Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

It kind of blows my mind that we are in 2016. It grosses me out because that means I have been out of college for almost 7 years, high school for almost 11 years and my goddaughter is going to graduate elementary school this year. WHERE DOES TIME GO?! 

2015 seems like it was a blur. I almost feel like I did not do anything spectacular! I was looking back at previous posts to see what fun things I did and in comparison to other blogger recaps, I apparently had a boring 2015. But you know what? I am quite okay with that! Everyone is so individual and sometimes, a laid back year is just what is needed! What on Earth happened in 2015?

-Made it to the half way point of my first year of teaching. I think I drank a lot of wine at this point. Compared to where I was LAST year at this time and where I am now are TWO completely different spots. I feel *somewhat* more prepared this year (even though I am changing stuff around).

-We had a lot of snow. Not cool.

-My best friend from college, Stephanie, got engaged! 

-I saw Aladdin on Broadway with my mom! It was fantastic!

-I also chopped off my hair really short! I miss it this length!

-Nothing exciting apparently happened. This always happens in March. This year will be different with April & Tim's wedding!

-My best friend April got engaged!!! Tim proposed in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom and it is fitting because they both love Disney & they exchanged their first I Love Yous in Disney. Now this year they're getting married and I am the maid of honor!!!

-We also celebrated my niece Emma & mom's birthdays! Plus Easter, all of which I don't have any pictures from. Oh yeah, because I worked on EASTER! #whoeatspizzaoneastersunday
-Went to my friend Anjelica's son's christening!! We work together in the restaurant so little Mikey is like everyone's little nephew.

-Finished my first year of teaching! It was such an overwhelming year but also I learned so much about myself as a person and as a teacher.

-Celebrated Cheree's retirement! Cheree was like a "work" mom. I shared a room with her. Pictured with us below is Ilana, who was Cheree's TA and replaced her! Ilana is just a doll!

-Went to Disney! I am *finally* getting around to uploading my pictures [and plan on recapping them so so so late] but here's a taste:

I also saw Taylor Swift in concert at Met Life Stadium the same day I took the French CST for the second time (yeah...gotta take that AGAIN)

My niece's also had their dance recital (and I just recapped this month backwards...haha)

-I got to go to Georgia to see my best friend Stephanie! 

-Started year 2 of teaching! 

-Took my mom to see Billy Joel at MSG. He was FANTASTIC!!! So proud to call him a fellow Long Islander!

-We also unexpectedly welcomed my cousin David's son Lincoln into the world at 23 weeks and 6 days. Lincoln is a NICU miracle...he came home yesterday! (Even though he is on oxygen). That little baby is a fighter!

-Started looking at cars because I was determined to NOT have the same issues I had the previous winter. 

-Worked as usual. March and October tend to be boring months!

-Picked up my new car, Holly the Honda! Its a 2015 Honda CR-V. I am leasing with the option to buy and even though I wish I had done more than 10,000 miles per year on the lease, I am not worried since I am buying it out at the end. It was my first ADULT purchase. 

-I also did a Paint Nite with my friend Marisa for my birthday. This is why I teach Spanish & French....NOT art! 

-My niece Sara turned 11. Cue the water works because she will FOREVER be my bald niece! 

-My grandma turned 92!

-I did another Paint Nite with Marisa for HER birthday.

-Celebrated Christmas! Again, I am behind in updating my pictures. Maybe 2016 will be a productive year.

I am really looking forward to 2016. FOUR of my friends are getting married!! (April on March 6, Heather on June 4, Stephanie on October 15 in Miami, FL and Olivia on October 21!). It is going to be such an amazing, yet chaotic year. And somewhere, in this craziness, I would like to fall in love. I've been single for over three years. Maybe I am picky. Maybe my standards are too high. I don't wanna go for guys younger than me because I've been down that road. 

But who knows what 2016 will bring or hold! I am going into it with an optimistic mind, my friends! And you know, maybe blog a little more. ;)

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