Monday, November 19, 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes

For anyone who has ever watched Sex & The City, we all know of Carrie Bradshaw's love for shoes. Like in the picture above. I actually remember this episode. Whenever I watch the show whether on DVD or reruns on TV, I always wonder how they could walk around in their shoes because they looked so uncomfortable!!

Well, now, let me just say here (and I think I have said it before)....I HATE SHOPPING FOR SHOES!! Actually, I'm not sure what I hate or pants. I broke my foot in 9th grade and I think ever since then, I have had problems, ha! I used to wear a 9.5 in sneakers. Now, to be comfortable, a 10 is the perfect fit. I feel like I am big foot! 

I am finding I need comfortable shoes to be in all day at school. So when I went to Kohls a few weeks ago and got a pair of Sonoma shoes, I bought them in a 9.5 since when I tried on the size 10, it was about to go flying off my foot! The 9.5's were a little tight but now, they are sooooooo stretched out. Especially my right foot!! :( I am wondering if I need to go down to a size 9 instead if they are going to stretch out.

So, what size do you all wear in flats? The size as your sneakers? A half size-size smaller than your sneakers? I have no idea what size to buy!! It's frustrating me! I need something to put in the shoes to keep it from coming off on my heel. I just dont get why they are stretching so much. 

Where do you all get your flats? Do you find that you need to go a size smaller? Any advice/help is GREATLY appreciated. 

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  1. I find that I am the same size with both flats and sneakers. Good luck finding some that are comfortable!