Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well THAT wasn't fun

i just tried to pay my Old Navy bill online since it is due today and I had a check written out to go in the mail last week. But my lazy butt didn't do it. So I tried to pay online, did it let me? No, because my bank denied it before. So now when I get home from PA today from my uncle's memorial service, I have to call them up and try to pay over the phone to not be charged a $29 late fee. THEN I looked at my Amex and Visa bills and CRINGED at how low my bank account will be.

WHERE did my $$ go? Lol. I do have my refund $$ leftover from my loans which is a nice amount and I do have two CDs of lots of $$ in the bank to help me through student teaching/pay my loans. I just have to go to the bank when I come home to transfer it into my bank account.. Plus, if HigherOne would respond to my email if I can use my card while I am away in Florida during the day today when I am in PA, I'd love it. Seriously, 24 yrs old and I feel like I'm 16 again working at Rite Aid living paycheck to paycheck. OH THE DREAM.

This is part of the reason I am glad I didn't go AWAY to grad school and my mom is nice enough to let me live at home, rent free, while in school. I do pay my car insurance and my cellphone bill (since my phone is linked to her account) but the added bonus of not worrying about rent is nice. However, I do still need to register for my CST for my New York teaching exam certification requirement but I'll take that in April. There goes another $79. I'd love to win the lottery. Or marry rich. Or better yet, not have $20,000+ in loans to pay off!

Sorry for being so depressing. It's now 6:51am and I am just all sorts of depressed about my bank account. And how WORSE it'll be when I come back from Florida. Oh well. Last vacation for awhile. Off to throw on some makeup before my brother comes over with his minivan for all of us to go up to PA.

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