Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closet a must.

I'm a girl. A girly girl. I guess that happens being the only girl in the family and the baby of the family. I never had to share clothes with anyone. =) I like to shop. I admit it. I probably have shopped way too often when I should not have in college and the almost subsequent two years. Oh well. I pay off all my bills in full (yay for only having school loan debt).

Problem? I have way too many clothes! I usually wear all of them. I need to take a picture of my closet. I still have all my notebooks/Spanish textbooks from college because I am keeping them as resources for school/teaching. I still have some barbies in my closet I have been saving for when my niece got to be old enough (well she's 6 now). And I have a pretty decent sized close..essentially it is walk in! (My dream is to have that closet Jessica Simpson had on Newlyweds...SO MUCH SPACE!) All my clothes are contained to my one dresser (I used to have two before I redid my room in August 09) and my closet. My summer ones are in bins right now in the back of my closet. I like being able to pull them out (or rearrange the closet) when necessary.

The problem is organization. I have no idea how to do it. Sweaters are too bulky to fold on a shelf. Belts are impossible to store. I have way too many Vera Bradley bags. My DVDs need to find a new home other than a stackable crate from Wal-Mart. The first step people would probably tell me is to purge my clothes....I did that and have gotten rid of 10 bags since September! Stuff that was too small, too big, I didn't like anymore, etc. I need to add more "professional clothes" for student teaching. I need storage bins.

Anyone have any suggestions? I did come across this blog IHeart Organizing which gives great tips for organizing everything around a house. I started to follow it so I guess I am going to go hunt on it tonight. Ahh! I need to do a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR purge out of clothes come this summer.

In other good news, I'm going back to Disney! I know I just came back. But my brother Mark,and my SIL Laurie want to take their 3 kids to Disney for their first visit. They asked my mom if she and me or any of my siblings wanted to come. My oldest brother will be at his camp (he is handicapped) and Brian expressed no interest. It'll probably be my mom and I going with them but I am so excited!! Who doesn't love DISNEY and sharing the magic of it with little ones?! I'd be going at the beginning of August...aka hot weather...and I'm okay with that! I love it!

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