Sunday, December 30, 2012

{A flash back into 2012}

With the new year approaching and my lovely winter break slowly winding down, it's hard to believe that there is only one more day left in 2012! Seriously, where did the time GO?! I spent the good majority of the year in a relationship and the last two months single. That relationship definitely taught me a lot about myself, what I want from a man, and was definitely one of those relationships you need to have as a "life lesson."

But overall, how was 2012? Not too shabby. Some highlights:

-Joined the gym. After talking about it forever. I did not go as often as I would have liked this year (especially in the last few months) but I think I need to keep at it. If I ever want to scratch that goal of a 5K off my life's bucketlist, I gotta start somewhere! And at the gym it is!

-My cousin Lisa got engaged to Bryce! They set the date for July 4, 2013 and I am a bridesmaid! I'm excited.

-My oldest brothe, Scott, turned 40! He has a disability. To celebrate his 40th birthday, my mom threw a party for him at the house. 

-took my Spanish CST for the 3rd time....AND PASSED IT! I found out in March I passed but I was happy to have this test FINALLY behind me!

-had my first car accident ever. $2500 of damage later, Cora the corolla (my car) is good as new.

-My cousin Stephanie had her identical twin girls, Charlotte Baily & Adeline Quinn. They were due in May, born two months premature and look how adorable they are now:

-My sweet niece Emma Grace turned 3! 

- saw Titanix in IMAX 3D! Haha such a good one.

-saw Lion King on Broadway. It was AMAZING!

-celebrated my mom's 64th birthday!

-made the switch from my sticky Blackberry to my wonderful iPhone 4!

-went on my long awaited cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay & Nassau Bahamas with my now ex-boyfriend...people grow apart.

-participated in reading the ever-popular "50 Shades of Grey"....and liked it. Now can they cast the darn movie?!

-celebrated my brother Mark's 39th birthday!

-worked a lot.

-spent time with friends & went to outdoor bars.

-went on a girl's trip to Atlantic City!! We also stalked out the shore house from Jersey Shore!

-my niece Sara had her 5th recital and got a trophy!

-celebrated a year of dating with John. 

-went on my first teaching interview....didn't get it. but definitely learned a lot from the experience!

-Stephanie came to play in NY for a few days!!

-celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday!

-celebrated my brother Eric's 31st birthday!

-went on my second hired as a Spanish TA!

-started my new job as a TA

-survived the mess that Hurricane Sandy left on Long Island (the fact that we only lost power for 24 hours was a blessing)

-celebrated my SIL's 40th birthday!

-ended my relationship with John. By this point, we just grew apart and I really didn't see us lasting any longer. We had our ups & downs and I definitely appreciate anything & everything he ever did for I definitely learned from this relationship and I hope he finds someone some day that can make him as happy as he deserves to be.

-celebrated my 26th birthday with friends!

-saw Carrie Underwood in concert!

-subbed for one of my teachers I work with for a month...and I am glad to be rid of her 6th period class! HAHA!

-celebrated my niece's 8TH birthday!!!

-celebrated Christmas with the family. 

Overall, I think 2012 has been a very interesting year. It definitely had its ups & downs, highs & lows. I definitely learned a lot about myself as an individual, a teacher, and as a significant other. I learned what I want in a relationship and what I do not want. I learned who real friends are and who aren't. I am thankful to have such great close friends who are always there for each other (four of my best friends have experienced big losses since 12/11: Shannon - her dad, Olivia - her grandma, April - her grandpa, Stephanie - her grandpa) no matter the distance or situation. I really cherish these relationships.

I am hoping 2013 will be brighter, bigger, and better than 2012!! I'm open to the possibilities that may be thrown my way and I can't wait for the ride that is to come.

{Sunday Social!}

I haven't linked up with Ashley & Neely in weeks because I have been so busy! But I am back at it for the last Sunday Social of 2012! 

1. What is the best New Year's Eve you've ever had?
I usually end up having lame-o plans but I think the best one was about two years ago. My friend Heather came in from Indiana and visited with all our New York friends from school. We all went to college together and it was FANTASTIC being together for a night!
  (Shannon, Me, Heather, Olivia, Jade, and Amanda)

2. Are you doing anything this year for NYE and if so, what?
I'm one of the few people that does not request off for NYE like 6 months in advance. I really don't care. Last year, I closed at work and went over to my friends house. This year, I am working until 830 and then I'll be going over to my friend Shannon's house, probably! Anything low key is okay with me.

3. Name a book we should all read come January.
Hmm. I could be cliche and say something on the best seller's list. I am in the process of getting to read "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks (and I just googled what he looked!) so I'd say that. Or "They Cage the Animals at Night". I read it in 10th grade Honors English and it has always stuck with me. 

4. What are your new year's resolutions?
I feel like they are almost the same every year, don't you find that? I would say:
~to eat healthier
~to go to the gym more (the last few months of work have really impacted going to the gym and by the time I get home, the LAST thing I want to do is work out). I need to carve more time out.
~to find a more permanent teaching job...with BENEFITS. I love the district I work in but I really need a full time job with benefits and a bigger salary to pay off my loans. Wishful thinking.
~to find what I want in a relationship and from myself before diving into another. I would love to meet some new people so let's see where this goes.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

No Insurance Stinks!

Having no medical insurance sure does stink. I was covered under my mom's plan from her job until November 30th of this year. So even though I graduated college 3 and a half years ago, I was still covered thanks to the new law. Pretty sweet. Until you actually turn 26 and then lose it! 

Neither of my jobs offer insurance. Or, the restaurant does but you have to work a minimum amount of hours which I can't. So I was REALLY trying to avoid getting sick or going to a doctor at all possible cost. I knew if I did, I was going to have to pay out of pocket and that can get expensive fast.

I went to work today at CPK with all intentions of remaining there for my four hour shift (I was only to work from 12-4). Apparently my cough/congestion sounded worse to my boss when I hacked on my lungs and she looked up the number of a clinic/doctor nearby. She found one and told me "Go home! Get an antibiotic!" I honestly didn't feel that bad but I'll do what she tells me. I ended up going to a place and it cost me $100 for the visit! UGH! And to think I just had insurance a month ago! I got a prescription for a Z-pack and a cough syrup with codeine to help me sleep through the night (I'd never take that and drive). All together, it cost me $160. That's not as bad as I thought it would be but still NOT CHEAP! 

Don't get me wrong...I'd love to have insurance but unfortunately neither of my jobs offer it to me now. How much does that stink? I am looking for a teaching position that would have better benefits but those are far and few between in NY. My hope is I don't get any sicker and this is the only time I will have to pay out of pocket (isn't this wishful thinking on my part?!)

Kind of mad I had to give up my hours today but oh well! At least I have an antibiotic! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Blog Design Help!!

Alright y'all. The time has come. I have mentioned it for months and months but I have finally decided that the time has come. I want/need a new blog design. Made by someone who has more graphic talent/capabilities then I do because let's face it, when I have to use images in school, it is either stick figures or clip art! 

If you are a blog designer and would love to help me out, please comment with your info! Or if you worked with someone who is reasonably priced and still accepting blogs to make designs for, please give me the information. I am really in no rush to have it done by a certain date or anything but I would love for my blog to have a fresh new design in 2013. I started my blog way back in the end of 2010/2011 when I was recuperating from surgery so it's time to get myself something fancy. :)

And on that note, I must go back to cleaning the disaster that is known as my bedroom. Could you imagine if I had my own apartment? Haha! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

{It's okay Thursday!}

I have been so busy lately that I finally have time again to link up with my favorite link ups! So, head on over to Neely & Amber's blogs to link up and share what's okay with you on the last Thursday of 2012!

It's okay....

....that I got spoiled this Christmas. A MK wallet, Coach purse and VB bag? Lucky girl!

....that I am a tad jealous of my friend moving in with her boyfriend. I want to move out already! But so happy for her! be 26 and SUPER excited to be going to see Taylor Swift in July in Philly with Shannon & her sister Meghan! We were trying to go to NJ in March and we were not paying $150 for the cheap seats...we paid that for FLOOR in PA! be in pajamas at 6pm on a Thursday night. be happy we don't have any snow. I hope I just didn't jinx myself.

...that I left the gym today once I thought I couldn't do anymore. not plan on taking down the tree until after New Year's. I decorated the entire house myself...I am going to enjoy everything in all it's glory! be using my brother's NetFlix account to watch a movie. :) have laughed when Jessica Simpson announced she was pregnant with her second child. Is she going to be pregnant for another year like she was with her daughter? still need to finish grading one class' tests from 12/10...yeah I'm slacking but they need to go on the portal this break!!! plan on spending my New Year's Day watching Dance Moms! Can't wait for it to come back.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is probably one of my FAVORITE holidays. It's not about finding the perfect gift (although I love when that happens). It's about spending time with family and loved ones. My favorite Christmas memories are the sheer joy on my nieces' and nephew's faces when they open their gifts. Christmas through the eyes of a child is so special.

Last night we went to my aunt & uncle's house (which is like in the BOONIES) because theres all trees around it. It was nice and relaxed. I came home and must have spent 5 hours wrapping gifts. Wait til you see the picture of me with ALL the gifts wrapped under the tree. Let it be known I didn't wrap my own but did wrap my sibling's gifts to each other and our nieces & nephew.

I slept in this morning til probably about 10:15 and about a half hour later, started opening gifts. We're all at the age in my house where we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to open gifts. I definitely got spoiled though! One brother, Brian, gave me the matching MK wallet to my purse from last Christmas!!! And my brother Eric gave me a Coach bag...TOTALLY didn't expect it. They both said "This is for being a good sister." It's nice to know they appreciate you.

Later, we are going over to my brother's house to celebrate with them & the kids. I wonder how many cars it will take to get all the gifts over. One year, it took THREE cars. Apparently my niece took her own money and bought me a gift at the craft fair at school...god do I love that kid! It may be a little knick-knack but still she's so sweet.

I need to enjoy today despite the fact that my throat hurts and my nose is plugged....I get to work a double tomorrow! Wahoo!

So Merry Christmas everyone!! While I hope you are all spoiled, remember this day and why we celebrate it. Cherish the time with family and friends. They are what the season is all about! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Life's a pretty fast ride...

I feel like I have not had any time lately. My car looks like a disaster erupted in it. There's empty bottles, my school bag is still in there, plastic bags, etc. It desperately needs to be cleaned out before I take my car in on Thursday to be serviced. These past three weeks have been somewhat a blur.

I am FINALLY on break from school!! Praise the Lord! It has been a long, tiring three weeks for teachers and students. I can't remember the last time we had three full weeks of school in a row (so many days off due to holidays/the hurricane/Thanksgiving/etc) and by Friday morning, EVERYONE was just itching to go home. One of the teachers I normally work with for two periods (I work with four in total, 2 of them for 2 periods each) was on grand jury this month so I was her sub. One of her classes was probably the most difficult class I have ever dealt with. Their behavior was atrocious. When you're in 8th grade, I shouldn't have to shut off the lights and wait for you to stop talking before continuing the lesson. And they wonder why they complained they didn't know anything when they took a test two weeks ago. The assistant principal (also the department chair) came in the first week because I told her how they were and then last week one of the deans came in. The teacher is fully aware of how horribly they were for me and is reading them the riot act after vacation. It was not that I couldn't deal with them...they just were so rude & disrespectful.

I ended up giving them their Christmas vocab quiz (which how hard is it to fail when you have pictures AND a word box on it?!) and watched Elf. Easy day for me. A few kids brought me in chocolate and I got a few giftcards to Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts which was a nice surprise! I wasn't expecting anything.

My big plans for this Christmas break (aside from working a few days at CPK) is to sleep, get my car serviced and CLEAN MY ROOM!! Oh my word you have no idea how excited I am! Plus maybe pick up some movies and everything to add to my collection. I really want to buy Elf & A Christmas Story. 

Yesterday, I went out to brunch with four friends, Amanda, Jeannette (who was home from Nicaragua), April and Lauren. We've been friends since high school but I can't remember the last time I saw Lauren. Lauren was actually working on Mitt Romney's campaign and would've been working in/at the White House if he had won (pretty cool!). She just told us yesterday that she got a job working for the Governor of NJ's wife and starts in the middle of January. It's exciting. She was always a politician in school so she has had such great success in working in this field since we graduated college in 2009. It was nice to sit, catch up at brunch with unlimited mimosas! My kind of day!

I helped my mom finish Christmas shopping last night and now I get to wrap EVERYTHING! I love wrapping. Today we're going to my uncle's house in the woods (I'm not is like in the boonies of Long Island but it's HUGE) and we'll be home early so I can finish wrapping. Tomorrow, my brother is having us over for dinner and we can just relax. It'll be nice! My mom was stuck as to what to get my brothers Eric & Brian....Eric wants everything thats expensive and Brian wants NOTHING. What do you give someone that wants nothing?! We ended up buying them a flat screen tv for their room since it was redone this summer and it's all Eric has talked about. Brian probably doesn't care (he'd return it if it was just for him) but I think Eric will be pleasantly surprised. My mom said I was one of the easiest people to shop for. I already got one of my gifts last night - sneakers because my mom can't pick them out without me. Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow.

And I am so excited to be going to see Taylor Swift on her new tour in Philadelphia! I am going with Shannon & her sister Meghan in July. We tried to get tickets for the March show in NJ but they sold out so quickly or on stubhub, the cheap seats were $150. We got FLOOR seats in Philadelphia so plan on making a trip out of it. Yay! 

I should probably get to showering/going to the grocery store quick for my mom and wrapping more gifts (my poor SIL isn't getting her gift - a scrapbook yet because I failed on having enough time for it). I just wanted to share the most precious people in my life. These three darlings are my pride & joy and I couldn't be prouder to be their aunt. Merry Christmas eve, everyone! Enjoy the time with your families & friends.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Broken hearts

It's all I have seen on my Facebook newsfeed.. It's all that people were talking about at work. The deadly school shooting in Newton, CT at the Sandy Hook Elementary school is just beyond devastating. There truly are no words.

It just sickens me that this happened. In an elementary school. 20 young children don't get the right to live out their life because of this sicko. 6 adults as well. You send your children to school to get an education and think they'll be safe. School used to be a safe zone. You can always say "Maybe things would have been different if..." but that is not going to change the fact it happened. 

I cannot imagine what the students and faculty at that school are going through. The pictures of the children being escorted out of the school with their hands on the person's shoulder in front of them to safety at the firehouse are just heart-wrenching. I don't see anyone returning to that school this year. If I worked there, I don't know how I would be able to. What if you were that teacher that witnessed what happened to these children? It is something I would never get over it. 

One of the articles I read that said this teacher, Victoria Soto, locked her kids in cabinets and closets. When the gunman came in, she said they were in the gym and he shot her....they survived because their teacher took a bullet for them. Would you have if you were in that situation? I know as a teacher I would do everything my power to make sure the kids are safe as well as myself. But if it came down to it, I'd try to make sure the kids are protected first. It's almost a Hippocratic oath you "take" when you become a teacher regardless if they are in kindergarten OR high school. You want to protect your "kids" aka your students.

Oddly enough, the school that I work in had a lockdown drill to practice what to do if a situation such as the one in Newton, CT were to happen in our district the same day the shooting happened. We had a presentation at our faculty meeting last month, and were reminded at our one this week that it was going to happen before break. it's amazing how your instincts kick in whether it's a drill or a real situation.

People throw teachers under the bus all the time, claiming we have it easy and summers off. This 27 year old died to protect her 16 students. The principal of the school died trying to take the gunman down. 6 teachers died that day. If this doesn't say that teachers would do anything to protect their students, I don't know what does. 

My heart aches for these families and the grief they are deal with at this time...especially right before the holidays. Keep these little ones that had their lives cut short and everyone in Newton, CT in your prayers.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is so close!

Umm, how is Christmas TWO weeks from tomorrow?! Holy cow! I honestly cannot believe 2012 is coming to a close within a few weeks. This year has flown by in some aspects and dragged on in others.

I am super excited there are only 8 more school days after tomorrow. However, I am not excited that one of those school days involves the "lockdown" procedure of what to do incase there was ever an intruder in the room. The procedure seems simple enough but they are doing it between the change of classes so I feel like it is going to be chaos. I really need to find the paper I printed with the instructions because I have a feeling since we had our faculty meeting today, it's coming!!

I am also excited for Christmas break to SLEEP IN. I decided to NOT request any mornings to work during my break so I can catch up on sleep. Smart thinking on my part. Right now I'm average 4-6 a night, depending upon if I wake up or go to bed early. TORTURE. Ha! But that's the choice I made. I am also looking forward to my regular classes schedule. I have my regular kids going "Ms.J, when are you coming back?!" So sweet!

Today after school, I went to the mall to do my Christmas shopping and I was pretty productive!!! I got three of my four brothers done (even though one does not want a gift...he is getting it anyway!!!), my mom and then I bought a new pair of yoga pants from VS with my secret reward. I just have to return something for my niece Sara that she got from a friend for her birthday and get her a few more things (need to go to Target to see if they have the Orbeez foot bath she wants) and then Mark and I am pretty much done!! Minus finishing my mom & grandma's calendars and SIL's scrapbook. The calendars I want to get done this week before Friday because I have a $10 off coupon to shutterfly that expires. I'll sleep once Christmas is over, ha ha! And actually clean my room. Because every time I try, I end up falling asleep! And let's face looks like a BOMB went off in here. I can't even wrap gifts in here.Some MAJOR cleaning needs to be done!

My nephew is obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is so funny how things that were popular when I was younger or my brothers have come back! I used to remember LOVE watching the movie. He is getting the sewer lair from his parents for Christmas and has all the power sound FX guys. He's just looking for Splinter and I have spent hours looking like the good aunt I am for it and I am convinced they only make the mini one. I found one that is cheaper on ebay then amazon and is new in package so let's see when it comes! 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Being a teacher

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people make comments about teachers. They say that we have one of the easiest jobs, we're always off, we have summers off. They claim teachers are doing "glorified babysitting." Which, any teacher will tell you, IT IS SO NOT!

I always knew I wanted to be a foreign language teacher since about 8th grade. Thanks to having one awesome teacher who inspired me into pursuing this passion (my entire college admissions essay was about my middle school foreign language teacher) I never really regretted my decision. I did my undergraduate degree in education, but had to drop it two weeks before graduation because they weren't going to let me student teach (long big stupid story about the department having a student teaching requirement for the foreign language teachers and no one could pass it). Eventually, I pursued my masters in education (when I originally wanted to go for Teaching English as a Second Language). I completed it in 1.5 years and in May 2011, I graduated!

However, I feel so frustrated with it. I know every state has different requirements for a teaching degree. In NYS, we have to pass a bunch of different certification exams: Liberal Arts & Sciences Test (LAST), Assessment of Teaching Skills Written (ATS-W), and the Content Specialty Test (CST). Elementary teachers take a multi-subject CST for their degree. All these tests are $89 a pop to take and if you miss by one point, you have to retake it. Some people have had to take their CST 3 times (me and other friends included) because they test you on the most RANDOM information. Then, it's $100 to get fingerprinted (at least that is good for life!). Then, you have to take a child abuse workshop, safe violence workshop, an autism workshop if you're getting a special education degree. Also, applying for your certificates is $50 a certificate and every 5 years you have to renew them (that part doesn't bother me so much). The amount of money I have spent becoming a teacher disgusts me.

I have my degree in Adolescence Education Spanish for grades 7-12 with an extension for grades 5 & 6. I also took four classes, a Students with Disabilities CST and the autism workshop after I did my masters to get my Special Education generalist degree. Only NYS likes taking forever to review your transcripts. I applied in APRIL, my transcripts were "ready for review" in AUGUST, and they just got reviewed in NOVEMBER! I got my letter the other day telling me I am deficient in 6 S.H math credits. So basically, I have to go back to school and take 2 math classes....and I haven't taken math since I was a senior in HIGH SCHOOL! It' just annoys me that you have to go through all these hoops and hurdles to get the degree. They don't even tell you what kinds of math classes you need to take. I want to take the easiest ones possible! Math was probably my worst subject in school (I detest it with a passion!) 

I am going to try to take it at the community college. I figure it would be way cheaper taking it there then where I got my masters (a private school). This just pisses me off because now its more money to add to the debt that I am trying to pay off! It is just never ending. And, I think I am going to wait until the summer to take it because there is way too much on my plate right now. There is no way I could factor in taking classes while working 3 jobs, one of which being in a school all day. My other option is to take it online, which I may also do but somehow I feel I would learn the math better in a classroom.

I didn't originally go to school to work as a special education teacher. But in a job market where the teaching jobs are far and few, ANYTHING that can make me stand out is better. And just for some laughter, here are a few of my favorite teacher e-cards:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

To my peanut niece


To my peanut niece, Sara Elizabeth, HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY!! It was 8 years ago today that you were born. I woke up for school that morning and was told your mother went into labor. I was SO excited to see if you were going to be a boy or a girl. I actually bet my SIL's mother $5 that she was a girl and I won! At 7:19pm, you came into this world and your parents were so happy. 

I can hardly believe the little lady my niece is turning into. She has the kindest soul, sweetest face, generosity, such a good heart and the CUTEST laugh. I am so proud to be her godmother and aunt. She is going to turn into one well-rounded compassionate individual and I can't wait to see who she becomes! 

These are just a few of my favorite pictures of us/her:

 Tonight at her 8th birthday dinner. We had what she wanted, chinese food & chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I gave her Orbeez make your own perfume thing (this kid LOVES arts & crafts) and a box set of Judy B. Jones books. The kid is so easy to shop for....except I have to return one of her Christmas gifts I got today because one of her friends gave it to her at her party. 


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Link up with the lovely Jamie today to share what you're loving!

I'm loving that the Carrie Underwood concert last week was so AWESOME!

I'm loving that tomorrow is my niece's 8th birthday!! She is also my goddaughter. I love that girl to death. How did she go from this to this?! 

I'm loving this picture my niece & her sister & brother with their dad, my brother. My brother has such great kids.

I'm loving all the co-workers at the school I work in. I am totally okay with anything they give me to do while my other teacher is away. They were such a big help yesterday when I was frazzled. 

I'm loving that I have Monday night off next week. I am TOTALLY napping when I come home that day.

I'm loving this picture of my only girl cousin, Lisa, and I from Thanksgiving. I cannot remember the last time we took a picture together. She's getting married next year on July 4th!

I'm loving that one of my BFF's Olivia & her boyfriend Marc found an apartment together! I am sad its in upstate NY but I am happy for them..can't wait to visit!

I'm loving that there is only twelve more school days (including tomorrow) until Christmas break. I'm one tired teacher. 



Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ever have one of those days when you feel like NOTHING is going right, your brain feels frazzled, and you're trying to keep everything in so you don't lose it? Or so you don't cry? Wish you could go back to bed and get up to have a do-over on your day?...

Yeah, that was totally me TODAY. I think I mentioned that one of the teachers I usually work with (I work with 4 different ones between 6 periods) got a summons for grand jury duty. She was not thrilled....then again, who is excited to get jury duty? So they made me her sub and got a sub for me as my TA position. 

She left me the plans for the three weeks (basically until we go on break for Christmas). All the homework seems to line up but the material for the actually class does not seem to match up. I feel homework should be reflective of what you taught in the class so the students could practice it. Makes sense, right?

Well, the other classes are having a test Thursday and they need to because the quarter ends January 25th and they have to take a quarterly exam about a week after we return to school from break. So sometime between now and Christmas, they need a test. Well, I was not told common planning was 4th period on Tuesday until the last FIVE minutes of it today. At least now I know for next time. During my lunch 7th, I talked to one of my other teachers and basically had a mini-freak out. Their stuff is not lining up with the other classes and I feel like they are going to fall behind.

Mainly, I felt like what I was doing was "filler" stuff. I think it was meant so I wouldn't actually have to plan a lesson but I still have to find something to use to teach it! So one of my teachers came and took the plans to take to the common planning period 9th that she and another teacher meet. Afterwards, they called me up and the department chair (also the assistant principal) was there. All three of them helped me and told me not to worry. I so greatly appreciate it from each one of them. A copy of the test should be in my mailbox when I go in tomorrow morning and I got stuff to make the kids review for the next three days. The kids are not going to be happy because they usually watch movies on Fridays after their quiz. Oh well. The only thing is I am pretty 99% sure positive I left the vocab quizzes & sheets I was showing them in the room.  I did not realize it until I got to my tutoring job. I had emailed all three of the ladies that helped me to thank them and asked if they put them back in the room I am in or my mailbox. I just PRAY they did not get throw out. Otherwise, I am screwed. I think they would've put them away for me.

I feel better now that I have a better grasp as to what to do. I just felt so lost. It's exciting yet when you're not sure WHAT to be teaching to make sure the kids are on par with all the other classes, it gets tough. For the 7th grade, they seem to be lining up and I am going to check with my teacher that I normally work with 9th tomorrow during 2nd period. I have something for tomorrow but I want to see what else to do. I know they can't tell me what to do but if they can at least guide me, it'll give me an idea of what to do. 

It may seem like something stupid to over feel but I just want to be on my game. I was so frustrated 7th I just lost it (one of the kids in 8th asked why my face was red and I said allergies) but at least now with this game plan, I will be okay. Thank god I have such awesome co-workers. Now if i only had about 5-10 more hours in a day to catch up on things, I will be okay!

The only bright side to my day was waking up and seeing that they had the backpack on sale on Vera Bradley for $34 and they're normally over $80!! I left school and was quite content that I had ordered one this morning. 

13 more days....not that I am counting or anything. Ha ha. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

{Sunday Social}

Link up with Neely & Ashley for another fun Sunday Social!

1. What is your favorite holiday season tradition?
Honestly...just opening up gifts with my brother, my sister-in-law and their kids before seeing the extended family. When you factor in the extended family, we're upwards of 25+ people now and its so much for the little ones to open EVERYONE's gifts. We've made it a tradition that after we're done opening gifts at our house, we go over to my brother's house, open gifts and have breakfast with mimosas. I love spending that time with the nieces & nephew!

2. Do you have a certain holiday movie you watch more than others? If so, what is it?
My all-time favorite Christmas movie is probably A Christmas Story. I love when there is a 24 hour marathon of it. Seriously it is WAY too funny.

Elf is another good one and I cannot wait to watch it with my students in two weeks after our quizzes (Friday movie class!)

3. Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have.

I think this just looks festive! 

4. What is your favorite holiday song?
I have a few! "Feliz Navidad" is one of my favorites because hello, I am a Spanish teacher. It just gets stuck in your head.

I also LOVE Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You" and NSYNC's "Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays"

5. What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Cookies!! I wanna try to make these:

or these


6. What is on your wish list this year?
  I would love a MK watch, the MK wallet to match the bag my brother gave me last year for Christmas (I think he is getting it for co-worker Natalie told him to! ha!), gray Bailey Uggs, a maid, and my loans paid off. Ha! The last two I don't expect and I am totally not a labels obsessed girl. I probably wont get any of these but I will be happy with what I get. :)