Sunday, January 31, 2016

eBay is driving me nuts

First of all, I love ebay. I have bought a lot of things off of it and received them, no problem. From DVDs to CDs to Vera Bradley bags. 

So I decided to sell my extra pair of Disney Jasmine Vans that I had. Somehow I had managed to order two by accident and never returned one. And I am super regretting that now because of this mishap. 

The shoes retail for $65 so I at least wanted to get rid of them for that price. I REALLY didn't want to take anything for lower. The first week, there were watchers but not any buyers. The second week, there was one lady that kept asking me about the price and would I go lower. She ended up bidding and winning. I was super excited I sold them being that it was my first thing I was selling on eBay.

Yesterday, I printed the labels and boxed it up, ready to ship it out. I went to the post office in the next town because I had to get gas on my way to work yesterday. When I walked in, they said they were having internet issues and couldn't give me a receipt (maybe I should have taken this as a sign and gone somewhere else). I didn't think it would be that big a deal. He scanned my package, said the label was correct (I was worried because it was the first time I did this on eBay) and I went on my merry way.

I messaged the buyer on eBay the tracking number and she is saying it is delivered to a PO box. So I look and it says that in NY. I am SO CONFUSED because she lives in California and it was 1-3 day priority. Then she keeps messaging me about it, asking if I gave her the right tracking number, which I did. I took a picture of it and also got it from ebay. 

I am just really pissed because I want to know where this package is. Essentially I feel like the Bayport post office messed up and now my package is lost. And with this buyer constantly messaging me, I just want to figure out the situation. I already messaged the post office on their "Contact Us" tab  and will go there tomorrow. I just hope it is not lost in space!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard 2016

Everyone remember how on Christmas it was so warm out and we basically did not need jackets? I knew that we would be paying for it this winter and it would come back with a vengeance!

They predicted that we were suppose to get 6-12 inches of snow this weekend. I was suppose to work this morning...actually all the restaurant. And they expect you to be there. Trust me...once I was there and then they sent me home. Because they realized how dumb it was to still be open!

I had been tossing and turning this morning about getting plowed out. We had my brother Mark's old snow blower but apparently it was going to cost a lot of money to fix and we would just be better off buying a brand new one. Why we did not do that I have no idea. (Note to self: When owning a home, have snow blower on handy). My brother Eric still has issues (so he claims) from his shoulder surgery in November so he can't shovel. My brother Scott can shovel but he kind of creates more of a mess (due to his handicap). So it is just myself and my brother Brian. Lucky us.

I went out at 9:15 and started shoveling away. Luckily it was light fluffy snow. So it made it easy to shovel. At one point I took my phone out and sent my manager Jess a text to ask if we were still open. I was not making any progress with the end of the driveway (my house is on the corner and we ALWAYS get a huge pile when they do plow the streets). She told me to stay home because she was stuck there in the parking lot and that people were stranded on other roads. And that she would let me know about the night shift once there was a conference call at 11. Thank god they decided to close. I just really hope we are closed tomorrow. Someone asked me to switch with them about their kids party because the person that it is for is his girlfriend's cousin and they wanted him to attend as a guest (and he was suppose to be the server running it). I stupidly agreed but hopefully they decide to just cut their losses and NOT have the party.

I went back out around 4 and shoveled or another 2 hours. Collectively, I think it was a total of 5 hours and it looks like nothing. Ha! I also did move my car and love that Holly, my Honda, can maneuver well in snow. My corolla would not have been able to back over the big pile like I did in the CR-V. I AM SO GLAD I GOT A CAR WITH ALL WHEEL DRIVE! I know that doesn't make me invincible on the roads but it is cool. However, I did take a walk down the block around 9:30 to walk the dog (the back deck was shoveled but then it snowed again) and there are people that didn't do anything yet. Plus,I think I have windburn on my face. The wind is so strong (and still is)! It can be kinda scary. My entire body aches from shoveling.

I guess maybe I should go sleep incase I do have to work tomorrow. Screw the Apple Store appointment I had. I will wait til it is not blizzarding out.

Until then, here are some pictures!

View from my front stoop! 

A few inches this morning at the end of the driveway. At least it was not up to my knees like last year!

And my local radio station 106.1 WBLI posted this on their Facebook page. I laughed so hard when I saw this!

Monday, January 18, 2016

A whole lot of nothing on this three day weekend

I am so happy we had this three day weekend after being back at school for 10 days. People think that "teachers are off all the time" and "they're so lucky." But these little breaks (and snow days too!) are necessary to recharge your batteries.

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. And you know what? It was absolutely wonderful! I was suppose to go out with a couple of girlfriends on Saturday night but one of them (who is on her vacation from her manager position) had a tooth pulled so she was not feeling her best with the pain killers. I was sad but totally okay with it. I really was a bum. I had the WHOLE weekend off from work, including today even though I asked to be put on the schedule. It was also my brother Brian's last weekend working in the restaurant. We worked together for the last 5 years but he has been with the place since they opened over 8 years ago. It was just time for him to leave. He had enough of the place. But I will certainly miss working with him!

My big adventure Friday night was going to Bed Bath and Beyond with my mom, where I purchased the "Huggable Hangers" by Joy Mangano. Have any of you all seen J-Law's new movie "Joy" which is based on this lady's life? I certainly want to. It says the hangers help double and triple your closet space. I have a lot of clothes, some of which I should just learn to part with, so I am hoping this helps. However, my closet is a BEAST that needs a few days to be tamed with so I am leaving that for February break.

I even went crazy and bought 4 pairs of new pants for work at Old Navy. I went up a size (until I lose weight) and bought 3 pairs of the pixie pants and Rock Star pants based on the recommendations of girls at work. Trust me, when I find a pair of pants that fits in the waist with no gap in the back and aren't too long, I buy them in every color. Can't wait to wear a pair this week.

I also put up a few new products in my TpT store. Sometimes I browse through other people's stores and I am amazed at their products. Granted, most of these are people who teach elementary school. I am amazed at the quality of the graphics they use (yeah, you can get free graphics on TpT but you also gotta put some money out there to get them). The depth of some of their products. The creativity! At times, I am jealous that they can come up with all of these cute ideas and then reality quickly sets in because I would not want to plan for all those subjects! I love the TpT site because not only did it save my butt as a first year teacher last year but I have been able to earn a profit off things I use in my classroom! It's nice to be able to share things with other educators. At times, I wish I had better resources (hello, I am using a Macbook Pro from 2009 and Microsoft Power Point for Mac 2011) but my main goal over this summer is to really develop some high quality products and keep adding them. And you know, maybe that'll eventually help me buy a new computer. (Don't get me wrong...this one is still working but I can't update to the latest Microsoft Software because it won't let me due to my memory or something! And I have deleted crap. WAAHH).

I am also equally about something I pre-ordered for myself on Amazon. I am probably one of the worst cooks. I absolutely love grocery shopping because I find it therapeutic. I know, it's weird. So I hate cooking because of all the time it consumes and such. Over the last year-two years, I have been reading this blog by Shay Shull. She is the sister of Sean Lowe, the former Bachelor. She posts a ton of recipes on her foodie blog and also shares about her adorable family. She has two cookbooks coming out in February so I preordered them! And much to my surprise, Amazon told me they should be arriving on my door stop next Monday!

And to top off a festive weekend, I finally put the Christmas stuff away. And threw out an entire box of lights that were sitting in the attic for God only knows how many years that did not work. Progress, people. Progress.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Disney Vacation Recap Day 1: Hollywood Studios

Back in July 2015 (wow, crazy to write that!), I spent a week in Disney with my brother, sister-in-law, their three kids and my mom. We went once before all together in August 2011 so the heat was something we were expecting. And frankly, we weren't even escaping it at home in NY so it doesn't matter!

So since I *just* got around to uploading pictures on my vacation from school, I guess I can get around to updating this.

The first day we went to Hollywood Studios. No one in my family is really a rollercoaster person so we did not go on Tower of Terror or Aerosmith's Rockin Rollercoaster. I haven't been on those since my friends made me go on them during our trip in January 2011.

So sad with no Sorcerer's hat! :(

My niece Emma & I in line for The Voyage of the Little Mermaid. One of my favorites! 

 My brother Mark & nephew Steven decided to go on Toy Story Mania one more time so we waited to meet Buzz and Woody. I wanted a picture by myself and then the nieces jumped in! 

I think I was in 4th grade when Toy Story came out. When my nephew was 3-4, he was obsessed with it. Now they are making a Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios and I can't wait to go back when it is done!

We also saw the Frozen show they have at Hollywood Studios. The day we were there, it was SO HOT! Dripping in sweat could've been a term used multiple items that day! So the Frozen Show was a nice time to cool off!


We had dinner reservations at Mama Melrose's and did the Fantasmic dining package. I highly recommend it! We got great seats of the Fantasmic show on the water (which they didn't see last time) and it is always one of my favorites!

Despite the heat, it was a great day! Next up, Magic Kingdom!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This & That

Hey 2016. Does anyone else still feel weird writing that? I do! Where on Earth did 2015 go? I am still trying to grasp that. Plus, this school year is FLYING BY (and yet dragging on in some aspects) compared to last year.

I still have to take down all the Christmas decorations. Anyone with me on that? No? No one else still has their tree up? #itsarealtreethatineedtogetridof #noonehelps #allme . That is the plan this weekend since I have the weekend off from work. I LOVE decorating for Christmas but putting it all away is so tedious and time consuming.

I got a Fit Bit for Christmas and it has been really interesting to see how many steps I do a day, how many calories I burn. I also love that you can track your sleep. The first time I wore it, it said I was restless 19 times in one night! Holy cow! I wanted it as part of my mission in order to lose weight/tone up. It is my goal for 2016. I know a lot of people say that every year (I am guilty of it) but I really need to. Why? BECAUSE PANTS SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! I probably gained in the waist which makes pants difficult. It actually makes me feel like I am suffocating at times because they are so tight. I have tried multiple stores...Target, Old Navy, Loft, Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic, NY&CO, Kohls, Dress Barn.

So I am reaching out....where do you all buy your dress pants?!

Also in my quest for new dress pants comes my quest for workout clothes. I *need* to join the gym and I keep saying I am going to do it. I think Friday I am just going to bring gym clothes to school and change into them and then drive straight to the gym to join on my way home from school. Therefore I can't have an excuse. BUT WHY ARE ALL GYM PANTS SKIN TIGHT? I would say I am "blessed" in the big butt department so I don't want pants that are sticking to my butt as I am attempting to run on the treadmill. I just got a 30% off to Kohls coupon so maybe I can find something from there. I at least want 1 to 2 pairs and then I will get some shorts for the spring/summer. 

Also, who is in it for the Power Ball? We are pooling money together at work to buy tickets. Everyone is joking that if they win they are retiring early! Haha! I would be happy if I won anything. I also saw this on Facebook and had myself a good laugh:

Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

It kind of blows my mind that we are in 2016. It grosses me out because that means I have been out of college for almost 7 years, high school for almost 11 years and my goddaughter is going to graduate elementary school this year. WHERE DOES TIME GO?! 

2015 seems like it was a blur. I almost feel like I did not do anything spectacular! I was looking back at previous posts to see what fun things I did and in comparison to other blogger recaps, I apparently had a boring 2015. But you know what? I am quite okay with that! Everyone is so individual and sometimes, a laid back year is just what is needed! What on Earth happened in 2015?

-Made it to the half way point of my first year of teaching. I think I drank a lot of wine at this point. Compared to where I was LAST year at this time and where I am now are TWO completely different spots. I feel *somewhat* more prepared this year (even though I am changing stuff around).

-We had a lot of snow. Not cool.

-My best friend from college, Stephanie, got engaged! 

-I saw Aladdin on Broadway with my mom! It was fantastic!

-I also chopped off my hair really short! I miss it this length!

-Nothing exciting apparently happened. This always happens in March. This year will be different with April & Tim's wedding!

-My best friend April got engaged!!! Tim proposed in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom and it is fitting because they both love Disney & they exchanged their first I Love Yous in Disney. Now this year they're getting married and I am the maid of honor!!!

-We also celebrated my niece Emma & mom's birthdays! Plus Easter, all of which I don't have any pictures from. Oh yeah, because I worked on EASTER! #whoeatspizzaoneastersunday
-Went to my friend Anjelica's son's christening!! We work together in the restaurant so little Mikey is like everyone's little nephew.

-Finished my first year of teaching! It was such an overwhelming year but also I learned so much about myself as a person and as a teacher.

-Celebrated Cheree's retirement! Cheree was like a "work" mom. I shared a room with her. Pictured with us below is Ilana, who was Cheree's TA and replaced her! Ilana is just a doll!

-Went to Disney! I am *finally* getting around to uploading my pictures [and plan on recapping them so so so late] but here's a taste:

I also saw Taylor Swift in concert at Met Life Stadium the same day I took the French CST for the second time (yeah...gotta take that AGAIN)

My niece's also had their dance recital (and I just recapped this month backwards...haha)

-I got to go to Georgia to see my best friend Stephanie! 

-Started year 2 of teaching! 

-Took my mom to see Billy Joel at MSG. He was FANTASTIC!!! So proud to call him a fellow Long Islander!

-We also unexpectedly welcomed my cousin David's son Lincoln into the world at 23 weeks and 6 days. Lincoln is a NICU miracle...he came home yesterday! (Even though he is on oxygen). That little baby is a fighter!

-Started looking at cars because I was determined to NOT have the same issues I had the previous winter. 

-Worked as usual. March and October tend to be boring months!

-Picked up my new car, Holly the Honda! Its a 2015 Honda CR-V. I am leasing with the option to buy and even though I wish I had done more than 10,000 miles per year on the lease, I am not worried since I am buying it out at the end. It was my first ADULT purchase. 

-I also did a Paint Nite with my friend Marisa for my birthday. This is why I teach Spanish & French....NOT art! 

-My niece Sara turned 11. Cue the water works because she will FOREVER be my bald niece! 

-My grandma turned 92!

-I did another Paint Nite with Marisa for HER birthday.

-Celebrated Christmas! Again, I am behind in updating my pictures. Maybe 2016 will be a productive year.

I am really looking forward to 2016. FOUR of my friends are getting married!! (April on March 6, Heather on June 4, Stephanie on October 15 in Miami, FL and Olivia on October 21!). It is going to be such an amazing, yet chaotic year. And somewhere, in this craziness, I would like to fall in love. I've been single for over three years. Maybe I am picky. Maybe my standards are too high. I don't wanna go for guys younger than me because I've been down that road. 

But who knows what 2016 will bring or hold! I am going into it with an optimistic mind, my friends! And you know, maybe blog a little more. ;)