Wednesday, June 29, 2011

all the small things

No, I'm not going to go into a Blink 182 song post. The lyrics/title of their song just seemed appropriate for this blog post title. Otherwise I would've just written "random crap." I am thinking about a bunch of miscellaneous things right now.

1. It is probably bad I have no desire to study for my CST (Content Speciality Test) although I need to. My mother keeps annoying me about my certification and she just doesn't seem to listen or understand that NYS only issues certification in September and February. Most jobs want you to be fully certified when you apply...granted I'm sure if you were in the process of getting it, it would not be that big of a deal but still. And not to be pessimistic, but I dont think I'll pass my CST the first time around. Some people do (and maybe I will) and some people don't. We'll just have to see.

2. We got our shirts in at work. For two weeks, starting next Wednesday, we are wearing these t-shirts that advertise the new menu items. They have some cheesy sayings on the back. The two I got were "Have you ever been hit in the mouth (or maybe it was face) with a shrimp" (for Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer...I'm happy I got this!) and "Meet pepperoni's evil twin" for our new pizza. Yay for being able to wear these for two weeks as opposed to our black button down dress shirts.

3. I won a Vera Bradley Deco Daisy backpack on ebay. I got it for about $20 or $30 cheaper than they retail for, including the shipping. It's red and black so it'll match my luggage when I go away. I was planning on using a hipster while in Disney (did the last two times) but wanted to use something else instead. My mother is going to laugh at me for the amount of Vera I bring on this trip. OH WELL.

4. I really want to go on a cruise somewhere. I have brought this up to my friends from college. Five of us (Zach, Amanda, Shannon, Olivia and I) all went to Disney for a week in January and it was fun! The summer we graduated (well everyone but Amanda because she is a year younger than us and Zach because he is older than us) in 2009, we traveled to New Hampshire to surprise our friend Heather. We know we can travel together. And my friends all agree a cruise will be fun. Who has tips on cruises? We want to go some place tropical! I figure by looking into this now, we can start planning and saving.

5. I think I need to go find a new place to have my car looked at. I had it inspected yesterday and it needed new wiper blades to pass. Then they tell me it needs new struts. I asked John (my man) what that is and it has something to do with the tires or whatever. They said the front will be about $1000 and the back about $9000! holy cow! just rob me blind, why don't ya?! John said I'm getting ripped off so maybe I will need a new estimate.

6. Also, my phone broke. Well, I'm convinced it did. I have a Blackberry and love it. (See below this) It was working completely fine...until about 5pm today when it won't let me use the track ball/pad. I tried resetting it, taking the battery out, turning it off, etc. Nothing. I'll be mad if I have to pay to replace it but oh well. Especially because there are some pictures on there that well need to be deleted and ones I dont wanna lose! Guess I'm hitting the Verizon store tomorrow to get this lovely toy replaced/fixed/whatever:

#7. It might be a good idea on my part to actually write a cover letter for teaching jobs. I realize I will probably have to change it each time depending upon school district I apply to. My resume is done at least. Maybe the reason I am procrastinating on this (like everything else in life) is because I'm scared to be growing up. There. I admitted it.

I'm going to go find some new music to update my life with now.

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  1. I put off my cover letters for the exact same reason and didn't start applying for jobs until summer had jumpstarted. Depending on what you're certified in, you'll probably have a couple of cover letters. ex: I'm certified k-8 so I had one that talked about my little guy experience, one that talked about my older-little kid experience and one that talked about my middle experience. You'll spruce them up a little and change the names of the schools each time but once they're done it's so easy.

    P.S. I think I'm technically throw in the "grown-up"category what with my marriage and full time job, but I sure dont feel or act like it! So it's scary, buuuuuut don't be too scared!