Monday, November 19, 2012

A surprise in itself!

About a month and a half ago, I began working in a junior-senior highschool as a Spanish TA. Basically, I am working with four other teachers collaboratively and help with the class.I don't have to do lesson plans, which is great and I can collect ideas for when I get my own classroom. When there are tests/quizzes/some sort of assessment, I take out the kids who have accommodations and make sure that they get them.

The teacher I am with 1st period and 5th period is pretty awesome. Last week when I walked in, she told me she got a jury duty summons for grand jury duty. That just stinks big time! It could be a month, maybe more or maybe less. She's not sure. So, she began to panic as to who was going to be her sub, plans for a month, etc. She suggested to the assistant principal that they just make me her leave and hire a sub for my position. Today, when I came into school, the teacher I am with spoke to the assistant principal and that's what they decided to do! I think I get teacher pay (not quite sure on that yet) BUT it's awesome! She said she will try to give me plans. 6 periods of's what I have now but instead I'll have 2nd, 4th, and 7th off. Some of the teachers I am with now are sad there's a sub for me for the month (I think it begins in December) but it'll fly by by the time Christmas break comes around!

I am currently sitting at school. Normally I would not blog in the middle of a school day because I don't normally bring my laptop with me to school. However, today and tomorrow are half days for the kids and they get out at 12:07. There are parent-teacher conferences today from 12:40-3:15 then we have a huge break until 6:30-9pm. I dont have anything today and just saw one parent made an appointment for tomorrow (so I plan on asking my collaborating teacher tomorrow about it). I am basically required to be here as part of my contract so I figured, I might as well bring my laptop with me! On my three hour break, I plan on going to the outlets. I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas so it should be interesting.

Friday night at work I had my butt kicked at takeout. For some reason, it was just nuts. Order after order was coming in and thank god my two managers Melissa and Alyssa were helping me sort & package & label all the orders. It was getting so confused we even forgot to put one guys Kung Pao in his bag (And he had an $80 order!) but luckily, I found him in the parking lot. In two hours, my sales were over $700 and for the night I did $1100. CRAZY!!! I also made almost $50 last night on takeout so that was pretty sweet. The general manager actually said to me on Saturday he'd make me a server which is good because I can do it during breaks and make more money trying to pay off my loans. I actually have to do that tomorrow because I dont want a late fee again (I thought for my NY loans I could pay online and you couldn't so I got a $5 late fee. Oops. Learned for this time.

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  1. That's so exciting about the teaching position! Good luck!