Sunday, December 30, 2012

{Sunday Social!}

I haven't linked up with Ashley & Neely in weeks because I have been so busy! But I am back at it for the last Sunday Social of 2012! 

1. What is the best New Year's Eve you've ever had?
I usually end up having lame-o plans but I think the best one was about two years ago. My friend Heather came in from Indiana and visited with all our New York friends from school. We all went to college together and it was FANTASTIC being together for a night!
  (Shannon, Me, Heather, Olivia, Jade, and Amanda)

2. Are you doing anything this year for NYE and if so, what?
I'm one of the few people that does not request off for NYE like 6 months in advance. I really don't care. Last year, I closed at work and went over to my friends house. This year, I am working until 830 and then I'll be going over to my friend Shannon's house, probably! Anything low key is okay with me.

3. Name a book we should all read come January.
Hmm. I could be cliche and say something on the best seller's list. I am in the process of getting to read "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks (and I just googled what he looked!) so I'd say that. Or "They Cage the Animals at Night". I read it in 10th grade Honors English and it has always stuck with me. 

4. What are your new year's resolutions?
I feel like they are almost the same every year, don't you find that? I would say:
~to eat healthier
~to go to the gym more (the last few months of work have really impacted going to the gym and by the time I get home, the LAST thing I want to do is work out). I need to carve more time out.
~to find a more permanent teaching job...with BENEFITS. I love the district I work in but I really need a full time job with benefits and a bigger salary to pay off my loans. Wishful thinking.
~to find what I want in a relationship and from myself before diving into another. I would love to meet some new people so let's see where this goes.



  1. I like your New Years resolution..mine include going to the gum more regularly too!

  2. I usually don't plan for NYE until the week of. I always feel so pressured during Christmas that NYE takes a back seat. We just made plans last night. lol Happy New Year.