Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's the little things...

Sometimes it is the little things in life that can make your day. Tonight at work, on my last take-out shadow shift, we found out that as of August 27th, our uniforms are changing. We start wearing our promotional shirts for three weeks then and incorporate dark blue jeans as the pants for our uniform! Usually, we are required to wear black pants with a belt (if there are belt loops), a black undershirt/tank top, black button down, black shoes and black non-slip shoes. I guess they are trying to go more "casual" so now we have to wear the button down with the dark jeans after the promo is over until they decide what to do about the top.

My favorite part about the whole thing was in the email, it said we can wear vibrant and unique nail polish as long as the nails aren't dirty/gross/ chipped. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I usually pick demure colors but this is made my day. Ha ha.

My house currently now looks like a bomb went off in it. My oldest brother, who is handi-cap, is away at a camp until Saturday and my mom is having his room spackled/sheet-rocked/whatever it is called and then Eric is going to paint it. So all the stuff in his room and Eric's room is migrating into the living room. Whatever, it'll only be like that for some days. At least it is not migrating into MY room!

I am excited to get my butt back to the gym tomorrow. I feel gross that I haven't worked out in forever and I am glad I took today off since my shins were KILLING me.

Just because I am on Pinterest pretty much every day, here's some good ones for today!

My co-workers make fun of me for this at work all the time! 

Oh so true! 

Amen, sista.

So sad she fell in the vault finals. I bet she'd have gold instead of silver if she hadn't! 

I plan on having one of these when I have kids...only bigger! Ha!

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  1. HAHAHA!! I <3 the You know what I would do in the Olympics....ecard!!! Hilarious.