Friday, August 10, 2012

{Friday's Letters}

Friday's Letters....better late than never! Link up with Ashley.

Dear Mother Nature: Thanks for having such a massive temper tantrum today that you downpoured. I really wish you could make up your mind of how the weather is going to be since it was sunny tonight.

Dear employees who work in the mall & order delivery: Here's a hint...if I am bringing you your food and it is DOWNPOURING and I come in to the store looking like I went swimming, you should at least freaking tip me more than $2 since I was DRENCHED. Having to stand in the office with a hair dryer for 20 mins was not fun.

Dear boyfriend: I know you're upset you didn't get to see me tonight but after sitting in damp pants and an undershirt under a button down and wet shoes for 6 hours, I wanted to just GO HOME. I'll see you Sunday. I hope your day is okay now that you're asleep after being at work at 4am.

Dear mom: Please come home from vacation like ASAP. I am getting sick of cooking my own food! Ha ha!

Dear school districts: One of you will be lucky to have me. Just which one of you wants to interview me and hire me? Or am I going to have to move into NYC (which I am scared to do!) or down South? I have faith God will lead me to the right district!

Dear bed: I love you oh so much.

Dear bedroom:  I wish you would clean yourself.

Dear Vera Bradley: I do not apologize to my bank account for getting a Vera tote at $48 the other day! I do however think it is ridiculous that you are naming a pattern "Tootie Fruity." That is...just bad.

Dear Ryan Lochte & Michael Phelps: Thank you for existing. This picture explains it all:

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