Thursday, November 15, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday!}

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It's okay...

...that I have no idea if I am suppose to go to this Parent/Teacher meeting tomorrow morning 1st period for one of my students. I only find out about it now (even though the email was sent at 10am) and I am emailing the teacher I'm with during the period I have this kid to see if she wants me to go or not (or if I am suppose to go). I don't wanna get in trouble if I don't go!!

...that I still watch Teen Mom 2. I have no shame. feel frustrated that I am clueless about certain things at school still. It's coming slowly but like the meeting thing is making me feel very clueless! get excited when you get a package in the mail. I ordered pants from Kohl's! plan on going to the Coach outlet Monday during my breaks between parent-teacher conferences. Do I need to? Nope. Oh well. feel good about the amount of money I spent on baby stuff to donate at school for the Hurricane Sandy relief. have way too many e-cards saved on my phone and computer. They're like crack.

...that some days I really look forward to coming home, putting my PJs on, and going to bed. When did I get so old?!! know its time to go to bed when you fall asleep at your computer. be excited to go out this weekend in the city for my birthday!

...that we have a short but weird week next week at school.

...that I laughed so hard at this:


  1. Feels good to see so many people with the spirit to give! Doesn't it feel great. Don't worry about the stuff at school, when things like that happen, it tends to work itself out... trust me, I'm speaking from experience. Worse case, go to the meeting and let them tell you that your presence is not required :-)

    Good luck, and Gods Blessings!

    Maya D

  2. Happy early birthday! :)

    Also, that ecard is kind of genius! lol I know a few Facebookers who could take this one to heart.

    mmmm... Coach outlet....

  3. NOOOTTTHING wrong with Teen Mom 2... Because I totally watched the first episode of the new season tonight ;)

    Sorry to hear you're lost about some things at school... Hopefully it all comes together soon!

    Can you please take me with you to the Coach Outlet? Haha! Make sure to post if you get anything! I am so jealous! :(

    OBSESSSEEED WITH ECARDS (because they all relate to my life... duh!)

    And I can TOTALLY relate to the one you just posted... In more ways than one :)