Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's Wednesday, y'all! That means it is time to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

that I got an A- in one of my summer classes. That class had a super hard final. And I got an A+ in the other. Score for me being smart!

loving that I am able to catch up on my sleep now. I took a nap for the first time in a few weeks yesterday and it was so necessary! I did not feel good and seriously might take another one today. =)

loving that I got to go to the beach on Monday! Despite looking like a cross between this:
(Meeko from Pocahontas...according to one of my co-workers)

and this

(Sebastian from The Little Mermaid), I had a good time at the beach. Despite 10 tables of customers commenting to me how bad I was burnt, I'm feeling much better now.

I'm loving that my best friend got the job of her dreams. She just moved all of her stuff back from Manhattan on Saturday because her lease on her apartment from grad school was up....only to find out yesterday she was offered a position was a reporter for the NYC bureau of Japan's largest circulating newspaper! She is super thrilled to be moving back and will be living with one of our friends from high school who will be going to CUNY Hunter. I'm sad she won't be here as of August but I'm happy she is getting what she wants.She says she is destined to live there....I'm destined to live in the suburbs, ha ha!

And it reminds me, I need to get my butt working on my resume, cover letting, and studying for my CST on July 16th!

What are you loving this week?

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  1. So great that you're so happy for your friend! That's awesome :)
    Love your blog design, btw!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance