Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello December!

Wow, the last time I blogged was November 11th. I guess I don't lead that of an exciting life that I need to blog every day, ha ha! Either that or I am just lazy. Or busy. Let's go with busy, shall we?!

Since I blogged last time, some exciting things happened. And some not so exciting things!

My birthday was on the 18th of November! I am officially in the last year of my 20's. Insert life freak out/breakdown here. Back when I was 15, I never pictured I would be single and still living at home at 29 (ahh, the beauty of teenage dreams). But who knows what 29 will bring? I know I am going to be a little more active in looking to have a dating life. And how did I celebrate my birthday, you might ask? Parent teacher conferences! What, what! So thrilling.

Just kidding. Yeah, no I really did have conferences on my birthday but I went out to dinner with a few other teachers (including one who had a birthday the following Monday) so that was nice. The next night my friend Marisa and I went to one of those Paint Nites. We went to a local restaurant. Now, I am no means an artist. I use stick figures for everything I draw when I teach (or clipart I buy on TpT). So when we decided to do one, I chose an easy painting. I got it off Groupon and we went the night after my birthday.

This is what it should have looked like...

And this is what mine came out looking like...

It is a good thing that I don't teach art!! My friend Marisa and I liked it so much we are doing one on the 14th for her birthday! 

We had Thanksgiving at my house and it was nice. I helped my mom clean and it was nice to have a home cooked meal for once. Oh, and to NOT be at work. I did have to work my second job at the restaurant on the weekend but it wasn't that busy. 

I also got my bridesmaid dress for my best friend April's wedding. The wedding is not until March 6 but since her bridesmaids are all over the country, we ordered online. It came from Azazie and the prices were pretty reasonable. They were a custom order and it's a little tight in the back so I have to have it let out a bit. No big deal. You'll just have to wait and see what the color is. But it is a Cinderella blue.

Hopefully this weekend I will get all the Christmas stuff down and begin decorating. Every few years we get a real tree and this year is the case. Last time we had one, I closed the front door and the hole thing fell over! Lol! We tie it down too. 

I don't know if I had talked about it before but at the end of February, I am chaperoning a trip to Quebec with my friend Ronny, the other French teacher. I think there are currently 36 kids going! We leave on the last Saturday and come back Tuesday, March 1. March 3, I fly out for April and Tim's wedding! I am super excited to go to Quebec because I have never been. 

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, I took the CLEP test for French. French was my minor in college and in NYS, you can teach 1 subject out of your content area. I always wanted to get my French certification because not only would it make me more marketable (when I was job searching), my pay would go up and I like it! My minor in college got me 16 credits. So I applied to the state for it last year. They told me I was missing 5 of the 30 required credits (because I was already certified in Spanish, they counted 6 of those credits towards my 30, so 16 + 6 = 22). PLUS, they credited me for my intermediate French 2 class I took my first semester. So I only needed 5 credits and the state content test. The content test for Spanish was ridiculously hard that it took me 3 times to pass that. No one I know has passed it on the first time. I have taken the French one twice and it is equally as hard. 

So after taking the CLEP test on the Saturday, I got the missing credits I needed!!!! I was over the moon. I am now just waiting for the state to update my TEACH account and then all I will have to do is pass the CST. My options to take it are in February, April, and July before they change it so let's hope I pass it!

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  1. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog! It's cute! Happy Holidays...and well happy belated birthday! 29 isn't old, hang in there your life story doesn't have to be like everyone else, i tell myself :P And nice painting too. ;)