Thursday, August 30, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

Link up with Neely & Amber to share what is OKAY with you on the last Thursday of August 2012! (Holy cow has this year been flyin' by!!!) 

It's OKAY....

...that I had myself a pity party over why I didn't get a call back for a second interview. It happens. Onward & upward! A better opportunity will come along. secretly curse people out who ticket you off while driving. It really irks me when people make their OWN driving rules...and almost cause a car accident. think of how much debt I am in thanks to school and wonder when will my head ever get above water.

...that I still am not registered to vote where I live. I probably should fix that soon!

...that I laughed at this. Seriously, how could you go 9 months w/o knowing you were pregnant?!!!

...that I have a whole board on Pinterest labeled "Little Ones". I just think babies are precious! be eagerly waiting for Taylor Swift's new album....October 22nd feels SO FAR AWAY! not be sure what I want out of my relationship anymore. #soconfused. believe nap time should be a mandatory built-in slot into the work day for adults! Come on.....Europe does it with their siestas!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Link up with Jamie to share what you're loving this week! It's so late since I am finally home from work but you know what they say....better late then never!

I'm loving that my second job (tutoring)  starts back up next Tuesday. Boy do I ever need that money!!

I'm loving that all my TV shows will be returning within the next few weeks. I have missed Grey's Anatomy, SVU, etc.

I'm loving my sweet goddaughter. She has been my peanut since day 1 and that kid apparently just loves me lots according to my SIL. The fact that she texted me from her mom's phone who she got for school and everything means a lot. She cracks me up and I just love her so much. I cannot believe she'll be 8 in December and makes her first holy communion!

I'm loving the tote I had a friend buy for me from Vera Bradley. It's a pattern that is not out yet and will be released in 2013...the pattern is called Plum Crazy and I love it!

(Image from
I'm loving that they are adding a pet store to my mall. While I'd rather adopt/rescue a puppy from a shelter, I can't help but go in and awe at the cute puppies in a pet store!!

I'm loving that the Pumpkin Spice Latte will be back at Starbucks soon! As much as I don't want it to be fall (I  love summer!), I am excited for this.

I'm loving the wonderful news my friend Ashley shared with me last week. I feel honored I am one of the few people she told! Love that girl!

I'm loving that Keurig sent my mom a replacement machine since ours jammed and they couldn't tell us how to unjam it! I have missed my K-cups!

I'm loving this Essie shade "Recessionista" that I picked up in Target yesterday. I can't go into Target lately w/o buying nailpolish! Oh no! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Misc.

-You know you've been at work too much to have customers appear in your dreams! Oh man, I need to have a day off (tomorrow!). I work up at like 7:30am this morning to myself talking out loud from my dream (I once screamed out in college my first year "Keep your pants on!" from a dream). At least I am not working until tonight.

-I don't think it would've been fair for me to leave at 8 and leave all the servers to do the menu rollout for today. We basically were throwing out all our old menus and the holders since CPK is now printing on recycled paper. For wanting to go green, this is an EXCELLENT way to kill more trees! When you put the menus on the bar, it looks like nothing is there! At least we get to wear jeans today. That I'm excited about!

-I am a big nerd in the fact that I am so upset I can't go back to school. Seriously, who gets upset about that?!

-My brother needs to not ask me to borrow everything in my life. I worked my butt off three years ago to buy my own MacBook pro and you want to borrow it for a fantasy football draft? Go get your own! I have helped him out ENOUGH times so no means no.

-Why can't my closet contain outfits like the ones I pin on Pinterest? Seriously, it would make my life a whole lot easier when it came to getting dressed!

-One of my friends did the color run on Sunday in Brooklyn and I totally want to do it next year! Who has done it? I am by no means a world class runner and would probably die halfway through. But Bethany said that a lot of people walked it. I think it's something worth looking into!

-Snooki gave birth to her baby boy, Lorenzo. I can't wait to hear about how she does as a mother. I think she'll be good! And I am more importantly excited that Jersey Shore returns October 4th! SCORE!

-I need to go catch up on Teen Mom since the finale is this week! I think when Dance Moms came back, I got sidetracked and would forget that Teen Mom was on. Haha quality tv right there!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

{Sunday Social - Week 12}

Link up with Neely & Ashley for this fun Sunday link-up!

1. What is the first website you log on to each day?
Probably Facebook. I usually leave a tab open on my internet and just refresh it to see what happened when I was sleeping. That's probably really bad it's Facebook, although I know it was it in college because one morning, I was so tired that I typed in "" instead of! Ha ha!

2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about:  (I think this is HILARIOUS!)  (I literally do waste so much time when I am on this website!)

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
I'm not really sure if I could choose. I remember when Facebook was just for the college needed your school email address to activate it and now anyone can use it. I like Facebook for reconnecting with people from different times in your life (like high school, college, studying abroad, etc) and its a great way for your extended family out of state to keep up on what is happening. Pinterest just sucks me in for hours and I have pinned so many things I want to try!!

4. Twitter or Instagram?
I like instagram! It's fun to make the different effects to the pictures....kind of reminds me of the Picnick app that there used to be on facebook.

5. Favorite YouTube video? Post it!
This is just too hard. I often found myself snorting at youtube videos during college. Here are my favorite ones of a few:
~ What Caffeine Does - Jenna Marbles....I LOVE LOVE LOVE her videos!
~ I Gonna Kick His Ask
~Charlie Bit Me! 

And if you asked my friends, their favorite YouTube video would be the one of me....5 years later there are over 2000 views of it! (Side note: I did this little dance to cheer up my roommate at the time (my BFF from Georgia) who had just broke up with her boyfriend)

6. Biggest online pet peeve?
~People who misspell things...half the time there is a spell check on blogger/twitter/facebook/instagram!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Confessions.

I apologize now if this whole post comes across as "bitchy" or too "complaining" or something but then again, it is my blog. I just need to have my Friday confessions right now. :)

~It really bothers me when people drive 5 miles an hour and THEN decide at the last minute to turn. I get it if you are not familiar with the area (like on a major highway...stay to the right) but for real, some people have GOT to learn how to drive. I must have been driving behind every moron today.

~I was not thrilled with having to be at work at 7:45am today for a meeting and to have to go back in a few hours. Yet, I do enjoy getting paid for the meeting.

~I don't care if my boyfriend thinks I am always "exhausted." I am sorry we have complete opposite schedules and I usually work at night (or all day/night for a double) but I am tired by being on my feet all day. 

~I really need to get my butt to the gym more. Otherwise, my gym membership is a waste. Where is Jillian Michaels when I need her to kick my butt into gear?

~I really really really really want to adopt a baby from China when I am older/married/have my family. I think they are so cute and it is one of my "bucket list" items in life to do! To give an orphan a home would make me feel pretty fulfilled as a human being. 

~Word to the wise, DO NOT MESS with people who serve you your food. As someone working in the restaurant industry, it pays to be nice to people because they are nice to you back. But people need to stop being rude, cheap (the prices are listed on the menu for a reason!) and don't yell at us if YOU can't decide what you want to eat. 

~I really want my cousin to pick our bridesmaid dresses soon so I can decide if I love it or hate it! Ha!

~Sometimes, I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. It would help me get more accomplished! 

Here's to hoping this weekend is good (out to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight!) and I cannot WAIT to sleep in on Monday!!!! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

I can't believe it is already Thursday. Word. Link up with Neely & Amber to share what is okay with you this week!  

It's OKAY...

...that I plan on getting coffee before work...otherwise I won't be able to function. realize this morning I forgot to run the wireless credit card swiper during my checkout last night. Oops. be so tired but not be able to fall asleep until 1am. want to come home tonight after work and go to bed because I am not getting the sleep I want....but the boyfriend will be mad if I cancel plans with him. belt out Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Gonna Get Back Together" at the top of your lungs. change the radio station in the car any time a Nicki Minaj song comes on...I can't stand her!! wish I could be a college freshmen again and be moving into my dorm?! be obsessed with watching Dance Moms. be excited that I have an excuse to go shopping for jeans for work after our mandatory meeting tomorrow at 745am. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Happy Wednesday, y'all!}

How can it already be Wednesday?!! And almost September at that! Seriously, 2012 is flying by like it's nobody's business.

Link up with Jamie to share what you're loving this week!

I'm loving how big my paycheck is going to be next week from this week...working 39 hours I am about to hit overtime so I can't wait for this paycheck! I need it for my bills.

I'm loving the new Essie polish I bought the other day. It's called "Miss Fancy Pants".

I'm loving the new shampoo & conditioner I am using on my hair. At 25, I still have to use detangler when I get out of the shower(!). I bought this brand at BBB the other day and it smells so wonderful!

I'm loving that Disney World's Fantasyland expansion will be open on 12/6/12 (my niece's birthday!!) I just love Disney World and can't wait to go back.

I'm loving Dominique Moceanu's memoir. I couldn't decide if I wanted it on the Kindle or the actual book so I bought it today on my break at work. She has always been my favorite gymnast and so far, it's really touching...she's writing about finding out about having a sister who was born with no legs that her parents gave up for adoption.

I'm loving that we get to wear t-shirts soon for work. Much more comfortable then the black button down!

I'm loving that Taylor Swift's new album "Red" is coming out October 22nd! I cannot wait for her to go on tour again!

I'm loving that in about 3 months, I get to go see Carrie Underwood in concert with Amanda, Shannon and April! So excited!

I'm loving Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It is like a train wreck you can't stop watching but I think its hysterical!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Eternally Blessed

Lately, I have been in a very pensive mood. I'm not quite sure why. I often like to just sit back and look at my life and think about everything. Is that weird? Probably, but whatever.

In the past few weeks...and maybe even year since I finished my Master's.....I have done some soul-searching. I was one of the few of my friends that when we went into college seven years ago (!!!!), I knew exactly what I wanted to study..."Adolescence Education 7-12 Spanish." In other words, I wanted to be a Spanish teacher for either middle school or high school. And I have talked about it here many times before...I essentially did the entire legwork up until student teaching and never got the chance to do it. Didn't have the opportunity to walk at graduation with my friends (I got my opportunity a year later since I was an August grad and not a May grad...bunch of crap).

But that never stopped me. Taking a semester off before I started graduate school did my soul some justice. It allowed me to clear my head and in a year and a half, I completed my Master's. Now, as I search for jobs, I am disappointed in the outcome thus far but not letting it get to me. I have applied for countless jobs and only had one interview. I am lucky in that regard and have not heard back from them so I guess I didn't make it past the first cut. And you know what? I am okay with it. The job was kind of far but at least I had an interview. It gave me perspective of what to expect, what kinds of questions I could be asked and how I can answer them better or differently in the future.

I have faith that the right job will come along when it is meant to be. I just feel eternally blessed to have an amazing support system and people who have the utmost faith in me.
 My SIL....forget calling her a sister-in-law...she is more like a sister to me. I have known her since I was 6 years old. She is always there for advice about ANYTHING and has an amazing sense of humor. I am so thankful that God blessed my brother with an amazing wife and me with the best sister-in-law I could ask for. She has helped me prepare for grad school and interviews along the way and without her, who knows where I would be?!

I'm blessed to be an aunt to these three precious little ones. There is nothing more precious then your 7-year-old niece telling you every time she sees you "I just love you Aunt Kristin." I know they'll be proud no matter what I do.

My mother...who would give an arm & a leg for me no matter what. She has sacrificed so much in life and raised 5 kids on her own (not by choice). All she wants is for me to get a job and I just want to get one to be able to say "Thanks Mom for believing in me all these years."

I just feel eternally blessed. When the day gets crappy and people aggravate me at my job (I'm not kidding when I say in the span of 15 minutes last night, every single customer that came in was nasty or rude about something!) I know there are those few who have got my back. Whatever God has in store for me, I'm ready and willing to accept it. God's got my back and will continue to help me along this journey in life. He will keep me eternally blessed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

{Sunday Social - THROWBACK Version!}

You all know what to do! Link up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social.

1. What were you like in middle school/HS? (Pictures)
Heavens, I looked like a complete DORK in middle school. I think if you knew me back then compared to the person I am today, I look NOTHING like that person nor do I act like them (except in the nerdy school aspect).
 This was me at my brother's wedding when I was still in middle school. He got married the summer right before 8th grade. Such a baby face!

This is me & my friend Amanda on our last day of high school at lunch. Such babies!

2. What were your favorite past times?
From kindergarten-6th grade, I played soccer. A few of those years were travel soccer. I lost interest I guess after 6th grade, ha! The one thing I never lost interest in was dance! I did it all throughout school until I graduated high school! I would have continued in college but I could never fit classes into my schedule. 

Jazz dance to "Taste of India"
Grandma, Me & PopPop @ my first recital with AOD after they bought over my old studio.

3. What songs were you obsessed with?
I think the question should be asking which ones did I NOT obsess over? Dear lord, I was such (and still am) a teeny bopper.  I was in love with NSYNC (I was totally crushed when Lance Bass came out of the closet), BSB (I envisioned myself marrying Brian Littrell) and wanted to be Britney Spears. Ha! Pretty much sums up my childhood. Specially, I remember being obsessed with Baby One More Time, Backstreet's Got It, and Bye Bye Bye. 

4. What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe?
Maybe the sparkly jeans...they got all over EVERYTHING in the laundry. Also, those butterfly clips. What was I thinking?! And maybe the Pac Sun trend.

5. Who was your celeb crush?
I wanted to marry a few different people....John Stamos (hello Uncle Jesse!!), George Clooney (Doug Ross on ER) and of course, this guy:

6. What were your favorite tv shows/movies?: FRIENDS, Gilmore Girls, Party of Five, Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell (including the college years), Roseanne, Sister Sister, Step by Step (pretty much the TGIF lineup on ABC on Fridays).

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Really now...

I applied for my Special Education certification back in April. April 16th to be mom's birthday. New York state only issues certification in February and September so I figured it'd be at least September when it was issued....NOT! I am so glad I paid $100 and it is just NOW ready for review four months later! I sent in my transcripts and I am praying that they don't tell me I need any classes in any areas because I'll flip if I do. I am actually glad I checked for it. 

Today, I tried to schedule my follow-up appointment that I didn't know I needed at the lung doctor. I can't see my specific doctor until September 28th! Holy crap! At least I got it in before my insurance runs out.

Until today, I really had never heard of Alex's Lemonade Stand. I walked into work tonight and there was a giant box of bright yellow t-shirts for it in the office. Apparently my job (CPK!) is getting involved in a fundraiser for it and 100% of the proceeds from all our lemonade sales from Mon-Thursday next week will go to this cause. And it is a great one because it is for childhood cancer. And hey, I get a free shirt out of it. I love free things! We wear this for four days, go back to our black button downs for 3 and then go into our new promotional shirts for the new menu rollout for three weeks. If you feel like supporting a good cause next week, go to your local California Pizza Kitchen and get a lemonade! 

I am also probably the only person under the sun that does not understand the excitement regarding shark week. I honestly could care less! 

Part of me wishes I was going back to some way. It's crazy to think that it was seven years ago(!!) that I was going off to college. SEVEN YEARS! Where has my life gone? People said college was the best four (sometimes five) years of your life and it certainly was. I went far enough where I felt like I was on my own but still pretty close to home (about 2.5-3 hrs). I made some amazing friends and I am forever blessed in that regard. Who knew I would go to college and be best friends with someone who lives 5 minutes in one direction from me and 15 in the other direction? My friends and I had such insane times. The nerdy part of me actually misses being in class. I wish I was taking more grad classes or something. Or even getting my own room set up. That day will come eventually...just have to keep praying hard! 

And just because I love Pinterest and the crazy things I find, I will leave you with this gem for the night!

Friday, August 17, 2012

{Friday's Letters}

Link up with Ashley today! 

Dear brain: Please function today. Not only did I drop the coffee creamer container, it fell on the floor and on my pants. I never do that but I guess I was half asleep. Please work today.

Dear gas prices: Please go DOWN!! I cannot believe you are $3.89 a gallon right now...that is disgusting. Get me a broom because I'm going to start flying on it places.

Dear school districts: I'm a great catch! One of you is going to want me sooner or later...preferably sooner! I really want to have my own classroom one day. 

Dear hips: Stop bothering me. I wanted to run more yesterday at the gym and you made it difficult. 

Dear handyman: I hope for the love of all things holy you're done hammering soon! I am sick of tripping over the contents of my brothers' rooms downstairs and hope that they are back to normal soon.

Dear health insurance: I'm glad you're not "over" until November so I could get in to see the lung doctor in September! I can't believe I can't get an appointment with him until September 28th but whatever, I have it!

Dear hair: I wish you would start cooperating with me. I have to change my shampoo/conditioner so often because my hair feels blah. What is a girl to do?

Dear customers: Please don't come in and be all crazy tonight! If you could just be normal for once and not ask for "a quiet section near no kids" in a family restaurant, you'd make my day.

Dear TV remote: Where o where can you be? Oh where o where can you be? Make yourself appear! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

Link up with Neely & Amber to share what's okay with you this week!

It's okay....

...that I think Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is the funniest show this summer. I have never laughed so hard before. Give me my own reality show!

...that I think writing this follow up email to the interviewer from two weeks ago is awkward. I don't like it.

...that I am okay if I don't get a call back from said interview in the above mentioned email. I will eventually get a job!

...that I check the website for teaching jobs near me EVERY DAY, a few TIMES a day. You never know when a job will be posted! people watch when out in public. actually enjoy grocery shopping at age 25. be OBSESSED with Taylor Swift's new song "We're Never Ever Gonna Get Back Together." Listen to it NOW. 

...that I told my brother who is currently w/o a car that I'd drive him to the gym & then let him borrow my car, making sure he'd put gas in, just because I didnt want to leave the house and get out of my pajamas. laugh that my 7-year-old niece leaves her mom post-it notes on her pillow. The kid never ceases to amaze me. have not gone to the gym since Tuesday. I really could go day, depending upon when my brother gets back with my car. Someone kick my butt into gear!

...that I can't wait to go buy new jeans for work. Any excuse to go shopping is wonderful!

...that I totally agree with this Jenna Marbles video "Things Boys Don't Understand Part 2"'s the truth! 

...that I am contemplating buying a blog design. Suggestions, anyone?! I am graphically challenged.

...that I named my mom's new GPS. We name the electronics in our family.

...that I am actually looking forward to working near 34 next week...working every day but Monday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


How is it already Wednesday again?! 

Link up with Jamie to show what you're loving this week!

I'm loving that the Jersey Shore returns on October 4th. #sorryimnotsorry. That show is addicting. 

I'm loving that my mom is back from her vacation! I missed her sarcastic remarks.

I'm loving the new lotion I picked up from B&BW. It smells so sweet! It's called "Sweet on Paris."

I'm loving that in about a month, my second job of tutoring starts packing up and I will have more money!

I'm loving that in two weeks, we get to wear dark blue jeans to work as part of our uniform...AND we can wear bright nail polish! So excited!!

I'm loving that Jennifer Aniston is engaged! I was super crushed when her and Brad Pitt split and since she is my favorite actress, I just want to see her happy. Plus, I totally want to look like her when I'm 40!

I'm loving the Hunger Games gift I got for my BFF Shannon for her birthday next week! 

I'm loving how big my next paycheck will be next week after working a lot of hours! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's the little things...

Sometimes it is the little things in life that can make your day. Tonight at work, on my last take-out shadow shift, we found out that as of August 27th, our uniforms are changing. We start wearing our promotional shirts for three weeks then and incorporate dark blue jeans as the pants for our uniform! Usually, we are required to wear black pants with a belt (if there are belt loops), a black undershirt/tank top, black button down, black shoes and black non-slip shoes. I guess they are trying to go more "casual" so now we have to wear the button down with the dark jeans after the promo is over until they decide what to do about the top.

My favorite part about the whole thing was in the email, it said we can wear vibrant and unique nail polish as long as the nails aren't dirty/gross/ chipped. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I usually pick demure colors but this is made my day. Ha ha.

My house currently now looks like a bomb went off in it. My oldest brother, who is handi-cap, is away at a camp until Saturday and my mom is having his room spackled/sheet-rocked/whatever it is called and then Eric is going to paint it. So all the stuff in his room and Eric's room is migrating into the living room. Whatever, it'll only be like that for some days. At least it is not migrating into MY room!

I am excited to get my butt back to the gym tomorrow. I feel gross that I haven't worked out in forever and I am glad I took today off since my shins were KILLING me.

Just because I am on Pinterest pretty much every day, here's some good ones for today!

My co-workers make fun of me for this at work all the time! 

Oh so true! 

Amen, sista.

So sad she fell in the vault finals. I bet she'd have gold instead of silver if she hadn't! 

I plan on having one of these when I have kids...only bigger! Ha!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

One thing people tell me that they love about me is I am so random at times that I crack people up. Most of the time my mouth has no filter....which can either be really funny, really inappropriate, or you question what I just said. And since usually I am so random, I often have a lot of random thoughts in my head.

I have worked the past 5 days straight (like a normal Mon-Fri job except it was Tues-Sat). Today was a day off. The boyfriend and I decided to go out to the outlets to do some shopping. As we get there, I get a text from a girl I work with, asking me if I would wanna work tonight. My response was "Absolutely not. LOL" I just get annoyed that I am always asked 2-3 hours before the shift starts. She was suppose to work last night, swapped a shift with someone to not work and then she doesn't wan to work this shift? Oh I am sorry. I'm not rearranging plans because you don't want to work. Don't get me wrong...I want to work and want money....I just don't need EVERYONE's shifts.

I am going to be flaming red hot mad if I can't figure out how to put my bookshelf together! I bought a new bookshelf from Target in white for my room that is taller than the current one I have. Although it required assembly, I figured that if I could figure out how to put my desk chair together, I could do this. I sat for an hour and a half trying to get a screw to go into another piece of the shelf and gave up! So much for easy assembly! I figured I'd see if I could use a screw gun as opposed to screw driver...nope, there's a big no circle on it in the directions. Who do I ask? My boyfriend. He has to install stuff for work all the time so I figured he could do it for me! Let's see. I am so determined to figure this out!

Also, why is is extremely difficult for me to have the motivation to clean my room? Or do laundry? Or find my other pair of pants for work. I need to do the above mentioned before I go to work tomorrow because let's face it, it looks like a bomb went off in my bedroom. I bet if I clean it, it'll last 2 days. HA!

I am excited to work my first solo take-out shift on Wed! I just hope I don't mess anything up! Tomorrow is sort of a test-run...I have someone on with me as backup.

I just finished Emily Giffin's "Where We Belong" and it left me with such a happy feeling. Is that weird for a book to do that? I often feel sad sometimes after finishing a book (like 50 Shades!) but this was good. It got me thinking about a lot of things in life and made me question "Where do I belong?"

I applied for two more jobs but need to write cover letters for them! And I also need to revise my resume for the resume consultant I have. Ugh, so much to little time. I think I am going to actually try going to bed before 2am for once and get up early to do everything I need to do! 

{Sunday Social! - FOOD}

Happy Sunday everyone! I am back to link up this weekend for Sunday Social since I missed it last week. And this week's questions are all about food which makes me excited!

Link up with Neely & Ashley!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Chicken. I eat chicken a few times a week. I find it to be my safest bet (usually) when I go out to eat. I eat it so much my mom jokes I'll be the adult having chicken fingers and french fries as my wedding meal.

What's your guilty pleasure/comfort food? Either Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips or Cheese Doodles....I could eat an entire bag in one sitting!

What's the weirdest/craziest thing you've ever eaten? Sushi....I used to get the "fake" sushi at school...the chicken teriyaki roll....and when I tried a real sushi roll, it make me gag. And also I think I accidentally tried rabbit when I was living in Spain. GROSS.

What foods do you avoid at all cost? Shrimp. Salmon (basically any fish) because it makes me want to gag, lobster, sushi, broccoli, spinach (yet I'll eat spin dip...), liver, bratwurst, you name it I probably avoid it. After all, I really only like three vegetables....

 What meal reminds you of your childhood? Cut up hot dogs dipped in ketchup with mac and cheese. I used to eat this all day every day.

Share one of your favorite recipes and the story behind it: I had to cook for myself when I lived in an apartment in Spain and that was quite an adventure. One of my roommates brought a book "Betty Crocker's Cooking for Beginners" that her sister had used when she studied abroad in Italy. I figured "Well, now is the time to be adventurous" and looked up some recipes. One recipe I made was Parmesan Dijon chicken...and I actually HATE mustard. But when you make this dish, you really don't taste it. And from time to time I'll look my family dinner and make this...they all love it!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Georgia invades New York!

Little did I know when I went off to college 7 (!) years ago, I would meet someone in my Intermediate French 2 class first semester freshmen year that would become my roommate our sophomore year and one of my best friends. Who would have thought a little Southern girl from Georgia would find her way to a state school in NY?! :) Stephanie actually met a guy (who would later be her boyfriend but now an ex) on a cruise that told her about New Paltz. From there, it'll all began.

I really miss Stephanie and after her visit to NY in October 2011, we began planning another one!! I really should have gone to visit her but she wanted to come here! She was here from last Thursday-until Monday and we had the best time!

Thursday was pretty lowkey. After being stuck in buttloads of traffic on the way back from the airport, we went to my job and had lunch. My friend Anj got our food comped (love that girl!) and we just had to pay for our mojitos. Later that night, Allison and Olivia came over to chill....which led into us lanyarding. Yes, you read that correctly. Allison does it at the camp she works at so we had fun!

Friday, Stephanie and I took the ferry over to Fire Island. One of the great things about NY/Long Island is there are MANY beaches! The water was pretty rough so we really only dipped our toes in. The lifeguards actually had to pull 4 people out because of how bad the water was. And I "forgot" to put on sunblock, so I got somewhat burned.

Later that night, we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Allison, Shannon, Olivia and John (the boyfriend). Straight from dinner, we went for a 45 minute drive to a bar to visit our favorite bartender. I hadn't seen him in about 3 months since he left his other job but it was so great! The drive back was a little interesting and I ended up getting sick in the middle of the night....pretty sure I got food poisoning.

Richie and our stop light shots! 

Olivia & I

Shannon, Stephanie, Allison, Olivia, Me, and John

Two of my best friends! 

On Saturday, we were planning on going to the wineries out East. I didn't think I could stomach wine and we just decided to go to the summerfest in my town that is the first weekend in August every year! Much better option! And since it was so hot, we got ices. Before we went, we had McDonalds (nothing like fast food to cure a hangover) and I got a happy meal....therefore, we started the Sisterhood of the Traveling Squiddy.

 Alison is forever alone at Chilis...

So excited he showed up!!

On Sunday, we went into the city to see Danny, one of our friends from college. Two more friends were suppose to meet up but couldn't. We just basically walked around the city, saw Danny's office, saw a man in a bikini in Times Square...hey, it's NYC...anything goes! 

Train ride home!

Allison wanted to keep Stephanie in NY...Therefore, she tried to throw her in the trunk!

Overall, it was one fantastic weekend! It took forever to come and now that it has passed, I am so sad. I still talk to her every day on the computer but I can't wait to see her again. We have the type of friendship that we just pick up where we left off after not seeing each other for months. I cannot wait to visit her next year!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

{Friday's Letters}

Friday's Letters....better late than never! Link up with Ashley.

Dear Mother Nature: Thanks for having such a massive temper tantrum today that you downpoured. I really wish you could make up your mind of how the weather is going to be since it was sunny tonight.

Dear employees who work in the mall & order delivery: Here's a hint...if I am bringing you your food and it is DOWNPOURING and I come in to the store looking like I went swimming, you should at least freaking tip me more than $2 since I was DRENCHED. Having to stand in the office with a hair dryer for 20 mins was not fun.

Dear boyfriend: I know you're upset you didn't get to see me tonight but after sitting in damp pants and an undershirt under a button down and wet shoes for 6 hours, I wanted to just GO HOME. I'll see you Sunday. I hope your day is okay now that you're asleep after being at work at 4am.

Dear mom: Please come home from vacation like ASAP. I am getting sick of cooking my own food! Ha ha!

Dear school districts: One of you will be lucky to have me. Just which one of you wants to interview me and hire me? Or am I going to have to move into NYC (which I am scared to do!) or down South? I have faith God will lead me to the right district!

Dear bed: I love you oh so much.

Dear bedroom:  I wish you would clean yourself.

Dear Vera Bradley: I do not apologize to my bank account for getting a Vera tote at $48 the other day! I do however think it is ridiculous that you are naming a pattern "Tootie Fruity." That is...just bad.

Dear Ryan Lochte & Michael Phelps: Thank you for existing. This picture explains it all: