Thursday, November 29, 2012

{It's OK Thursday!}

Link up with Neely & Amber to share what is okay with you this last Thursday in November!

It's OKAY... be super excited about going to the Carrie Underwood concert tomorrow! love going to Target because I can manage to always find something. love Christmas shopping!! not have gone to the gym. But I need to get back there this weekend because I feel like I've been slacking too much. be mad at my brother when he told me that I don't eat healthy at work. I am probably one of the PICKIEST eaters ever and eat the same things all the time at work. We all have our bad days and slip but I do want to get back on track. But I must be doing something because all my pants are falling off! want to go stuff my face with a bowl of ice cream after I just said I need to eat more healthy. Oops. pick my nail polish based on the name of the color! be so excited for my friend Ashley to be having a baby boy!! I cannot wait to go shopping for my little "nephew." consider buying myself a fun camelback water bottle so I drink more water while I am at school (although I am dependent on caffeine when I don't get enough sleep...what can I say I am a night owl!) be excited about decorating for Christmas! always get distracted while cleaning my room. I need to pick up the massive pile in front of my closet. If not today, then it MUST be done this weekend. be excited to be teaching my one teacher's classes for the next month while she is on jury duty! have had a good laugh this morning when I heard Lindsay Lohan got arrested AGAIN!! But girl, stop giving LI a bad rep! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Head on over to the blog of the lovely NEW mama Jamie and check out the pictures of her sweet new baby boy James!!! He is such a cutie! That's certainly something for her to be loving today and you can share what you're loving!!

I'm loving my friends. Honestly, they are some of the best people I have met. The fact that we met in college 7 years ago and are still so close means the world to all of us. I wouldn't trade them for anyone or anything.

I'm loving how my sweet friend Jade was proposed to! Her fiance Matt had people playing music in Bryant Park in NYC and then someone started singing Bruno Mars' "Marry You" as he & Jade were dancing. Then, a bunch of Jade's close friends came out and ran around in a circle singing. Then Matt popped the question. Jade's face was PRICELESS and I am so happy for her!! Plus, Matt gave her such a gorgeous ring! I can't wait to get to know him more. So happy for such a great couple.
 (Stole this from facebook.)

I'm loving that in 8 days, my goddaughter Sara will be EIGHT!! SERIOUSLY?! She is growing up so fast!

I'm loving that on Friday night, I will be seeing CARRIE UNDERWOOD in concert!! I have always wanted to see her and now I get to with Amanda, April and Shannon. Plus, we have pretty good seats!!

 I'm loving that Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel have signed on for the "Girl Meets World" series, a spin-off of them raising their teenage daughter. It's basically like "Boy Meets World" except now they're the parents. Loved Boy Meets World growing up so I can't wait to watch it!

I'm loving the blue Coach purse I bought myself last week. It's actually more teal but it's still a fun color!

I'm loving this color I just had done on my nails. It's called "Ski Teal We Drop" by OPI. I actually pick my nail polish based on the name..ha ha!

I'm loving that the next season of Dance Moms returns 1/1/13!! What a great way to start off the new year. Can't help but love that show!

What are you loving this week?1 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life's happenings

-So almost a month ago, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. The damage in NJ, NY, surrounding states was astounding. Homes destroyed, landmarks almost gone, people died, etc. No one imagined it'd be that bad. With being off from school for a week or more, districts have to find a way to make up the days because we're required to be in school 180 days of the year. The district I work in was closed for 5 days. We made up one day on Election day so we have four days left to make up and at our last faculty meeting, we were told the tentative dates that we would be in school would be two days of our spring break and two days at Memorial Day. 

Okay, so that's not really a big deal. We have the whole summer off. Many districts are already canceling their mid-winter break that we normally get in February and people are mad. Okay, so if you're mad about losing your break, get over it. If you're worried about vacations, then simply don't send your kids to school. I really don't care if they cancel our winter break or not (according to the local newspaper's article, they say they are considering cancelling ours now). Es la vida!

-My sweet friend Jade from college got engaged last night!! So excited for her and her fiance Matt (who I really have only met once). He gave her such a GORGEOUS ring!! 

-My sweet friend Ashley and her husband Tommy found out the gender of their baby! Ashley & I met in grad school and became really close when we were student teaching in the same school. We've kept in touch, I went to her wedding last year, etc. I am so thrilled for her and Tommy to be having a baby because she will make the best mom. They're having a baby boy!!! I cannot wait to meet that little nugget!!

-My cousin Lisa's fiance Bryce built the bookcase I bought a few months ago from Target. I had a small three shelf one and needed a bigger one to hold all my books and DVDs. I was talking about it at Thanksgiving and he told me to bring it down and he'd assemble it. After 20 minutes, voila! He had it done. I am so thrilled with it:

-I still cannot believe the psycho lady that yelled at me at work on Wednesday. She came up to the host stand to pay her check (I love when people think I have a register up there!) and I had to go have a manager swipe it for me since her server was at another table. I brought it back to where she was standing, said "Here's your card (pointing to it in the slot) and we just need you to sign this receipt." I went to go talk to the customers at the host stand who were asking about the gift card promo when all of a sudden she comes up screaming "YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME BACK MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!!!" I said yes I did (because why the heck would I not give it back. She'd see me slip it in my pocket if I was really going to take it) and then she continues to scream at me. I opened up the booth where she was standing over and was looking and she kept going on ranting and screaming that it's her life, why would I take it. My manager Melissa finally came over (she had been in the kitchen and was bringing out food) and basically this lady also ripped off her face. For 45 minutes, she screamed that we stole her credit card and I was told to stay in the office because the lady made me cry because of all her screaming (what can I say...I'm sensitive). The two managers kept asking her if she had checked her pockets and the lady adamantly refused. She even went as far as to ask Will, her server, for the tip she left him back!!! Oh my word, this lady was PSYCHO. Good thing both managers had my back and basically defended me because they knew she was psycho, misplaced her card herself (the only time they keep it is if someone leaves it in a checkbook) and would probably feel like a fool because she probably shoved it in her pocket or pocketbook. I hope I never see her face again!

-TLC now has a new show called "Extreme Cougar Wives." I'll leave you with that image!! 

{Sunday Social}

Link up with Neely & Ashley today!! 

1. Name four jobs you've had in your life.
-I was a camp counselor one summer through the Town of Islip for 5 & 6 year olds. It was at the park near my house yet it was in a trailer so all the counselors thought it was strange. I only did it for one summer.

-I worked as a waitress at a breakfast/lunchonette place for a few summers and then one full year after I graduate college before I quit (because who deserves to be yelled at every day when they go into work) and moved on to being a host/takeout server at CPK. I've been there for over 2 years and really love my co-workers!

-I also worked in Rite Aid for awhile starting when I was a junior in high school. Worst ever.

-Teaching Assistant now in 7th & 8th grade Spanish classes. I've got 6 classes, love the school and hopefully I'll end up with a full time position here or elsewhere soon!

2. Name four movies you would watch over and over:
-Bridesmaids. It's so funny. I literally crack up every time I watch it. I call it the female version of the Hangover.

-Pretty much any movie with Jennifer Aniston in it. My favorite though would have to be "The Good Girl"
-Now & Then is such a classic!
-The Notebook. I cry EVERY time I watch it but I want to have a romance like this!

3. Name four places you have ever lived.
I think I can only really name three. I have lived in my hometown my entire life. I lived in New Paltz, NY for four years for college. I lived in Seville, Spain for four months while studying abroad. Where will I go next?!

4. Name four of your favorite foods.
-Chicken. I literally order this pretty much every time I go out to eat because I love it and it's usually a safe bet. How can one screw up cooking chicken?
-Ice Cream.
-Strawberry yogurt (I actually don't like real strawberries oddly enough)
-Pizza. It's a staple on Long Island.

5. Name four things that you always carry with you.
-my iPhone.
-Keys so I can go places and also my house keys. I can't tell you how many times I've left them at home either on accident or because someone was home and I have been locked out for hours and had to go find something to do to occupy my time.
-Chapstick. There's at least four tubes in my cosmetic bag in my purse.
-Hand sanitizer. I've got one on my keys, one in my school bag and one in my purse.

 6. Name four places you have been on vacation.
-Disney World (I went three times in 14 months!! June 2010, January 2011, August 2011). I am itching to go back!

April & I in June 2010 to celebrate being done with school!

Amanda, Olivia, Myself, Zach, and Shannon all went in January 2011! 

Family Vacation with my brother's family in August 2011! 
-The cruise in May to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, Nassau Bahamas

-Atlanta to visit my BFF a few times.

-Europe my semester abroad. I call that my semester vacation! ha!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday! - Thanksgiving Edition!}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating with family & friends. My family will be coming over to my house soon and I have to pick my grandma up at 3. 

Link up with Neely & Amber today!

It's Okay...

...that I slept in really late today. After the past few long days, I needed it! not be one of those people going out Black Friday shopping tomorrow. I don't need anything crazy! actually look forward to working tomorrow because I like my co-workers. be excited for Christmas...I love decorating & wrapping!

... that I kind of want to go to Victoria's Secret tomorrow before work JUST to get the tote. It's so easy to spend $65 in that store! actually be looking forward to cleaning my room (even though I have to do it again)

...that I am excited for my cousin's wedding even though its not til July 4th!! think that the FRIENDS thanksgiving episodes are the best ones ever!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Twas the night before Thanksgiving and lots to be loving/thankful for!

Link up with the lovely Jamie (who will hopefully welcome her sweet baby boy sometime soon!) to share what you're loving today!

I'm loving that on December 3rd I am becoming the teacher for the teacher I am with 1st & 5th period while she is out at grand jury duty! I will be teaching all her classes and there'll be a sub for me! 

I'm loving all my sweet friends who came out for my birthday last Saturday to celebrate!! I had such a lovely time.

I'm loving that my two managers totally had my back with the crazy lady screaming at me tonight at work about her credit card saying I stole it when she misplaced it. (more on that later)

I'm loving that I can FINALLY sleep in tomorrow!! 

I'm loving these sweeties:
 (My nephew Steven, Tucker their new dog and my niece/goddaughter Sara)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

Today's post is brought to you on my two period break on day two of parent-teacher conferences. I am so tired from last night and can't believe we have to do this again. It's just a bunch of random thoughts coming out of my brain...

-I bring a coffee mug in most mornings with me if I dont feel like drinking my coffee at home. Usually I leave it in the room I'm in first period with my coat and get it right before 9th period so I can make like a leaf and leave right after 9th period (otherwise I get stuck behind a ton of buses). First period (just a short while ago), the teacher was like "The mug is back?!" because it was on the cabinet and I said it was mine. She said there was a pink one there for three weeks and that the French teacher took it. I am like 96% sure that I have taken it home EVERY day and never forgot it. If for some reason I did forget it, I think it's just extremely rude of her to take it and if she did, I kind of want it back. She's a little weird so I would not to shallow/petty to ask for it back (because after all, it is a mug) but it's just the principal of the matter! 

-I am way too tired today. Having to be here til 9pm is torture. Especially when no one comes to see the TA's. The kids are torturing us. My head is pounding.

-My mom's mad at me (not really, she says it kiddingly) that I can't do her grocery shopping for Thanksgiving because I have parent-teacher conferences last night and tonight plus then I am working tomorrow night. Oh when is the first day I get to sleep in? THURSDAY. GRACIAS A DIOS!!!!!

-My brother is paying for Merry Maids to come and clean the house (downstairs) for Thanksgiving. That should be interesting.

-I havent been to the gym in almost two months. Maybe I should just cancel my membership. 

-I have no idea what to get ANYONE for Christmas. Actually, I have two ideas for my mom and my SIL but thats about it. Otherwise I am at a loss. This is why I hate having a big family sometimes.

-I wanna go back to Disney World. It is after all, the happiest place on Earth.

-I am coming home and going to bed tonight. I don't even care if I eat dinner...I'm THAT tired! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes

For anyone who has ever watched Sex & The City, we all know of Carrie Bradshaw's love for shoes. Like in the picture above. I actually remember this episode. Whenever I watch the show whether on DVD or reruns on TV, I always wonder how they could walk around in their shoes because they looked so uncomfortable!!

Well, now, let me just say here (and I think I have said it before)....I HATE SHOPPING FOR SHOES!! Actually, I'm not sure what I hate or pants. I broke my foot in 9th grade and I think ever since then, I have had problems, ha! I used to wear a 9.5 in sneakers. Now, to be comfortable, a 10 is the perfect fit. I feel like I am big foot! 

I am finding I need comfortable shoes to be in all day at school. So when I went to Kohls a few weeks ago and got a pair of Sonoma shoes, I bought them in a 9.5 since when I tried on the size 10, it was about to go flying off my foot! The 9.5's were a little tight but now, they are sooooooo stretched out. Especially my right foot!! :( I am wondering if I need to go down to a size 9 instead if they are going to stretch out.

So, what size do you all wear in flats? The size as your sneakers? A half size-size smaller than your sneakers? I have no idea what size to buy!! It's frustrating me! I need something to put in the shoes to keep it from coming off on my heel. I just dont get why they are stretching so much. 

Where do you all get your flats? Do you find that you need to go a size smaller? Any advice/help is GREATLY appreciated. 

A surprise in itself!

About a month and a half ago, I began working in a junior-senior highschool as a Spanish TA. Basically, I am working with four other teachers collaboratively and help with the class.I don't have to do lesson plans, which is great and I can collect ideas for when I get my own classroom. When there are tests/quizzes/some sort of assessment, I take out the kids who have accommodations and make sure that they get them.

The teacher I am with 1st period and 5th period is pretty awesome. Last week when I walked in, she told me she got a jury duty summons for grand jury duty. That just stinks big time! It could be a month, maybe more or maybe less. She's not sure. So, she began to panic as to who was going to be her sub, plans for a month, etc. She suggested to the assistant principal that they just make me her leave and hire a sub for my position. Today, when I came into school, the teacher I am with spoke to the assistant principal and that's what they decided to do! I think I get teacher pay (not quite sure on that yet) BUT it's awesome! She said she will try to give me plans. 6 periods of's what I have now but instead I'll have 2nd, 4th, and 7th off. Some of the teachers I am with now are sad there's a sub for me for the month (I think it begins in December) but it'll fly by by the time Christmas break comes around!

I am currently sitting at school. Normally I would not blog in the middle of a school day because I don't normally bring my laptop with me to school. However, today and tomorrow are half days for the kids and they get out at 12:07. There are parent-teacher conferences today from 12:40-3:15 then we have a huge break until 6:30-9pm. I dont have anything today and just saw one parent made an appointment for tomorrow (so I plan on asking my collaborating teacher tomorrow about it). I am basically required to be here as part of my contract so I figured, I might as well bring my laptop with me! On my three hour break, I plan on going to the outlets. I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas so it should be interesting.

Friday night at work I had my butt kicked at takeout. For some reason, it was just nuts. Order after order was coming in and thank god my two managers Melissa and Alyssa were helping me sort & package & label all the orders. It was getting so confused we even forgot to put one guys Kung Pao in his bag (And he had an $80 order!) but luckily, I found him in the parking lot. In two hours, my sales were over $700 and for the night I did $1100. CRAZY!!! I also made almost $50 last night on takeout so that was pretty sweet. The general manager actually said to me on Saturday he'd make me a server which is good because I can do it during breaks and make more money trying to pay off my loans. I actually have to do that tomorrow because I dont want a late fee again (I thought for my NY loans I could pay online and you couldn't so I got a $5 late fee. Oops. Learned for this time.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

{Sunday Social - Happy Birthday to Me!}

Today is my 26th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!! I definitely feel like I am now getting older. Ever since I turned 21, I said it was all downhill from that age ha ha. Thursday night we did a combined birthday dinner for my brother (his birthday was Thursday) and me. Last night I went out into the city with some friends and had myself a good old time..until I got sick. Today, I worked and my boss & coworkers sang happy birthday to me with a buttercake dessert and then gave me free avocado eggs rolls (such a yummy dish!). 

I have a feeling that 26 is going to be a great year. Onward & upward is my new mantra.

And since today is Sunday, it's also time for Sunday Social!!

Link up with Neely & Ashley

This week's theme is what you're thankful for because it is the week of Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for my family. We may fight from time to time and get mad at each other. But deep down, we all really do love each other and do anything to help someone out. 
 The family 12 years ago at Mark's Wedding! I dont think we have another one all together since then, ha ha.

I'm thankful for my friends. They are always their for me, offer an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and provide laughter when necessary. They are the type of people that won't care if you call them at 3am in an emergency. My life would not be the same without them and I am so blessed to have each one in my life. 

(Just a few snapshots of my closest friends)

I am thankful that I have a job. In today's economy, it is hard to find a teaching job, let alone a job. While I may not have my own classroom yet, I am thankful that I am being allowed this opportunity. I am also glad my restaurant job at CPK allows me to still work there as well to have more spending money. 

I am thankful for my dog, Shadow. She may have an unstoppable appetite and barks at you constantly when you come in the door but I love that little cocker spaniel. 
 Shadow last summer when she had surgery on her foot.

After the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and seeing how it destroyed some communities near me, I am extremely thankful I have a home that is still standing (with VERY minimal damage to it), food to eat and clothes to wear. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make you realize to be thankful for the small things in life. 

So, what are you thankful for?! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

NYC Getaway!

I am like a chicken with its head cut off! I have had this post written and saved as a draft since Sunday....oops! This is what happens when life gets crazy. 

This past weekend (as in Veteran's Day)was the first weekend since AUGUST that I have taken off!! My boss that actually makes my schedule at the restaurant came up to me at one point in September/beginning of October and was like "You know, you can take a weekend off" lol. So I went into the city to spend some time with my BFF April!

Friday night after school I took the train in and met April in Penn Station. Her boyfriend Dan came and met us for dinner at Las Margaritas near her apartment. It was nice to sit down and get to know him. I'm really happy for her because I told her for the longest time there was someone better out there than the guy she was lusting over (who she is no longer friends with). After dinner, Dan left and April and I hung out at her apartment. 

Found this on our walk Saturday. How cool!

Saturday, we set out on an adventure. We decided to find some "touristy" landmarks. We found the apartment that they filmed outside for Carrie's apartment in Sex and the City, the FRIENDS apartment, etc. We thought the fountain they filmed at/in in the opening credits of FRIENDS was in the city but apparently it was in LA. BOO. 

Carrie's apartment in SATC! 

April and I outside Carrie's apartment! 

FRIENDS streets!

Me with the FRIENDS building in the background

Cute pumpkins in a garden we found on our adventure!

We made some yummy pina coladas with our dinner and then headed off to a Broadway show! Ever since April went to grad school at Columbia, she has this Broadway show list she is tackling and tries to see as many as she can. I always like being able to see one if possible. We got tickets to Katie Holmes' new play, Dead Accounts. It was pretty funny!! Afterwards, we waited outside the stage door (a first!) to try and get her autograph. We got two autographs from the guy that played her brother & her mom. Judy Greer (she was in 27 Dresses) was also in the play but wasn't signing autographs that night. Katie never came out! It was a shame but would've been cool to meet her up close. Al Pacino is in a show on Broadway and it was right across from the theater where we were. We saw him come out, from a far, and sign autographs. His car came right near us and I would've had a great shot...only the guy in front of me's elbow blocked Al Pacino's face!! But it was pretty cool we saw him!

On Sunday, I experienced doing laundry in a laundromat, ha ha. I mean, I guess doing your laundry in college in the laundry room is like that but I would not want to lug it around. Thank goodness I still love at home (even if I pay rent) and don't have to do that. Afterwards, we walked around and did some shopping. April decided on getting two hampsters! That girl cracks me up. She originally wanted a bunny and after visiting this animal control/care place on Saturday, she decided against it and would eventually get a hampster. She got two hampsters, one of which is a bit of a pudge. I know she wanted to name one Brooklyn but not sure about the other!

Overall, it was a great weekend and I really had a nice time. Just what I needed! 

This week is both my brother Brian's birthday (Thursday) and mine (Sunday!!) I am looking forward going out with some friends in the city on Saturday night to celebrate. I can hardly also believe that a week from Thursday is Thanksgiving!! Seriously, where is 2012 going?! All the stores have their holiday decorations up and it kind of creeps me out that Christmas will be here before we know it. Gotta get my mom to finish cleaning out the living room so we can decorate. I am planning on trying to do some Christmas shopping at the outlets next Monday...I have parent-teacher conferences on Monday & Tuesday next week (although I dont think the parents will actually meet with me since I am the TA but I still have to go) and we have a huge three hour break inbetween day & night sessions (Tuesday I have to tutor) so off to the outlets I will go! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday!}

Link up with Neely & Amber for It's Okay Thursday!!

It's okay...

...that I have no idea if I am suppose to go to this Parent/Teacher meeting tomorrow morning 1st period for one of my students. I only find out about it now (even though the email was sent at 10am) and I am emailing the teacher I'm with during the period I have this kid to see if she wants me to go or not (or if I am suppose to go). I don't wanna get in trouble if I don't go!!

...that I still watch Teen Mom 2. I have no shame. feel frustrated that I am clueless about certain things at school still. It's coming slowly but like the meeting thing is making me feel very clueless! get excited when you get a package in the mail. I ordered pants from Kohl's! plan on going to the Coach outlet Monday during my breaks between parent-teacher conferences. Do I need to? Nope. Oh well. feel good about the amount of money I spent on baby stuff to donate at school for the Hurricane Sandy relief. have way too many e-cards saved on my phone and computer. They're like crack.

...that some days I really look forward to coming home, putting my PJs on, and going to bed. When did I get so old?!! know its time to go to bed when you fall asleep at your computer. be excited to go out this weekend in the city for my birthday!

...that we have a short but weird week next week at school.

...that I laughed so hard at this:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Holy lack of blogging on my part!! I went away for the weekend to visit my BFF April in the city and haven't blogged since last Thursday. Actually, that's a lie since I have a draft of my weekend recap saved but waiting to post until I have pictures. Maybe there'll be two posts tomorrow, lol. 

For now, I'm back linking up with the lovely Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! 

I'm loving that I have a short week this week at school and nexr week! Monday and Tuesday we have parent-teacher conferences and then one full day before Turkey day break!

I'm loving that Channing Tatum was named the sexiest man alive. HELLO, THANK YOU FOR STATING THE OBVIOUS!! He's so drool worthy. I can't wait to run out and get this tomorrow:

I'm loving that my brother Brian's birthday is tomorrow and mine is on Sunday! Family dinner tomorrow night and partying with my friends on Saturday sounds perfect to me. :)

I'm loving that I will be seeing Carrie Underwood in concert two weeks from Friday!! I have always wanted to see her and cannot WAIT for the show!

I'm loving this e-card my best friend Stephanie in Georgia sent me. This describes our friendship to a t! Ha ha.

What are you loving this week?! 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

{It's OK Thursday}

It's only Thursday yet it feels like one of the longest weeks EVER. Between Hurricane Sandy last week and getting readjusted to school this week, I feel like the kids are still bouncing off the walls.

Link up with Neely & Amber

It's OKAY...

...that I had a two hour delay this morning for school...even though there was no snow out by the school. Stupid noreaster!

...that my room is getting somewhat sloppy again. Oh well. Life happens.

...that I got sent home from work last night because of the storm. Thanks to my awesome boss Melissa for being considerate of our safety! I highly doubt anyone else came in after I left. be excited when you only wait  20 minutes for gas! be excited about the Boy Meets World Spin-off. I LOVED that show!! feel this way about the gas situation/now gas being rationed odds-evens eat McDonalds when you feel like you've just had it with the day. be annoyed that it is SO cold so fast already!! I am not meant for cold weather. be excited to have a weekend off work this weekend.

...that I started to re-read the 50 Shades series again. Maybe I should actually finish Harry Potter after all these years. want to go shopping but not really have room in my closet. I do plan on buying myself a birthday present...because all normal people do that! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{WILW - Happy November!}

It's the first WILW in November! I am happy to be back linking up after not having my cable & internet last week due to Hurricane Sandy.

Head on over to the lovely Jamie's blog to share what you're loving this week! 

I'm loving that I was able to wait on line for only 20 minutes today to get gas. Trust me - I never thought I'd see the day that you'd have to wait on a gas line. But 20 minutes was not bad at all!!

I'm loving that I was sent home from work at CPK tonight because of this stupid nor'easter. It was NOT fun driving home in the hail/rain/sleet/snow but at least I am home! Somehow I always manage to be on shifts when we have crappy weather.

I'm loving that I get to spend the weekend with my BFF April this weekend! Going into the city Friday after school and coming home Sunday. So excited to spend some time with her and enjoy my first weekend off since AUGUST!

I'm loving the two new Essie colors I picked up recently, "Where's My Chaffeur" which is currently on my toe and "She's Pampered." I sincerely have a nail polish addiction and can't help myself!

She's Pampered

Where's my chaffeur

I'm loving that election day is over! I am pleased with the results even though some people are not (to each their matter who won, someone was not going to be happy) but I am LOVING the ads that won't be on TV anymore!

I'm loving that my birthday is a week from Sunday! I can't wait to celebrate with some friends in the city!

I'm loving that we have a 3 day weekend this weekend due to Veteran's Day being observed on Monday!



Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today, I was able to vote for the second time ever! I remember being so excited to vote my last presidential election 4 years ago. I was a senior in college and voted in the SUB MPR at my college. Once Obama was elected and voted into office, his inaugaration speech was televised and one of my professors cancelled class so we could watch it! 

In order to be able to vote in this election at my regular polling place and for the future, I actually had to change my voter registration status. But I did and was able to vote around 3pm this afternoon after school. Yup, I had school at the school I work at today because of being closed all last week due to Hurricane Sandy. I hope you all voted and made an informed decision! I am incredibly nervous about the results right now!

Last week, I had myself a good cry. For awhile, I have not been happy. I was putting on a front when I should have been honest with myself. I was not happy in the relationship I was in at that time. We had been together for over a year (the one year anniversary was in July) this time around (because we've dated before). The more I thought about it, the more I realized how true I had to be to myself. It was difficult to be honest and admit it. 

Where did things go wrong? Just a few months ago, we went on a cruise together. And things were fine after that over the summer. But for the last 2-3 months, I think that is when things started to unravel. He worked a full time job, I was working 3 jobs trying to earn money to pay my bills and my loans. I felt we were growing apart as people. It felt that our interests were not were they were in the past. We seemed to always do dinner, a movie, or just watch a movie at his place. I was always questioned why I was on my phone (yes, I am an iPhone addict and can't help but text) but I just felt like I had to explain myself all the time. Is that fair? No. It was really hard to "spit it out" but I had to tell him. I love him as a person, but I am not in love anymore. That was one of the hardest things I had to admit. I had to let him go to allow him to be with someone who can give him what he deserves because I can't. Of course he had some hurtful things to say and he has a right to but I feel like I had the right decision for myself.

I am not going to look to jump into a relationship at this point (something he said he hopes I don't do) because I need to take time to myself. That, I feel, is one of the most important things. I am a firm believer that the right man will come along when I least expect it. I can't go searching for him. 

I read so many blogs of so many people my age, or even younger, who are engaged or have what seems like a perfect relationship (even though we all know everyone's relationship has its quirks). And I am truly happy for them. I am a firm believer that I will find a guy who makes me feel like a princess, who shares the same values and beliefs I do. Someone who knows how to brighten my day and just comes up with interesting activities to do on a whim!

So even though the relationship ended, I am blessed because it has helped me grow not only as a partner for someone in the future but as an individual. The right guy is out there for me..I just know it! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


In the month of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving. A day we celebrate the things we are thankful for in our lives. What we give gratitude for. 

Since the destruction that Hurricane Sandy left on the path of the Eastern Seaboard, NY, NJ, CT are suffering. Homes are gone. Personal belongings are destroyed. Momentos are ruined. Cars were crushed by falling trees, washed away or totaled due to the storm. Homes were flooded. People died. Many people were without, and still are without power. There is a shortage on gas and people are going nuts over this, getting into fights at the gas stations. Really? You're going to punch someone because of gas when people are left with NOTHING?

Hurricane Sandy, like any other tragedy, has people coming together. Many celebrities and companies are donating. Melissa Gorga, from RHONJ, posted a picture of her family shopping at Target to get supplies to donate. Bethenny Frankel donated $50K to the Hurricane Sandy Relief. Chelsea Handler donated $100,000.  Kellogs Cereal company donated $100K worth of cereal to Feeding American to help with the relief. Disney & Viacom donated $3 million dollars. Lowe's donated $1 million. Dwyane Wade, a Miami Heat guard, donated his game salary check to the Hurricane Sandy Relief fund. You can simply donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999. 

When you see the devastation across the Tri-state area, people's personal belongings on the street, it makes you sit back and thank how grateful you are for what you have. Yes, many of us are complaining that we may not have power and/or cable & internet. Or the gas shortage (which is slowly, but surely, resolving itself). 

But think of what you DO HAVE. I am grateful that I have a home to live in, we have heat, we have enough food. I am thankful that none of my extended family was harmed during this hurricane and the most damage we have suffered is shingles off the roof of a house and tree branches came down. I am thankful to have power again (after only having lost it for 24 hours...I know people who live 20 minutes from me that STILL don't have it). I am thankful I didn't have to evacuate my house. I really am just grateful for everything I have.

So while the gas lines may be long and frustration being high, just take a moment to think of what you do have. And take a moment to think of how you can donate. That $5 latte at Starbucks...two of them could donate $10 to the relief process. Donate a bag of clothes you haven't worn in a year to families who have nothing. Remember, it could've been you. 

{Sunday Social}

It has been a few weeks since I have linked up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social! But here I am, back at it.

Link up with Neely & Ashley today to discover some other great blogs out there! 

1. What is currently on your wish list?
Well my birthday is two weeks from today(!) and Christmas is slowly approaching. Honestly, I don't even know what I want at this point, ha ha! I would love a pair of grey Uggs (these have been on my wish list for about 1-1.5 years), a MK watch, and maybe some more Pandora charms. :)

2. Share a new iphone, droid, ipad app that you have recently discovered that we all need.
I am probably behind in this boat, ha ha!  But the most recently discovered one was "Songza" thanks to my co-worker, Sarah. It plays music based on the time of day/your mood. It's really fun!

3. What is a new fall TV show you have added to your DVR?
Umm, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition! Haha, totally true! And although I have missed a few episodes, I want to watch Emily Owens MD but who knows if the CW will come back on my cable box.

4. Share your social media links for us to follow you:

Instagram: kjak18 (username)

5. What is a TV show or movie or song you could listen to or watch over and over and over and never get tired of....feel free to name one of each:

TV Show:

FRIENDS - Seriously, it ended 8 years ago and I still love it to this day! 

Probably Bridesmaids....SO FUNNY!


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift