Thursday, August 30, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

Link up with Neely & Amber to share what is OKAY with you on the last Thursday of August 2012! (Holy cow has this year been flyin' by!!!) 

It's OKAY....

...that I had myself a pity party over why I didn't get a call back for a second interview. It happens. Onward & upward! A better opportunity will come along. secretly curse people out who ticket you off while driving. It really irks me when people make their OWN driving rules...and almost cause a car accident. think of how much debt I am in thanks to school and wonder when will my head ever get above water.

...that I still am not registered to vote where I live. I probably should fix that soon!

...that I laughed at this. Seriously, how could you go 9 months w/o knowing you were pregnant?!!!

...that I have a whole board on Pinterest labeled "Little Ones". I just think babies are precious! be eagerly waiting for Taylor Swift's new album....October 22nd feels SO FAR AWAY! not be sure what I want out of my relationship anymore. #soconfused. believe nap time should be a mandatory built-in slot into the work day for adults! Come on.....Europe does it with their siestas!


  1. For one, I have 2 kids... and I knew I was pregnant. That show is such BS..

    And I can't wait for Taylors new album too! I like her!

  2. I have a baby board on Pinterest too!! I LOVE baby stuff!!! And I am in love with your Vera bag on your last post!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I'm following you back!!

    Happy Thursday!!

  3. Stopped by and love your OK post! Thanks for commenting on my blog and checking it out. I joined via GFC, you should return the love!

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  4. I am actually loving "Never Getting Back Together."
    It is such a fun song. Great post & great blog!!

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog, i loved the help.. And then watched the film and fell in love all over again! You have a really cute blog.. Dont be a stranger
    Ana X