Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!


I saw this last night with Shannon and Olivia. I wanted to see it for the dancer in me. I love any dance movie (but not like Step Up 3 or something random like that). IT WAS SO GOOD!! I left the theater going "What on EARTH just happened?" and jumped outta my seat a few times. If you have not seen this yet, DEFINITELY see it.

#2 -
I'm loving these people! (L-R: Me, Shannon, Zach, Amanda, Olivia).
These are my four friends from college with whom I went to Disney with last week! This is us at Hollywood Studios. We had the BEST time, spent a ton of $$, and this trip made me realize why I love these people. And why I'm so glad we're all friends!

#3 - These cuties!
(Me holding my niece Emma Grace, my niece/goddaughter Sara Elizabeth and my nephew Steven Louis).

I'm loving these cuties! I am proud to be an aunt to all three of them and enjoy spoiling them when I get the chance. I love how my niece Sara, who is 6, picked up the phone by herself, called my cellphone and wished me a happy and safe vacation before I left. SHE's 6! I love her and her sister & brother to pieces! I hope I'll be able to see them soon.

I'm loving that I will get to see my best friend, Stephanie, in less than 3 months! We met freshmen year of college, lived together sophomore year, reaffirmed our friendship junior year after not living together, and senior year were just WILD. She lives in Georgia! I haven't seen her in almost two YEARS so I am LOVING I will get to spend 4-5 days with her over my spring break from school and be in town for her BIRTHDAY! (which is also Easter)

I'm LOVING I slept for 16 hours Monday Night-Tuesday. Nothing says you're tired like not even waking up for food! Best nap/coma/sleep of my life. It was epic.

I'm loving I get to start teaching (well student teaching) on Monday!! I am excited to meet my first cooperating teacher, my students (whom I like to refer to as my kiddos) and start teaching. Nervous? Yes. But I'm loving that this gives me an excuse to go shopping for a cute new wardrobe!

#7 (Edited in)
After shoveling my driveway, I get to stay home from work. I'm LOVING it! While I wont get paid for the 4 hours I would have been working, I'm not a fan of driving in snow. So I'm LOVING my bosses decided to let my brother & I stay home (and probably everyone else working) for safety. =)


  1. Ok, I have GOT to see Black Swan. Everyone says it's amazing!

  2. Seriously! Natalie Portman was AWESOME in it! I think it was one of her BEST roles ever. You'll love it!

  3. Good luck student teaching! I would love to go see Black Swan. I have heard such great things!