Thursday, November 29, 2012

{It's OK Thursday!}

Link up with Neely & Amber to share what is okay with you this last Thursday in November!

It's OKAY... be super excited about going to the Carrie Underwood concert tomorrow! love going to Target because I can manage to always find something. love Christmas shopping!! not have gone to the gym. But I need to get back there this weekend because I feel like I've been slacking too much. be mad at my brother when he told me that I don't eat healthy at work. I am probably one of the PICKIEST eaters ever and eat the same things all the time at work. We all have our bad days and slip but I do want to get back on track. But I must be doing something because all my pants are falling off! want to go stuff my face with a bowl of ice cream after I just said I need to eat more healthy. Oops. pick my nail polish based on the name of the color! be so excited for my friend Ashley to be having a baby boy!! I cannot wait to go shopping for my little "nephew." consider buying myself a fun camelback water bottle so I drink more water while I am at school (although I am dependent on caffeine when I don't get enough sleep...what can I say I am a night owl!) be excited about decorating for Christmas! always get distracted while cleaning my room. I need to pick up the massive pile in front of my closet. If not today, then it MUST be done this weekend. be excited to be teaching my one teacher's classes for the next month while she is on jury duty! have had a good laugh this morning when I heard Lindsay Lohan got arrested AGAIN!! But girl, stop giving LI a bad rep! 


  1. I hate that Lindsay Lohan keeps getting publicity for getting arrested. SHe definitely give us a bad name. I hear you about always being able to find something at Target. I think 50% of my house and closet are filled with Target finds.

  2. is there another way to pick your nail polish??


    love & cheer from :)

  3. i hear ya on the ice-cream! gets me every time :)