Wednesday, August 15, 2012


How is it already Wednesday again?! 

Link up with Jamie to show what you're loving this week!

I'm loving that the Jersey Shore returns on October 4th. #sorryimnotsorry. That show is addicting. 

I'm loving that my mom is back from her vacation! I missed her sarcastic remarks.

I'm loving the new lotion I picked up from B&BW. It smells so sweet! It's called "Sweet on Paris."

I'm loving that in about a month, my second job of tutoring starts packing up and I will have more money!

I'm loving that in two weeks, we get to wear dark blue jeans to work as part of our uniform...AND we can wear bright nail polish! So excited!!

I'm loving that Jennifer Aniston is engaged! I was super crushed when her and Brad Pitt split and since she is my favorite actress, I just want to see her happy. Plus, I totally want to look like her when I'm 40!

I'm loving the Hunger Games gift I got for my BFF Shannon for her birthday next week! 

I'm loving how big my next paycheck will be next week after working a lot of hours! 

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  1. I am too excited that JA got engaged! She so deserves it!! :)