Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thinking back...

So considering I started this blog after 2011 had begun (pretty much last Saturday I believe), I didn't do a 2010 year in review. I'm nowhere near skilled like the bloggers who had these posts that I stumbled across to add a bunch of pictures to my post (considering it was only getting me add one last night). But, I am also BLANKING out on things that happened in 2010. SO, here we go...of what I can remember:

January 2010:
-Started graduate school! I took a winter course, 4 days a week for 2.5 hours to start my certification for my Masters in Adolescence Education.
-Did a belated Secret Santa exchange with my college friends!

February 2010:
-Broke up with my boyfriend. We'd only been going out for seven months but he'll always be that "first love" because that is what he was infact. Was I a little sad? Yes. Did I want to talk to him after that? Yes. Did we? No. Not for almost 6 or 7 months.
-First full semester of grad school. I only wanted to rip my hair out by week 4.

March 2010:
-The job I was working for the majority of 2010 was my waitressing job. It technically was a summer job while I was in college which evolved into a year around job in 2009. I was on my feet from usually 6:30, 7 or 8 til 4pm five days a week. Lots of lifting and eventually, I had intense back pain. So intense to the point where I couldn't sit driving my car without being in pain.
-First visit to my orthopedist. Xrays galore. His determination? I possibly had a stress fracture in my spine.
-St. Patty's Day - Had an MRI of my spine for my stress fracture. So lovely. Based on it, it was determined I needed physical therapy.

April 2010:
-Started Physical therapy (would be here for a total of 4 months..until my insurance told me I used up all my visits for the year).
-Celebrated my niece Emma Grace's first birthday on Easter Sunday!!
-Also celebrated my Mom's birthday

May 2010:
-FINALLY walked in my graduation ceremony from New Paltz. Long story short, I dropped my original major and just graduate with my bachelor's in Spanish & French. But that was in 2009 and they wouldn't let me walk with my friends. SO crushed when that happened. But finally happy to have this chapter done and over.
-Saw Taylor Swift in concert with my BFF April!! SOOO worth the $$ for floor seats

June 2010:
-Celebrated my graduation & April's graduation with a trip to Disney! and a visit to her grandparents house
-Celebrated Amanda's birthday!
-Also took a summer class

July 2010:
-Pretty much worked every day of my life. I dont recall doing anything fun.

August 2010:
-Finally ventured out East to MONTAUK. I've only lived on Long Island 23 yrs (at this point!) and had never been.
-Went to a Hamptons Gala with the BFF for the paper she interned for this summer...didn't get to see any celebrities.
-Helped move my BFF into her apartment for COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY!

September 2010:
-Celebrated my nephew Steven Louis' fourth birthday! And my brother Eric's birthday.
-Started another semester of grad school.
-LEFT my waitressing job.
-Got a NEW job at California Pizza Kitchen. :)
-Did my part-time student teaching placement (well started) in the town over from me
-Started planning a trip with my friends from college to DISNEY!

October 2010:
-My doctor found a lump/cyst/something in my left breast causing me to have to get an ultrasound at the end of the month.

November 2010:
-Celebrated my 24th birthday!
-The ultrasound from the month before proved to be indeterminable to what it was. Had a biopsy performed the day after my birthday. Results turned out to be indeterminable again. Referred to a surgeon.
-Celebrated Thanksgiving at home with just my siblings and mom.

December 2010:
-Said goodbye to one of my besties Amanda as she moved upstate
-Celebrated my niece/goddaughter Sara Elizabeth's 6th birthday!!
-Finished grad school semester. 4.0 GPA, baby!
-Saw surgeon 12/1. She wasn't sure what it was either. Great. Scheduled surgery for 12/28.
-Celebrated Christmas and got some awesome gifts! And we had a blizzard the day after.
-Had surgery to remove said indeterminable cyst/lump from my left breast. Best part of the surgery? The week off from work (and school) to recover and the meds to help with pain where wonderful. It wasn't as bad as I expected?
-The results from the surgery? They werent found out until January 2011 but the surgeon removed a 9cm tumor that turned out to be 100% benign! THANK GOD. That was the scariest thought I had going through my head the entire 2 months (although I did also think that if it was cancerous, they wouldn't have let me go on so long without having something done to it.)

Wow. I'm surprised I remembered THAT much! I am hoping 2011 is better medically than 2010 was and so far it has been. I am looking forward to finding love (because I'm starting to feel so old, alone and that it'll never happen by these blogs I stumble on with people engaged, or married, or married & pregnant/have a kid at 25!), surviving student teaching, my vacations, hanging with friends and enjoying life.

Now, why won't blogger let me add images?! The little "add image" icon still won't work!

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