Monday, January 31, 2011

First Day...a Bust.

Today was my first day of student teaching. Basically, in the beginning we are suppose to observe for like a week or two and slowly take over. My field supervisor wanted us to allow him to come in this week or next for an observation! That'd be okay but um, I have a major cooperating teacher was not there today! He knew I was coming in. Apparently he has been out with back problems for at least the last week, maybe two. The kids told me this...not any faculty until later. So the substitute that was there was at least 70+ and didn't speak Spanish. He sent me to a Italian class for the first period (WTF) and then my friend Ashley who is in the same school as me and her cooperating teacher came into the room where I was. I stayed with them the rest of the day. I felt a little awkward but grateful the cooperating teacher let me follow. I mean, what am I suppose to do?!

I emailed my field supervisor so hopefully he can help me. And I'm emailing my cooperating teacher again too. I feel a little awkward calling his cellphone. Hopefully he will be there tomorrow. Otherwise, *nervous breakdown/panic attack* will ensue.

I have to go work 5-9 and I don't wanna. Maybe it won't be busy. Wouldn't that be lovely?! Then off to bed. 5:30am is gonna come again too quickly!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Strings Attached

Last night, (well Friday since my Mac says it 1:33am here in NY now) I went on a date with a friend to see No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman. It was a Natalie Portman filled week with Black Swan earlier. I thought this one was HILARIOUS. Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher were a hot pair to have star in this. I am definitely going to buy it on DVD when it comes out. If you're in the need of a good laugh, go see it!

There was this quote Ashton Kutcher's character Adam said and I just loved it: "I'm warning you, if you take one step closer, I'm never letting you go." I love it because of the romantic in me. ;)

Something that did repulse me was when we went in, there was a guy checking tickets at the door to the actual theater. Actually, he was checking IDs because there was a group of four or five teenagers (who ended up sitting over from us) that didn't look like they were old enough to see the's rated R. So he said everyone had to show ID and so when I showed mine, he goes "Thanks Mom".......WHAT ON EARTH?! I am twenty-four NOT forty-four. I looked at my date, who was also confused why the guy would say that (and he knows me well since we went to school together). Oh well.

And today I had to work a double. Well, it was 11:30-4, then 5-8:30 so I ate my lunch/dinner during my break. Buffalo Chicken Pizza all the way! It wasn't busy at first when we opened at 11:30 but it definitely picked up. It was starting to get busy again for dinner around 4 when the other host I was working with came and I went on my break. When I came back at 5, it literally did not stop all night. The servers were looking at us like "WTF is going on?!" and one server, whose section was behind the host stand in the bar area goes "This is never going to end." Some people did leave because we quoted 45 mins and they weren't there but whatever. I get to do it again tomorrow...I'm glad it is not a double tho!

I need to blog about my Disney trip but I may have to do that tomorrow or at some point soon. Now that all my pictures are officially uploaded.

Monday is almost here...student teaching. I feel super awkward already walking up to my cooperating teacher but I will get over it. I'm SO glad we aren't thrown in front of them the first day but I DEFINITELY need to brush up on some things this week. And go shopping for dress pants. I have lost a lot of weight (at least 20-25 lbs) since I left my old job and they're all baggy on me...even with a belt! Oh well. I need to pay some bills and then off to buy new clothes soon. And boots...why is it whenever I find a pair of shoes or boots I like, the store doesn't have them!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today is Friday! In college, this was my favorite day of the week...start of the weekend, partying, nothing to do on Saturday morning, etc. Now, it's just another day of the week. I woke up early to go hand in my papers to the chairperson in my brother's district where he teaches for my student teaching placement...only, she wasn't there. Whoops. Apparently she was at a conference. I just need to do this ASAP so my placement there is SECURE and I'm not fretting the week before I'm suppose to go there.

Afterwards, I went to DSW looking for boots. I need something that will look professional, fit under my dress pants, and not too big of a heel. Of course the one pair I liked they didn't have in my size! Isn't that always the case? It's the same brand my brother got my sister-in-law for Christmas so I'm going to check their website. This is another reason why I hate shoe takes me forever to find something that works!

I came home, drank my French vanilla coffee from 7-11 because I was too lazy to make a new pot this morning (why is it that the coffee is ALWAYS gone before I get up?!) and then proceeded to go outside and shovel. My neighbor used their snowblower at the end of my driveway yesterday. But there's a line of snow down the middle of the driveway, basically dividing the sides we park our cars on...and it won't budge! My genius brothers shoveled their cars out and not that (or my car or my mom's) so it is frozen. I attempted to get most of it off as I could, but I failed. I did get more of the ice on our path off and made it walkable. I'm so sick of snow it is not funny. And to top it off, we're apparently getting another storm on Tuesday?!?!?! WHAT?! Good luck trying to find a place to put it, you plow people.

My mailman also honked at me at give me my mail when he was across the street. How nice, just what I wanted...bills! He also gave me a paper from the post office that was being given to everyone telling us to clear out the area/snow in front of our mailboxes. THAT made me laugh....again, where do you want me to put the mountains of snow? Just because our house is the corner house, we get all the snow when they plow the street. At this rate, it'll be April by the time the snow melts. =)

Time to go get ready for work. After work, I'm going on a date (oh lala) with a friend to see "No Strings Attached" with Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher. Exciting. Peace.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closet a must.

I'm a girl. A girly girl. I guess that happens being the only girl in the family and the baby of the family. I never had to share clothes with anyone. =) I like to shop. I admit it. I probably have shopped way too often when I should not have in college and the almost subsequent two years. Oh well. I pay off all my bills in full (yay for only having school loan debt).

Problem? I have way too many clothes! I usually wear all of them. I need to take a picture of my closet. I still have all my notebooks/Spanish textbooks from college because I am keeping them as resources for school/teaching. I still have some barbies in my closet I have been saving for when my niece got to be old enough (well she's 6 now). And I have a pretty decent sized close..essentially it is walk in! (My dream is to have that closet Jessica Simpson had on Newlyweds...SO MUCH SPACE!) All my clothes are contained to my one dresser (I used to have two before I redid my room in August 09) and my closet. My summer ones are in bins right now in the back of my closet. I like being able to pull them out (or rearrange the closet) when necessary.

The problem is organization. I have no idea how to do it. Sweaters are too bulky to fold on a shelf. Belts are impossible to store. I have way too many Vera Bradley bags. My DVDs need to find a new home other than a stackable crate from Wal-Mart. The first step people would probably tell me is to purge my clothes....I did that and have gotten rid of 10 bags since September! Stuff that was too small, too big, I didn't like anymore, etc. I need to add more "professional clothes" for student teaching. I need storage bins.

Anyone have any suggestions? I did come across this blog IHeart Organizing which gives great tips for organizing everything around a house. I started to follow it so I guess I am going to go hunt on it tonight. Ahh! I need to do a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR purge out of clothes come this summer.

In other good news, I'm going back to Disney! I know I just came back. But my brother Mark,and my SIL Laurie want to take their 3 kids to Disney for their first visit. They asked my mom if she and me or any of my siblings wanted to come. My oldest brother will be at his camp (he is handicapped) and Brian expressed no interest. It'll probably be my mom and I going with them but I am so excited!! Who doesn't love DISNEY and sharing the magic of it with little ones?! I'd be going at the beginning of August...aka hot weather...and I'm okay with that! I love it!

Oh would you look at that...SNOW!

I am kind of getting sick of waking up and looking out at snow. No joke. I feel like that is all I have written or complained about this month. But let's see....there was the blizzard after Christmas, the blizzard the first week in January, the blizzard the week before I went to Florida (aka when I drove to work and it was closed), it apparently snowed a bit when I was in Florida, and now yesterday. Had there not been hail, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But um, 15 INCHES?!! Where are they going to put it? What stinks about being the corner house on the block is everything gets plowed right at the digging/shoveling the end of the driveway out is annoying. I did it yesterday. SO not doing it today. That's why I have brothers.

So today I WILL finish cleaning my room. I WILL put my laundry away. I WILL find out when I can get to Smithtown and hand in papers for student teaching. I DEFINITELY will be taking a nap. I will also be uploading my pictures from my trip and organizing them, saving the ones from my friends, and ordering prints. Gotta love 13 cent prints from Costco!

I am also finding other blogs and call me weird/stalker/tell me to get a life, but I like reading other people's blogs. I'd love to get more followers, maybe do some sort of giveaway, etc. Change my layout soon. I get layout ADD sometimes and get bored of it easily. Kinda like my purses.

Considering I fell asleep when I wrote this earlier, I am going to go take a nice hot shower. Happy snow day to me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need some motivation!

I need motivation. I will attempt to clean my room. Then I get sidetracked by facebook, blogs, email, the TV, or a movie I'm watching.Currently Leap Year with Amy Adams is playing in my DVD player. I just DONT want to be tripping over stuff in my room anymore but at the same time, I just wanna lay in bed and do nothing! I hope I am not getting mom thought i was getting mono considering I slept 16 hrs the other day. I certainly hope not!

My suitcase from vacation is emptied with my dirty clothes from the trip and they've been washed. Now it just holds the clean laundry. I think I'll put those clothes away for tonight and then finish everything tomorrow. Besides, who starts cleaning their bedroom at 10pm?! A nut job like me!

I have to go to my brother's district tomorrow to meet the chairperson to "interview" for my student teaching placement in that district. That is if they don't have a delay/closing. I didn't see her email from this morning until about 2 hours ago because I was at my student teaching meeting. Eeek. I dont feel like waking up at 8am to be there at 10. So maybe they'll have a closing and I can go friday. Otherwise, I'm going, coming home, going back to bed, and then cleaning my room. =)

The laundry should just put itself away! Goodbye for tonight. =)

What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!


I saw this last night with Shannon and Olivia. I wanted to see it for the dancer in me. I love any dance movie (but not like Step Up 3 or something random like that). IT WAS SO GOOD!! I left the theater going "What on EARTH just happened?" and jumped outta my seat a few times. If you have not seen this yet, DEFINITELY see it.

#2 -
I'm loving these people! (L-R: Me, Shannon, Zach, Amanda, Olivia).
These are my four friends from college with whom I went to Disney with last week! This is us at Hollywood Studios. We had the BEST time, spent a ton of $$, and this trip made me realize why I love these people. And why I'm so glad we're all friends!

#3 - These cuties!
(Me holding my niece Emma Grace, my niece/goddaughter Sara Elizabeth and my nephew Steven Louis).

I'm loving these cuties! I am proud to be an aunt to all three of them and enjoy spoiling them when I get the chance. I love how my niece Sara, who is 6, picked up the phone by herself, called my cellphone and wished me a happy and safe vacation before I left. SHE's 6! I love her and her sister & brother to pieces! I hope I'll be able to see them soon.

I'm loving that I will get to see my best friend, Stephanie, in less than 3 months! We met freshmen year of college, lived together sophomore year, reaffirmed our friendship junior year after not living together, and senior year were just WILD. She lives in Georgia! I haven't seen her in almost two YEARS so I am LOVING I will get to spend 4-5 days with her over my spring break from school and be in town for her BIRTHDAY! (which is also Easter)

I'm LOVING I slept for 16 hours Monday Night-Tuesday. Nothing says you're tired like not even waking up for food! Best nap/coma/sleep of my life. It was epic.

I'm loving I get to start teaching (well student teaching) on Monday!! I am excited to meet my first cooperating teacher, my students (whom I like to refer to as my kiddos) and start teaching. Nervous? Yes. But I'm loving that this gives me an excuse to go shopping for a cute new wardrobe!

#7 (Edited in)
After shoveling my driveway, I get to stay home from work. I'm LOVING it! While I wont get paid for the 4 hours I would have been working, I'm not a fan of driving in snow. So I'm LOVING my bosses decided to let my brother & I stay home (and probably everyone else working) for safety. =)

Mother Nature has GOT to be Kidding!

Mother Nature is really starting to tick me off, lol. I am proud to be a New Yorker but I HATE HATE HATE the cold winters up here! How is it I was just in Florida in 75 degrees at Disney walking around in short sleeves and now I'm about to go shovel snow? Life is cruel sometimes.

Well, we were suppose to get snow last night and we didn't. So thankfully it did not ruin my plans with Shannon and Olivia. I wake up this morning at 8:30am (which is ungodly to me after sleeping 16 hours the day before). I had my student teaching meeting this morning at 10:30am and when I looked out my window, SNOW was there...AGAIN. That made for a FUN commute to my campus which normally is only 15 minutes (with traffic) from my house. I slid coming out of my block, and when I went to turn onto a major highway, I almost slid into a pole because they had not plowed anything and it was all slush (brown slush, might I add). I literally drove home after the meeting GRIPPING the steering wheel in a death grip with the fear I might slid. My lovely car, Cora the Corolla, does not like snow. And I am not a fan of driving in it!

My student teaching meeting was just loverly. Same old stuff as last time. Dont go out to the Drift or Boardy Barn, get drunk, and appear on the cover of a magazine. It is really pointless. I wish we could just go, check in and meet our field supervisors. I have a different field supervisor since last semester. I don't know if she is not doing it this semester since her name wasn't on the sheet of supervisors. Oh well. I have a guy, which is interesting. My friend Ashley, who is in the same school as me, had him last semester so she has him again too. He seems pretty nice and I look forward to any advice he can give me. I'm the only person doing two different schools with two different cooperating teachers. Oh well. My brother's friend is taking me on and considering I know a LOT of people in the district my brother teaches in, it is like getting my foot in the door. Speaking of which, I need to hear back from them this week to finalize the plans. I already contacted my cooperating teacher for my school that I start at next week. I'm PETRIFIED, lol. I hope it all works out.

You know what would be nice? If I didn't have to go to work. My brother and I both work at the California Pizza Kitchen at our mall. He is a server and I am a host. He got me the job last summer when I DESPERATELY wanted to leave my serving job in the Hamptons because of my cruel boss (and the fact I cried like every day). My mom always complains "Why cant you two carpool" since we do work at similar times but usually he is a closer so if I got off at nine, I wouldnt wanna wait til 11:30 for him to be done. I came home from my meeting and he was like "I SO DONT WANT TO GO TO WORK." Honestly, what freaks will drive in the snow to go to eat at a restaurant? Some insane people. He called our boss who said call back at 3 to see if he was going to close the restaurant for the night. I'd love it, especially since it's suppose to pick up and snow a lot more later on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I'm still going to go shovel a bit before I may have to leave for work.

I can't wait for it to be spring. I wanna stop complaining about snow (which is all I feel like I do but I am SO SO SO SO SO SICK OF IT!) and enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yay and Nay

I'm all sorts of yay and nay today.

Yay for the sleeping in.

Nay for all the money I spent last week.

Yay for receiving a call from one of my professor's from last semester asking me to come back to tutor the student I worked with last semester. It's two hours a week for the semester (I got $1300 OFF my tuition last semester doing this!) and I get paid this time! If she has tests, I can just do lesson plans. This will look GREAT on my resume!

Nay for receiving a bill from my biopsy. I had it back in November on the 19th, the day after my birthday. So why does it take them two months to bill me $270 that I owe them? Those fools. I mean, I have my loan $$$ I'm gonna use to pay off bills but this just blows. At least my mom told me the insurance company covered everything in the hospital...that with the anesthesia could've been a pricey bill. And my mom won't pay it. Oh well...time to be a grown up. Maybe she'll let me skip by on my car insurance this month and next. It's already Jan 25th and she hasn't asked for it. =) It's because I'm the best.

Yay for cleaning my room. Nay for the mess all over it right now. Better go clean that mess!

Oh how I love sleep.

Yesterday I had to work and it wasn't torture like it was on Sunday. Sunday I worked a double and during the day, the servers had their fair share of tables. The night shift, however, was a different story. I think some servers has TWO or THREE tables the entire night. And I mean, I got to go home at 7:20ish when I would have had to stay til was that dead. Oh well. After working til 3, I went to Pet-Co to get my Betta fish Rick Astley a new bowl because the one I have had since I got my first one back as a junior in college needed to be replaced. Cleaned the kitchen for my mom while she went to WW. I was in bed watching TV sometime after 6 and FELL asleep. No one woke me up for dinner. I heard my mom come in and take my glasses off and shut off my TV. I woke up at 10, got a drink, and went back to bed. I slept until 10am this morning. I have no idea why I was THAT tired but it was one of the best nights of sleep...EVER! My brother was going to do an errand for my mom before he went to work and he goes "Mom told me to make sure you weren't dead in bed or something" because I normally don't sleep from 6pm-10am!

Today's projects involve uploading all 400+ pictures I took at Disney last week and organizing them, laundry (my mom jokes that because of how much underwear I own from VS, I could go a month without having to do laundry but my hamper is overflowing....and I hate going more than a week w/o doing laundry), cleaning my room,etc.

Later, I will be seeing Shannon (aka BUFANDA) and Olivia (BOOFALICIOUS...their new nicknames from the trip) to see Black Swan! I'm excited! Having been a dancer for 13 years makes me want to see this movie so bad for the dance aspect but I also love Natalie Portman and heard this was an awesome flick!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to the cold weather!

BOO BOO BOO! I have been MIA the last week because I went on my vacation to the happiest place on Earth in Florida....DISNEY WORLD!!! I flew out last Sunday the 16th with Shannon and Olivia. We met Amanda and Zach in the Orlando airport. Then, we proceeded to have an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME week. So many blonde moments on my part and hysterical comments in general, along with lots of pictures taken! I cringed when I got off the plane last night in this FRIGID weather. I want to blog about each day and post some pictures, but I am way too tired from working today to do it now. Plus, it's 11:35pm and I wanna go to sleep. So keep your eye's out for those posts! :)

Tomorrow is my last week of "freedom" before I start student teaching. I am working tomorrow, wednesday night, friday night, saturday day & night and sunday day. 24.5 hours. Doesn't seem like a lot but it was kind of torturous today at work when it was 6:30pm and some of the 8 servers on had only TWO tables since 4pm. I think it was because everyone was at home/a friend's house watching the football games. I don't follow that so I wouldn't know who was playing aside from the NY Jets (who lost!). I did chuckle when like 6 people who must have been visiting from Tennessee were like "OMG IT IS SO COLD!" when they came in from outside. They're like "we're not used to this." I clearly knew how they felt coming back from 75 DEGREE WEATHER and the sun last week!

Off to bed because I have a wonderful work week ahead of me. At least I'll be making $$$!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well THAT wasn't fun

i just tried to pay my Old Navy bill online since it is due today and I had a check written out to go in the mail last week. But my lazy butt didn't do it. So I tried to pay online, did it let me? No, because my bank denied it before. So now when I get home from PA today from my uncle's memorial service, I have to call them up and try to pay over the phone to not be charged a $29 late fee. THEN I looked at my Amex and Visa bills and CRINGED at how low my bank account will be.

WHERE did my $$ go? Lol. I do have my refund $$ leftover from my loans which is a nice amount and I do have two CDs of lots of $$ in the bank to help me through student teaching/pay my loans. I just have to go to the bank when I come home to transfer it into my bank account.. Plus, if HigherOne would respond to my email if I can use my card while I am away in Florida during the day today when I am in PA, I'd love it. Seriously, 24 yrs old and I feel like I'm 16 again working at Rite Aid living paycheck to paycheck. OH THE DREAM.

This is part of the reason I am glad I didn't go AWAY to grad school and my mom is nice enough to let me live at home, rent free, while in school. I do pay my car insurance and my cellphone bill (since my phone is linked to her account) but the added bonus of not worrying about rent is nice. However, I do still need to register for my CST for my New York teaching exam certification requirement but I'll take that in April. There goes another $79. I'd love to win the lottery. Or marry rich. Or better yet, not have $20,000+ in loans to pay off!

Sorry for being so depressing. It's now 6:51am and I am just all sorts of depressed about my bank account. And how WORSE it'll be when I come back from Florida. Oh well. Last vacation for awhile. Off to throw on some makeup before my brother comes over with his minivan for all of us to go up to PA.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thinking back...

So considering I started this blog after 2011 had begun (pretty much last Saturday I believe), I didn't do a 2010 year in review. I'm nowhere near skilled like the bloggers who had these posts that I stumbled across to add a bunch of pictures to my post (considering it was only getting me add one last night). But, I am also BLANKING out on things that happened in 2010. SO, here we go...of what I can remember:

January 2010:
-Started graduate school! I took a winter course, 4 days a week for 2.5 hours to start my certification for my Masters in Adolescence Education.
-Did a belated Secret Santa exchange with my college friends!

February 2010:
-Broke up with my boyfriend. We'd only been going out for seven months but he'll always be that "first love" because that is what he was infact. Was I a little sad? Yes. Did I want to talk to him after that? Yes. Did we? No. Not for almost 6 or 7 months.
-First full semester of grad school. I only wanted to rip my hair out by week 4.

March 2010:
-The job I was working for the majority of 2010 was my waitressing job. It technically was a summer job while I was in college which evolved into a year around job in 2009. I was on my feet from usually 6:30, 7 or 8 til 4pm five days a week. Lots of lifting and eventually, I had intense back pain. So intense to the point where I couldn't sit driving my car without being in pain.
-First visit to my orthopedist. Xrays galore. His determination? I possibly had a stress fracture in my spine.
-St. Patty's Day - Had an MRI of my spine for my stress fracture. So lovely. Based on it, it was determined I needed physical therapy.

April 2010:
-Started Physical therapy (would be here for a total of 4 months..until my insurance told me I used up all my visits for the year).
-Celebrated my niece Emma Grace's first birthday on Easter Sunday!!
-Also celebrated my Mom's birthday

May 2010:
-FINALLY walked in my graduation ceremony from New Paltz. Long story short, I dropped my original major and just graduate with my bachelor's in Spanish & French. But that was in 2009 and they wouldn't let me walk with my friends. SO crushed when that happened. But finally happy to have this chapter done and over.
-Saw Taylor Swift in concert with my BFF April!! SOOO worth the $$ for floor seats

June 2010:
-Celebrated my graduation & April's graduation with a trip to Disney! and a visit to her grandparents house
-Celebrated Amanda's birthday!
-Also took a summer class

July 2010:
-Pretty much worked every day of my life. I dont recall doing anything fun.

August 2010:
-Finally ventured out East to MONTAUK. I've only lived on Long Island 23 yrs (at this point!) and had never been.
-Went to a Hamptons Gala with the BFF for the paper she interned for this summer...didn't get to see any celebrities.
-Helped move my BFF into her apartment for COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY!

September 2010:
-Celebrated my nephew Steven Louis' fourth birthday! And my brother Eric's birthday.
-Started another semester of grad school.
-LEFT my waitressing job.
-Got a NEW job at California Pizza Kitchen. :)
-Did my part-time student teaching placement (well started) in the town over from me
-Started planning a trip with my friends from college to DISNEY!

October 2010:
-My doctor found a lump/cyst/something in my left breast causing me to have to get an ultrasound at the end of the month.

November 2010:
-Celebrated my 24th birthday!
-The ultrasound from the month before proved to be indeterminable to what it was. Had a biopsy performed the day after my birthday. Results turned out to be indeterminable again. Referred to a surgeon.
-Celebrated Thanksgiving at home with just my siblings and mom.

December 2010:
-Said goodbye to one of my besties Amanda as she moved upstate
-Celebrated my niece/goddaughter Sara Elizabeth's 6th birthday!!
-Finished grad school semester. 4.0 GPA, baby!
-Saw surgeon 12/1. She wasn't sure what it was either. Great. Scheduled surgery for 12/28.
-Celebrated Christmas and got some awesome gifts! And we had a blizzard the day after.
-Had surgery to remove said indeterminable cyst/lump from my left breast. Best part of the surgery? The week off from work (and school) to recover and the meds to help with pain where wonderful. It wasn't as bad as I expected?
-The results from the surgery? They werent found out until January 2011 but the surgeon removed a 9cm tumor that turned out to be 100% benign! THANK GOD. That was the scariest thought I had going through my head the entire 2 months (although I did also think that if it was cancerous, they wouldn't have let me go on so long without having something done to it.)

Wow. I'm surprised I remembered THAT much! I am hoping 2011 is better medically than 2010 was and so far it has been. I am looking forward to finding love (because I'm starting to feel so old, alone and that it'll never happen by these blogs I stumble on with people engaged, or married, or married & pregnant/have a kid at 25!), surviving student teaching, my vacations, hanging with friends and enjoying life.

Now, why won't blogger let me add images?! The little "add image" icon still won't work!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

Okay, this is the first time I'm doing this so I am going to give it a whirl!

I'm linking up with Jaime for What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. I'm LOVING that I am now officially on VACATION!!! Aside from my student teaching interview on Friday @ 9:30am and my uncle's memorial service Saturday in PA, I have nothing to do! I leave SUNDAY for Florida (incase you forgot) and can't wait.

2. I'm LOVING I did not have work today! (I wish I could've slept in and didn't drive there to find they didnt plow the parking lot).

3. I'm loving that the Christmas decorations are ALMOST away. (You're probably wondering why they're still out but it's because I do it all myself [at 24] with no help from siblings)

4. I'm LOVING that I got a 4.0 last semester in grad school. first 4.0 ever of my life! :)

5. I am LOVING that I start student teaching soon!

6. I'm LOVING my awesome friends! (If Blogger would let me add another picture in this post I would but it doesn't seem to want to!)

Low and behold, it did snow!

Wow. Low and behold, it did snow. Long Island got hit with it in various ways. Further out west towards NYC in Nassau got less then us. My town was said to have only gotten 9 inches. And the airport, which is like 5 mins from my house, got 15 inches?! Further out east from me got more snow so Im glad I didnt live there. I've been up since like 6AM because I couldn't sleep thanks to the plows.

One nice surprise was we got plowed out! Our next door neighbor's friend plowed out the end of their driveway and then came to do ours! I was SOOOOO happy! My brothers were inside sleeping and I was trying to shovel my car out to get out to go to work. I nosed my car out so I dont need to reverse out of the driveway. My house is on the corner of my block so when they plow the snow, it ALL gets shoved up at the end of our driveway and in front of our mailbox. Not fun. I'll let my brothers shovel that out this time. The plow guy did this last time with the blizzard after Christmas and we are utterly grateful! Now I can venture off to work (its only 3 hrs but I can use the $$)....that is if ANYONE comes in today. They probably will, knowing how crazy people can be when it comes to hunger.

I'll have to post some pictures later. It's funny. I want to move to Georgia and they got snow. NY has snow. Where can I move with no snow? HAHA. :)

After today, I'm on VACATION!!!! WAHOO!!! If the roads are not too bad, I'm stopping at Target on the way home to get some necessities for the vacation. Travel items and such. Then, I can help mom put the Christmas decorations away (because let's face it, boys aka my brothers won't do it!) and start PACKING!!! :) We (Amanda, Zach, Shannon, Olivia and I) started talking about this vacation in August or September. I can't believe it's FINALLY HERE!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Snow snow snow. I do not like thee. I wish for it to go away and go somewhere else. Like Vermont. Just completely skip over New York! That'd be lovely. We're suppose to get 10 to 15 inches tonight into tomorrow. This is about two-almost three weeks after our last storm that started the day after Christmas.

The above picture is my car outside two days after Christmas. We got almost 2 feet of snow. Most of it has melted now....but where are they going to put this amount we are getting tonight?!! UGH! I know some people find it magical and everything. I get stir crazy in the snow after awhile.

It can snow as much as it wants next week here in NY when I'm in Florida. :) Georgia is already on it's third snow day this week. And apparently my own district has cancelled school for tomorrow. Yet, I, the lovely person who isn't teaching yet, has to go to work from 12-3. Which might not be worth it if everything is closed. We shall see.

I need to not be freezing all the time. I have a draft guard on my bedroom window near my bed and I'm still cold. The heat's cranked up and I'm still cold. I could stay in bed all day. I just love my daybed. =)

And, I heard back from my 2nd cooperating teacher for student teaching and he seems really great! He took his students to Sevilla, Spain in 2008 which is where I studied abroad and he had also studied abroad there. It is GORGEOUS. I am looking forward to this adventure in my life.

time to go update the itouch with more tunes for my trip next week! suggestions, anyone?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Screaming Children = No Bueno.

I love children. I really do. It's part of the reason why I want to be a teacher...except I can't teach Spanish to kindergarten...not at least in NY! I absolutely ADORE my nieces Sara & Emma and my nephew Steven. They are three of my favorite people ever.

But I do not like screaming children! My job holds birthday parties in the AM before the restaurant opens and they are a hit. Kids get a tour, make their own pizzas, eat ice cream, lalala. Good $$ for the server who works it and for the restaurant in general. I walked into work today to 26 screaming children. Not at the top of their lungs but they had to be like 3 or 4 years old. TWENTY SIX. Plus all the parents spread all over the restaurant made it a fun task for seating people. Eventually, 45 mins after people started coming in they left. Of course they left the bathroom a mess but hey, thats the joys of being a child. I am sure I was not the most easy-going child when I was little. I mean, who is perfect? I was so happy when they left I did a little jig behind the host stand.

I do like my job because my co-workers are all awesome and the bosses are super nice. I'll miss being there during the day when I start student teaching.

In other news, I burnt my left thumb making SOUP. How is that possible?! I am an impatient person and can't make my soup in a pan on the stove. I want that instant gratification in 2.5 mins so in the microwave it goes. When I took the saran wrap off, heat somehow burnt my thumb. It really hurts and just proves I can't cook for myself. Oh, and that I am a spaz.

I have had this blog for a few days now and while I dont have many followers, I welcome anyone! I have discovered some blogs and want to be a follower but don't want to be "creepy." So if that happens, you can remove me or whatever but I want followers. Who doesn't love internet friends?! I am also finding this to be a GREAT outlet for my thoughts, knowing I'll use it a lot in the coming weeks when I start student teaching!

Student teaching...SCARY! I am excited and nervous. Prepared? As well as I can be! I originally had my major as secondary education/Spanish with a French minor in college. However, the school of education decided it'd be fun for the people in my major to pass 2 tests in order to student teach - 1 - a $150 phone interview to determine your proficiency in the language and 2 - a departmental assessment test for grammar, culture, and literary analysis. Clearly, they did not do that great of a job teaching us if all of us failed it. I tried it twice and the second time missed passing by 16 points on two sections. Everything was within reach. I cried and really thought I was a failure. All that legwork and they basically denied me student teaching. I dropped said major and just graduated with my bachelors in Spanish/French minor and didn't get to walk at graduation. No big deal...yeah right. That sucked missing it with my friends. However, now in grad school, a year from when I started, I'm going to be doing my student teaching and will be finished in May!!

My first placement is 20 mins from my house and my 2nd is with a friend of my brother's. I emailed him last week but haven't heard back so I'll resend him an email. I have an interview with the first district on Friday @ 9:30. Do I know what I want to wear? NO! I'll probably wear dress pants, a dress shirt and a sweater. I'm so nervous!!! I can't wait to meeting my cooperating teacher and my students. Hopefully I dont run for the hills after it!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Check it off!

So, I made progress from the time I made my last post to now! I didn't know if I was working next Saturday and I was working a double...problem = I have to go to my uncle's memorial service. I found coverage from a nice guy at work named Jase, who is normally a server but decided to help me out. :) Love nice guys like that.

Okay, problem 2. My flight for disney is at 2 something. Problem? Scheduled for another double. Yikes!! Apparently the manager's box who I put my request off in doesn't do my schedule. I didn't know that. So the manager who DOES DO my schedule was in tonight when I was leaving to her and I told her that I needed to not be schedule from 1/17-1/22 since I'd be away. She was like "okay, just leave it in my box" and so I did. PLUS, someone else was nice enough (another host) to take my Sunday double....woot!! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Also gave them my schedule for my student teaching. Check it off! Requested the AM off for my student teaching meeting on 1/26. Check it off! (I normally don't take this much time off from work. I started in Sept and my first request off wasn't until almost mid November!

The request of my stuff on my list will get done...hopefully before I go to Disney. Speaking of DISNEY, I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!! I did just go in June with my BFF April. Now, I'm going with 4 friends from school (3 girls, 1 guy...his GF is one of the girls). We leave 1/16 and come back the end of the week. I think this is exactly what I need right before my life is consumed by student teaching. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I will so do.

And my Kindle...I've neglected reading it. Well, it broke after having it for nine days. So after emailing Amazon and calling them, they overnighted me a new one. LOVE their customer service!! So I FINALLY transfered my content (two books) from the old one to the new one and added a bunch more freebies! Someone posted a lot of books on line that were free and a bunch involved education/teaching. SCORE! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I cannot WAIT to visit my biffle Steph in Georgia. It'll be almost TWO YEARS since I have seen her...why?! I am going either Wed 4/20-4/24 (her bday!/Easter) or Thurs 4/21-4/24. We shall see.

I want more followers. People need to blog more!

List, list, list!

I need lists in order to function. Whenever a new school year started in college, I would buy the biggest planner possible because it was basically my life line. I still use one in grad school. Yet, this is more of a list of everything I need to do between NOW and January 31st for everything going on in my life.

1. Find coverage for next Saturday (if I am working) because I have to attend my uncle's memorial in PA. I wish I had of known earlier because it's the day before I go away and I hate taking off too much. I have covered SOOOOOOOO many times for people...maybe someone will be willing to cover for me. If not, I don't think my mother will let me live this down.
2. Give my job my new work schedule. Sayin' goodbye to weekday work days and moving to nights. I hope they're not mad but obviously if I'm at school from 7am-2-3pm, I can't work 12-3. I am going to try to work Fri-Sun and pick up shifts when possible during nights/school breaks.
3. Print off my flight info for my trip.
4. Figure out if I'll be checking in online via my itouch or blackberry or having one of my friends do it for me. I need to do it 24 hrs before my flight and I will be away possibly.
5. Get liquor for the WTF is this liquor party.
7. Interview at the district office for my first student teaching placement! :-X
8. Contact my brother's friend who I'm suppose to have my second placemen with (emailed him once, heard nothing back)
9. Schedule an appt with a pulmonologist...aka lung doctor since it was recommended from my pre-surgical testing chest x-ray.
10. Request 1/26 off for Student Teaching Meeting
11. Get a haircut/colored
12. Oil change
13. Car washed
14. Go through clothes for student teaching.
15. Possibly buy new heels

I feel like there is more to put on it, yet can't think of it! Maybe I should go to bed....I need to be at work @ 11:30 and have to shower and iron my clothes beforehand.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Money Blues...

I am so excited! On January 16, I am flying with two of my best friends, Olivia and Shannon, from school to Orlando, Florida. We will be meeting two more of our friends from school, Amanda and Zach, to spend a WEEK in Disney World!! I am in need of a vacation for relaxation before I have no life for student teaching. However, with planning a vacation comes those money blues!

I dont make nearly what I made at my last job at my new job. I do get hourly pay and only work about 15-20 hours a week. There are three-four other hosts so we all get the same amount of hours. But, I have to say my spending was a whee out of control from Oct-Dec. Plus, I spent way too much on Christmas (as usual). And as I sit here, writing this, I am thinking of the bills I just paid. And basically how my bank account will probably read $-0.00 when I come back from Disney! EEEKKK!! LOL. Well, I mean, I already paid for my flight & my hotel. That's done. I need to purchase my Disney tickets. 5 days of park tickets = $300. When I think about it, if I bought one each day at the park, it'd be $84 a ticket x 5 = about $150-$200 more then I want! Plus, it'll allow us to go to multiple parks in one day! We are doing a character breakfast Wednesday morning at Animal Kingdom (all other mornings will be on cereal bars which I am fine with!). I am all about saving $$ (when I shop for clothes, I go clearance, sale, full-priced). But I figure, when in the next lifetime will I be able to do this with my friends?!

I think I will be getting some $$ back for my refund from the loans I took out for grad school. Yeah, I know, I have to pay it all back. But hey, if I took it out, I might as well use it to live off of/pay bills until I get an ACTUAL job that helps me make huge payments!

Time to go investigate that aspect. And maybe take down the Christmas boxes so we can de-Christmastize. :( I love that Holiday.

New Year, Fresh Start

I had a blog back when I was in college. I am in a new chapter of my life and felt like a fresh start was needed. So, here I am! :) I was a bum last week recouping and came across a bunch of blogs, so I decided to start a new one. I think it'll be a great outlet for venting, sharing, celebrating, and who knows? Maybe I'll get people following me!

So where has my life gone in almost TWO YEARS?!
I graduated in May 2009, yet didn't get my diploma until August 2009. However, I wasn't allowed to walk until May 2010. I had originally gone into college and in the beginning of sophomore year, declared my Secondary Education-Spanish major and French minor. Yet, my major was the ONLY ONE in the school of education that required an oral proficiency interview over the phone and a departmental assessment test that needed to be passed in order to student teach. Clearly, they were not preparing us for these as they should've been (like highlighting it on the website or mentioning EARLIER than seminar). Therefore, not many people did their student teaching in the spring 2009 semester. I made the decision to try it again in the spring to do my student teaching in the fall at home. No such luck again and neither did my friends. I was REALLY disappointed, cried many nights, and regretted not choosing elementary education instead. Therefore, I was forced to watch my friends walk and not walk with them. So hard.

But, in life, you take things in stride. I took fun classes that semester, like sign language! And looking back now, I cannot believe it is almost TWO YEARS since I graduated! I can remember applying for colleges and looking at New Paltz. When they say college can be the best four (or five) years of your life, they truly do mean it! I had some interesting classes, challenging professors, the experience of a lifetime studying abroad. More importantly, I met some of the most important people in my life that I proudly call my friends. I am lucky that I live five minutes from one and 15 from another at home! I lost friendships with people over the years but gained new ones. At times the year after I graduated, I wanted to go back so bad. Now, it's a place I can always visit and have fond memories of my years there!

So, where have I been since then? After I graduated, I went home and started back at my summer job waitressing in the hamptons. The $$ was GREAT in the summer. As I stayed during the year, the winter stinks because you don't get all the people with their summer houses. You got more of the locals. I left there in September 2010 after 3 summers and a full year there. I loved some of my co-workers, but I couldn't take the commute, getting up at 5am, and going to work to be yelled at. No one wants that. I got a job working at a restaurant at the mall where my brother works and I love it! The staff is all young, fresh, fun and the managers are great! I will be altering my work schedule to fit in student teaching but I am going to need some $$ to keep me afloat!

I applied to grad school. And really only had two options. I chose the one where I'd be done the fastest! I took a winter course in January 2010, three classes in the spring semester, a summer class, 4 classes in the fall. Guess where I am at now? STUDENT TEACHING!!! I still have my "seminar" class that goes with it and my thesis class part 2 but that is it!! I think my thesis class won't be that bad considering we did the bulk of the paper in the first part of the class and I got an A on it! :) Plus, I have the same professor again and it seems like we don't have to go to class that often.

I am so excited, yet petrified, to start student teaching. I had the experience of working with 7th graders in my neighboring town this semester. We had to get observed by our field supervisors 4 times. The last observation had to be a full period lesson. I got raving reviews on it! I know, somewhat, what I am instore for next semester. I have an interview with my one district on January 14th. Then, I hopefully will hear from my brother's friend who I am student teaching with the second portion of my semester. I emailed him the other day and obsessively check my email, yet no response. I have faith though. :) I am ready to meet my students, plan lessons, hopefully meet other great teachers and feel completely happy with my life goal!

It's 2011, it's a new year, with a fresh start. So far, I'm lovin' it. :)