Thursday, December 27, 2012

{It's okay Thursday!}

I have been so busy lately that I finally have time again to link up with my favorite link ups! So, head on over to Neely & Amber's blogs to link up and share what's okay with you on the last Thursday of 2012!

It's okay....

....that I got spoiled this Christmas. A MK wallet, Coach purse and VB bag? Lucky girl!

....that I am a tad jealous of my friend moving in with her boyfriend. I want to move out already! But so happy for her! be 26 and SUPER excited to be going to see Taylor Swift in July in Philly with Shannon & her sister Meghan! We were trying to go to NJ in March and we were not paying $150 for the cheap seats...we paid that for FLOOR in PA! be in pajamas at 6pm on a Thursday night. be happy we don't have any snow. I hope I just didn't jinx myself.

...that I left the gym today once I thought I couldn't do anymore. not plan on taking down the tree until after New Year's. I decorated the entire house myself...I am going to enjoy everything in all it's glory! be using my brother's NetFlix account to watch a movie. :) have laughed when Jessica Simpson announced she was pregnant with her second child. Is she going to be pregnant for another year like she was with her daughter? still need to finish grading one class' tests from 12/10...yeah I'm slacking but they need to go on the portal this break!!! plan on spending my New Year's Day watching Dance Moms! Can't wait for it to come back.


  1. I have so many papers to grade. Maybe next week. Enjoy your time off!

  2. I love this! I use my bros netflix account too haha
    Have a Happy New Year!