{Mi Vida}

Hola! The name's Kristin. The age? I'm a 20 something living in the Empire State...aka New York! I was born and raised here. Specifically on Long Island. I graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2009. Those four years were the best four years of my life. I met some of my life-long friends there and would not trade a minute or memory. I earned my Bachelor's in Spanish with a French minor and went on to pursue my Masters in Education. I'm certified to teach Spanish grades 5-12 in New York! However, I am not sure if this is where I want to settle in my life.

This blog is about all sorts of things. Random. My life. My friends. School. My family. Vacations. Writing has always been a good outlet for me and considering I tend to say it like it is, I might as well blog it!

To know more about me, it is quite simple.

Favorite TV Shows: FRIENDS (own EVERY season, can quote it like it's my job and would cry if they ever made a movie to it because it would ruin a good show), Grey's Anatomy (hello Dr. McDreamy!), Gilmore Girls (my wish is that my daughter in the future and I have a relationship like Rory & Lorelai's relationship), Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Coming Home {cue tears at the time it starts), Army Wives, Desperate Housewives, Law & Order SVU, Golden Girls...clearly I like nothing that is super educational/note-worthy!

music: well, why don't ya just stalk my iTouch?! i probably have one of the most eclectic tastes of music among my friends. i am a Britney Spears fan and have no shame in admitting it. I also think taylor swift's "speak now" cd is the soundtrack to my life. and i love rap music. random. i have gotten so many good new songs from various blogs i've stumbled across.

i love languages & traveling! i cannot wait to go BACK to Europe and visit france & italy.