Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Summer Lovin Had Me a Blast}

....Or not. This summer is not that much fun! Well, okay it is waaaaayyyyy better than last summer when I was slaving away....I mean working....for 40-45 hours a week waitressing in the Hamptons. Was the dough good? Ehh, it was not as good as the previous summer but whatevs. Work-wise my schedule is fine because hey, I make it! Haha. At my job, you fill out your "availability" for days & nights and they schedule you as such. So I made it I could only be schedule Monday & Wednesday Nights and Fri-Sun (both am & pm shifts). And right now I usually work Mon, fri, Sat and Sun night (sometimes a day shift instead a night shift). I like it. Easy money and not difficult.

Okay, so I'm mainly complaining about my summer classes. I can take a total of four special education classes, the content speciality test for it and then apply for an extension. So essentially, another certification. Plus, my school was offering "take one class, get the second one at 50% off." Hey, even in hard times colleges are offering discounts! Well, it saved me almost $1400 by taking two classes this summer session. It's really not that bad taking two classes (one Mon/Wed 12-3:50 and Tues/Thurs 5-8:50 but they always let us out early). I just don't want to do the work. And hah! When I was student teaching, I was wishing I could do work instead of plans. Trade-offs are never fun. I literally have to get through 7 more classes and then I'll have my summer back. :-D This was just a friendly whine from a big wine-o (Oh I love my wine!) because I do not want to do the assignments I've been putting off. Boo on me.

Tonight I'm seeing my LOVELY friend Allison! Super excited.I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw her. We're doing dinner after my class. And I will probably order a cocktail..or five {just kidding...who'd drive me home?!}...rather one or two...at dinner. Some days, a girl needs it!

P.S. I am in love with this new body cream I bought last week from Bath & Body Works. I got it 75% off so it only cost me $3 for a $12 bottle of body cream. Don't get me wrong...I usually only buy stuff from them on sale. It is one of their signature vanillas but coconut. Oh...my...word...it smells like heaven! Makes me feel like I'm on a beach somewhere.

Okay, call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like I am way behind on this rollercoaster of life. So many people I know my age {either online or that I graduated high school with} are engaged! Some have gotten married. Some already have kids. And I'm only 24. If you asked me back in high school where I saw myself at 24, I would have said "Engaged....with a teaching job {yep, always knew I'd be a teacher} living in my own place...." Well, none of that is true. Hello still living at home and no teaching jobs to be found thanks to our lovely economy/teacher lay-offs! I know I can change this by looking out of state for employment but I'd like to accomplish getting my NY teaching license before obtaining one in another state. It just makes me wonder if I will EVER get married at all. I'm kinda back together with my ex but not officially or anything and so many people have asked me if it was only until I found someone better. No, that's not the case. And no, I'm not settling. I just want my own fairytale ending. And I doubt I'll find that future soulmate of mine while living at home with no job.

But you know what they say....good things come to those who wait. And I will wait...as patiently as possible!

Time to go finish getting ready for class. I'll reflect more on my new hobby...couponing....in another post. Yes, couponing..you read that right.


  1. I'm obsessed with coupons. can't wait to hear about your new hobby! :]

    xx sharon / lemonontherocks

  2. Just let it happen <3 Everything will work out the way it's suppoesd to work out. I NEVER thought I'd find a teaching job, and lo and behold, I did! It'll happen. Just work on getting the experience, build your resume, and unfortunately... be patient and keep applying!