oldest and his wife had their second child. Apparently they're keeping with the tradition of using an M name for each child. I hope they name their son Moses! Ha ha.

5. Seriously?! I'm slowly being addicted to coupons. Nothing like the freakshows on Extreme Couponing but it is becoming a little hobby of 24. Way to be old, Kristin. Way to be old.

6. Seriously?! How hard is it for me to clean my room?! I let it go crazy when I was student teaching because between getting up at 530am 5 days a week, teaching, tutoring, classes, and working, I had no desire to clean. No joke, a pile of sweaters is sitting on my floor screaming "Put me away!"....yeah, that'll happen once I get my act together and can finish all my lesson plans for my thematic unit for my summer class....aka next Friday!

7. Seriously?! I read an article in my local newspaper about how US students do not know anything about US History. Seriously?...not surprising. I dont remember a darn thing that I learned in school and have no taken a US history class since my freshman year of college. Oh well. I knew it way back when I was getting tested on it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{It's Wednesday y'all!}

You know what that means? It's time to show what you love because it's Wednesday!

Link up with Jamie to show what you're loving today!

I'm loving that I got an AWESOME deal today at CVS. I am totally into using coupons whenever possible and Extreme Couponing on TLC has accelerated it. I bought my Neutrogena Facewash & Bodywash (each normally $8.69) two for $10. Then I bought two John Frieda items for my a root booster for volume on sale for $5 and I had a $2 off coupon and then another item to tame fly-aways usually $11, on sale for $8 and then I had a $5 off coupon. With everything, I'm loving I paid $17.98 for almost $40 worth of products. SCORE.

I'm loving that they're having the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale. I'd say 98% of my bras and underwear come from that store! I was merely browsing it last night while waiting for my friend Allison for dinner at TGIFriday's and am totally going back tomorrow when I go to get my nails done before class! I want to go see if they have any of my favorite perfumes on sale.

I'm loving that when I went to go pay my summer bill, I had more $$ in my refund account from loans then I no need to put it on my credit card. I owe way too much on my student loans and cannot WAIT til the day I pay EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OFF!

I'm loving how my professor in my summer class today put "Good Books" "Good Movies" and "Good TV Shows" for everyone to write their favorites down to share with the rest of the class. I got some good titles for books to read...once I finish all my summer work (freedom in 8 days til September!)

I'm loving being able to wear contacts again after getting new ones! The sun + not being able to wear sunglasses = a sad Kristin.

I'm loving how HILARIOUS this movie, "Bad Teacher" looks. My friends Shannon, Olivia and I wanna go see it because we wanna stare at Justin Timberlake. Plus, Shannon and I are both teachers so it just looks funny to us!
I'm loving the reviews I read on Jennifer Aniston's perfume. I mean, it smells so light and flowery, it sounds like the perfect summer perfume.

And I'm
loving how I am getting back into reading. Currently on my nightstand is....
And I soon will be reading these by Emily Giffin:

What are you loving today?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Summer Lovin Had Me a Blast}

....Or not. This summer is not that much fun! Well, okay it is waaaaayyyyy better than last summer when I was slaving away....I mean working....for 40-45 hours a week waitressing in the Hamptons. Was the dough good? Ehh, it was not as good as the previous summer but whatevs. Work-wise my schedule is fine because hey, I make it! Haha. At my job, you fill out your "availability" for days & nights and they schedule you as such. So I made it I could only be schedule Monday & Wednesday Nights and Fri-Sun (both am & pm shifts). And right now I usually work Mon, fri, Sat and Sun night (sometimes a day shift instead a night shift). I like it. Easy money and not difficult.

Okay, so I'm mainly complaining about my summer classes. I can take a total of four special education classes, the content speciality test for it and then apply for an extension. So essentially, another certification. Plus, my school was offering "take one class, get the second one at 50% off." Hey, even in hard times colleges are offering discounts! Well, it saved me almost $1400 by taking two classes this summer session. It's really not that bad taking two classes (one Mon/Wed 12-3:50 and Tues/Thurs 5-8:50 but they always let us out early). I just don't want to do the work. And hah! When I was student teaching, I was wishing I could do work instead of plans. Trade-offs are never fun. I literally have to get through 7 more classes and then I'll have my summer back. :-D This was just a friendly whine from a big wine-o (Oh I love my wine!) because I do not want to do the assignments I've been putting off. Boo on me.

Tonight I'm seeing my LOVELY friend Allison! Super excited.I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw her. We're doing dinner after my class. And I will probably order a cocktail..or five {just kidding...who'd drive me home?!}...rather one or dinner. Some days, a girl needs it!

P.S. I am in love with this new body cream I bought last week from Bath & Body Works. I got it 75% off so it only cost me $3 for a $12 bottle of body cream. Don't get me wrong...I usually only buy stuff from them on sale. It is one of their signature vanillas but coconut. smells like heaven! Makes me feel like I'm on a beach somewhere.

Okay, call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like I am way behind on this rollercoaster of life. So many people I know my age {either online or that I graduated high school with} are engaged! Some have gotten married. Some already have kids. And I'm only 24. If you asked me back in high school where I saw myself at 24, I would have said "Engaged....with a teaching job {yep, always knew I'd be a teacher} living in my own place...." Well, none of that is true. Hello still living at home and no teaching jobs to be found thanks to our lovely economy/teacher lay-offs! I know I can change this by looking out of state for employment but I'd like to accomplish getting my NY teaching license before obtaining one in another state. It just makes me wonder if I will EVER get married at all. I'm kinda back together with my ex but not officially or anything and so many people have asked me if it was only until I found someone better. No, that's not the case. And no, I'm not settling. I just want my own fairytale ending. And I doubt I'll find that future soulmate of mine while living at home with no job.

But you know what they say....good things come to those who wait. And I will patiently as possible!

Time to go finish getting ready for class. I'll reflect more on my new another post. Yes, read that right.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disaster Zone..

I'm usually a pretty organized person. I mean, when I applied to colleges, each college had a separate manilla folder with all the requirements for each school (SAT or ACT, Average GPA, deposit amount, deadline, essay or no, etc) on a post-it note on the inside. I live by Post-It notes so it worked wonders. The folders made the whole process of applying that much less aggravating.

Well, enter in student teaching. My life/organization got thrown for a loop and no joke, I ended almost a MONTH ago....and there are STILL clothes I have not put away. Why is changing your wardrobe from winter to summer (and even summer to fall, etc) such a DAUNTING task? I feel like it takes forever. Maybe it is because I get easily distracted....thanks Facebook & blogger, haha! I took all my sweaters from the closet where they were hanging (why I hang my sweaters i don't know) and threw them in a pile on the floor. No joke, I am so tired (explanation coming) and have to leave for work in an hour. It won't get finished by then. Whatever, Tuesday or something it'll have to be done. At least my two hampers of CLEAN clothes were all put away. :-D

Today I had to get up at 6am for work. The LAST time I got up anywhere remotely that early (usually it was between 5 & 5:30) was student teaching! We had a mandatory work meeting at 7am for the new menu rollout. I work at California Pizza Kitchen so in order for us to all meet, they made it that early. Oh, mind you I am NOT a morning person. We are taking a bunch of things off the menu and they're adding some new stuff to it. So, we got to taste it. Yes, we ate fried mac n cheese, bang bang shrimp (who doesn't love that name?!), habanero pizza at like 8am....waaaaaaayyyyyy too early for that. At least we got paid for the 2 hrs we were there! And since they want to advertise the new items and such for two weeks once it starts, we all get t-shirts to wear that advertise a new menu item. I think half the staff wants their's to be the bang bang shrimp one, haha. I know I do! At least I did not have to work after it. I do have to be there at 5 and I want to straighten my hair beforehand.

I saw The Hangover Part II on Friday and it was pretty funny. I swear the guy that plays Alan had probably the funniest lines in the movie! I had heard mixed reviews about it and people were basically saying it was just like the first one, just moved to a different city. And it was, but still a good laugh.

I have a unit plan due next Monday for one of my summer classes and I majorly need to work on it this week. Thankfully I dont have to work til five the day before it's due so I feel if I can get my massive closet organization done...or the majority of it done....then I'll be good.

Well, time to go move some of the disaster zone of clothes strewn across my room and get ready for work. Ciao!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today's the first time I'm linking up with Rebecca @ Southern Charm for Thankful Thursday!

I'm thankful that two weeks from today, I will be done with my summer classes! I am glad I won't have to take a full load in the fall (just one class Tuesday nights and one class Thursday nights) but this puts a damper on my summer vacation.

I'm thankful these three goobers call me "Aunt Kristin" and love me. I adore them to pieces. I absolutely LOVE spoiling them and wish my other brothers would get married and have kids for me to spoil...or one of my friends!

Emma Grace & Sara Elizabeth

Stevie Wonder aka Steven Louis, my nephew

I'm thankful my doctor's visit at the gyno only cost me $5! I apparently had a $20 credit to my account from last year. Nice.

I'm thankful I get to see one of my besties, Olivia, tonight for some drinks and relaxation. I love we went to school together and even though we graduated 2 years ago {really?!} we are still so so close.

Olivia & I on Memorial Day weekend

I'm thankful that I have wonderful friends and family!

Time to go see if we have any coupons for what my mom wants me to buy {thanks Extreme Couponing for rubbing off on me} and go do her shopping before class.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

If any of my friends were asked if I was a pretty random person, they'd answer "YES!" in a heartbeat. I say it like it is. Sometimes...a little too bluntly. Case in of my co-workers Sarah {hilarious girl who trained me} told me that once when I was seating a table {I'm a host in a restaurant} a guy was trying to fix the blinds because the sun was shining in and he was standing on the booth. Apparently, very bluntly, I was like "Sir, please get down. I'll do it for you. We don't want you falling on your head or anything." She cracked up and basically tells me I say things like it is. Truth.

And...I normally don't think before I speak. Not ideal say in a job interview {hello awkward moment!}. I kind of let my mind do the thinking....afterwards.

So lately, lots of random thoughts are running through my head.

1. I probably should apply for my FAFSA {financial aid} for loans for the fall because yeah, where am I going to come up with $5,000+ for my two classes. {That's what sucks about going from a state school to a private school.} And probably should figure out how I'm paying for my two summer classes since they sent me my bill..again. I'm surprised they're up on their game this time...when I applied almost two years ago, they "claimed" to have never received my financial aid. They were just lazy and didn't pull it off the computer.

2. School supplies. I love. buying. them. SO RANDOM. I literally have enough pens I could not have to buy anymore until say 2019. But I just love when they put all the back-to-school stuff out. I love buying new school supplies...I even took my niece school supply shopping when she started kindergarten last year!

3. My Kindle. I bought it for myself as a birthday present back in November. I LOVE IT. Don't love it originally broke after having it for 9 days {thankfully Amazon has AWESOME customer service and sent me a new one!} but wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I need suggestions as to books to add to it. I've got a $50 gift card burning a whole in my pocket from my brother Eric for Christmas.
4. Reality TV. I realize almost all the shows I watch now are reality tv. HAHA. Well, who does not love watching those coupon-savvy people on "Extreme Couponing"?! And I LOVE the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Seriously. I think I like this cast better without having Danielle on it {she was such trash.}

5. I mean, I have two hampers worth {clean, mind you!} that I need to put away. Instead, I'm watching tv {hello MTV's 16&Pregnant} and not doing it. ONE...I repeat, ONE of these days...soon...I'll get it all clean. The pile of sweaters sitting on the floor in front of my closet make me sweat bullets even thinking about it.

6. I am NOT excited about getting up at 6am on a Sunday. I have to be at work at 7am for a rollout meeting...that's mandatory. Aka, Kristin will be staggering into work in PJ's (thank GOD I am not working til 5) and a massive cup of coffee. I remember the days when I thought coffee was disgusting....that was three years ago and I needed it the summer I came home from Spain.

7. I want to know how to add pages to the top of my blog. Like an about me page, a bucket list page, etc. Who knows how to do this and can help me out?

8. I miss Spain. I want to go back. I lived in Sevilla, in the southern part. It would be like 105 degrees in May there. I mean, look how gorgeous it is.

{Plaza de España}

{Me in Plaza de Españ was used in the Star Wars movies}

{Plaza de España lit up at night...I might be a little biased...this is my favorite spot in Spain}

Okay, time to go get my brain working and read my chapters for class tomorrow!

Wednesday Love!

How you doin? ;) As Joey Tribianni from "Friends" would say! It's Wednesday which means it's time for....

What I'm Loving Wednesday!
Link up with Jamie today!

I'm loving that it is actually warm out now! I love nothing more than walking out of my house without bringing a jacket with me. It's going to be up to 95 degrees today! Holy cow!! I need to go to the beach ASAP to get my tan on.

I'm loving the Coach purse I bought myself the other day at the outlets. I'll have to take a picture of it to post. It's a cute summer print. :)

I'm loving that my friend Amanda and I are going to be trying a Zumba class tomorrow. I made the executive decision to whip my bootay {and the rest of me} into shape and attempt to the the Couch to 5K app on my itouch. Plus, I've heard good things about Zumba. AND it gives me more time to hang out with Amanda!

As of June 23rd, I will be
DONE with my summer classes! Hello beach! This is what I plan on doing once I'm done:
That my best friend April is moving home!!! After living in NYC while doing her Master's at Columbia, she turned down one job in Sacramento, CA and another one in Garden City, NY( just about 45 minutes from where we live)...both for the same thing. She accepted a local position with the hopes of being able to move to Florida. I'm happy she'll be home!

{Dorks in Disney, June 2010}

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


There is some part of me that would wish I could be a BIT more productive. Let's face it, I love my bed. I have a pretty comfortable mattress and once I'm out for the count, it takes a lot for me to wake up from a dead sleep. Case in point - I did not hear my best friend text me yesterday but I woke up to a phone call. I could've continued sleeping until now (it's 2:13pm as I write this) but I got up early the hopes of cleaning my bedroom.

Um...yeah...that did NOT happen. Haha, I woke up and stayed in bed until 15 minutes before I left for my eye doctor's appointment. I love that between waiting and the actual exam, I'm in and out of my eye doctor's office in a half hour. My prescription has not changed...gee, what a shock. I have the WORST eyes ever and if I am not wearing glasses (or contacts), I am blind as a bat. They stopped making the brand of contacts I wear so now I get to wear Acuvue Oasys. I cannot WAIT to get the contacts so I can wear my sunglasses. Don't get me wrong...I love my purple Coach frames....I just hate not being able to wear sunglasses when the sun is shining in my face.

My friend Amanda moved home from upstate and I couldn't be happier! I saw her last at Christmas and then again Friday. :) We have decided to do a zumba class together. She found one at a karate place and you pay $5 a class. I've never done it before but it should be fun. I have been in the mood to get back into shape and work out. I need some major updates to my iPod in order to get my butt moving to start working out. I know there's the Couch to 5K program and there's an app for it on the iTouch so I think I'm going to look into that. Here's to a new me!

Everyone also keeps asking me what my plan is now that I have graduated. Truth be told, I have no idea if I want to remain in New York to teach. Part of me does not want to because they removed the Regents Exams {state tests given in January and June for various subjects} for foreign language. It almost makes me think "What's the point?" I know I need to apply for jobs but most schools won't take you if you're not completely certified. In New York, there's three tests to take for your teaching certification...Liberal Arts & Sciences Test (LAST), Assessment of Teaching Skills Written (ATS-W) and the Content Speciality Test (CST) two workshops. I have all done but my Spanish CST and I finally registered to take it July 16tth! EEKKK!!! It is in the morning (on a Saturday) and there's a speaking part. So now, until then, I'll be hard-core studying my grammar. I may have to take it twice and if I do, so be it. But here's to hoping I can figure out what I want to do with my life!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Favorite Disney Movies!

Honestly, who does not love Disney?! I feel like it is a crime if you do not like Disney. Especially Disney World because after all, it is the happiest place on Earth where dreams do come true! After I went to Disney last June with my BFF April, we wanted to watch so many Disney movies on DVD. I bought 101 Dalmatians because aside from Beauty & The Beast, it is my FAVORITE!

Then, when I went to Disney this January with Shannon, Olivia, Zach and Amanda, we decided to watch The Lion King as we had some tasty beverages and meatball subs at 3am (always a good idea when your flight is at 12pm!). And the whole time there, I was trying to figure out how to expand my DVD collection.

Let's face it, I hate the Disney vault. I feel like it makes me buy DVDs I don't want to. Haha. Or, movies go BACK in the vault before I can get my hands on them. So, here's a list of my favorite Disney movies and ones I can't wait to add to my collection:

Hands down one of my favorites! I bought it on DVD while I was in Disney. :)

This used to scare me when I was, we love it. "The Circle of Life" might be one of the favorite Disney songs in my circle of friends. And oh, it's coming out in 3-D in September!! We're totally seeing it.

Need to buy this one! I was Snow White for Halloween in kindergarten. =)

Very tempted to go order this from a seller on amazon's marketplace!

Also need to order this one! I forgot how much I loved it after the show they had at Hollywood Studios!

I have to say, this is one of the Disney movies I have not seen. I actually want to after eating in Tony's in Magic Kingdom in June!

Another classic I need to buy!

Aside from 101 Dalmatians and Beauty & the Beast, this is my favorite "princess" story from Disney! I cant believe I don't even own this on VHS...what on Earth?! That needs to change like STAT!

Love this one! It makes me feel super old because I remember loving this when I was really young (oh circa 3rd or 4th grade) and my nieces and nephew love it. Gee, way to feel ancient, haha!

My favorite Disney movie! Might need to watch this again soon.

What are some of your favorite Disney movies? Any recommendations of ones I need to watch?