Tuesday, September 15, 2015

{Stitch Fix #9 - Review}

I am so bad at blogging lately. It honestly seems like the last thing on my mind or to-do list. I have also been bad at blogging my Stitch Fix reviews because frankly, I forget to do it!

I would do my other reviews from the summer but I don't remember the names of the items or the prices. Yes, I took pictures and have them. But I threw away the card & list that they send you with each fix. To me, I see no point in keeping the card once I send back the items I don't plan on keeping.

So, the last few fixes, my stylist has been Brookelyn and she has done an awesome job picking out things for me! I keep requesting her because I like her choices. This is what she picked for fix #9:

{#1 - Pixley Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress - $68}

I was kind of excited for this dress because I wanted more work appropriate dresses and at reasonable prices. This had 3/4 sleeves and a nice back. It fell just above the knees and wasn't revealing. I thought this would be great for school or even a date night (if I ever go out on a date again, haha!) and pair it with a pair of black flats. I don't do heels.

Verdict? KEPT!

{#2 - 41Hawthorn - McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse - $48}

(This picture came out blurry. Let's just say I am not the best at taking selfies and I am not going to ask anyone in my house to take pictures of me for this blog!)

It is hard to tell but the blouse has a lace detail on the sleeves. The color is just gorgeous! I can see myself pairing it with slacks or a skirt for work and jeans for a night out. I don't know how I could ever see myself wearing it with a striped skirt like shown in the style card.

Verdict? KEPT!

{#3 - 41Hawthorn Zappo Printed Mixed Material Sweater - $58}

The first thing I thought when I saw this on the card was "No way!" I really am one that likes prints that are simple and basic or aren't mixed. Like, I can never see myself wearing florals with stripes or zebra print with florals. Yeah, no. But I figured I would give it a try. I put it on and although my crappy selfie mirror pictures are a bit blurry so this probably doesn't do this justice, I knew I couldn't see myself wearing this. Too busy for me!

Verdict? RETURN!

{#4 - 41Hawthorn Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer - $78}

I always see people wearing blazers with cute blouses and slacks/jeans and want to replicate that look myself. So needless to say when I took this blazer out of the box, I was excited. However. I couldn't button it closed. Now some people may wear blazers open and not ever close them but I like to have the option to close them. And I have a blazer from the Loft that is very similar so I could not justify keeping it at that price.

 Verdict? RETURN!

{#5 - Bay to Baubles Gala Stone Pendant Necklace - $34}
 When I saw this necklace I thought it would go well with the lace detailed blouse. However, it was too big for my liking. I like more simple necklaces. 

Verdict? - RETURN!

So while I only kept 2 out of the 5 items in my fix, I was happy with what I chose. I am excited to see what else Brookelyn chooses in my future fixes!

Not familiar with how Stitch Fix works?

1. Go here to sign up. You fill out an indepth style profile with your size. Be honest with what you like/don't like! Link your Pinterest style board if you have one. (This one is mine).
2. Pay the $20 styling fee. Decide how often you want to receive the fix (so far I am doing monthly but if I decide I am buying a new car this winter, I may move to every few months/as needed).
3. They ship you five items. Try them all on to make sure. You send back what you don't keep in a pre-paid shipping bag.
4. If you buy ANYTHING in the fix, the $20 styling fee goes towards that! If you buy all 5 items, you get 25% off your purchase.