Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, Fresh Start

I had a blog back when I was in college. I am in a new chapter of my life and felt like a fresh start was needed. So, here I am! :) I was a bum last week recouping and came across a bunch of blogs, so I decided to start a new one. I think it'll be a great outlet for venting, sharing, celebrating, and who knows? Maybe I'll get people following me!

So where has my life gone in almost TWO YEARS?!
I graduated in May 2009, yet didn't get my diploma until August 2009. However, I wasn't allowed to walk until May 2010. I had originally gone into college and in the beginning of sophomore year, declared my Secondary Education-Spanish major and French minor. Yet, my major was the ONLY ONE in the school of education that required an oral proficiency interview over the phone and a departmental assessment test that needed to be passed in order to student teach. Clearly, they were not preparing us for these as they should've been (like highlighting it on the website or mentioning EARLIER than seminar). Therefore, not many people did their student teaching in the spring 2009 semester. I made the decision to try it again in the spring to do my student teaching in the fall at home. No such luck again and neither did my friends. I was REALLY disappointed, cried many nights, and regretted not choosing elementary education instead. Therefore, I was forced to watch my friends walk and not walk with them. So hard.

But, in life, you take things in stride. I took fun classes that semester, like sign language! And looking back now, I cannot believe it is almost TWO YEARS since I graduated! I can remember applying for colleges and looking at New Paltz. When they say college can be the best four (or five) years of your life, they truly do mean it! I had some interesting classes, challenging professors, the experience of a lifetime studying abroad. More importantly, I met some of the most important people in my life that I proudly call my friends. I am lucky that I live five minutes from one and 15 from another at home! I lost friendships with people over the years but gained new ones. At times the year after I graduated, I wanted to go back so bad. Now, it's a place I can always visit and have fond memories of my years there!

So, where have I been since then? After I graduated, I went home and started back at my summer job waitressing in the hamptons. The $$ was GREAT in the summer. As I stayed during the year, the winter stinks because you don't get all the people with their summer houses. You got more of the locals. I left there in September 2010 after 3 summers and a full year there. I loved some of my co-workers, but I couldn't take the commute, getting up at 5am, and going to work to be yelled at. No one wants that. I got a job working at a restaurant at the mall where my brother works and I love it! The staff is all young, fresh, fun and the managers are great! I will be altering my work schedule to fit in student teaching but I am going to need some $$ to keep me afloat!

I applied to grad school. And really only had two options. I chose the one where I'd be done the fastest! I took a winter course in January 2010, three classes in the spring semester, a summer class, 4 classes in the fall. Guess where I am at now? STUDENT TEACHING!!! I still have my "seminar" class that goes with it and my thesis class part 2 but that is it!! I think my thesis class won't be that bad considering we did the bulk of the paper in the first part of the class and I got an A on it! :) Plus, I have the same professor again and it seems like we don't have to go to class that often.

I am so excited, yet petrified, to start student teaching. I had the experience of working with 7th graders in my neighboring town this semester. We had to get observed by our field supervisors 4 times. The last observation had to be a full period lesson. I got raving reviews on it! I know, somewhat, what I am instore for next semester. I have an interview with my one district on January 14th. Then, I hopefully will hear from my brother's friend who I am student teaching with the second portion of my semester. I emailed him the other day and obsessively check my email, yet no response. I have faith though. :) I am ready to meet my students, plan lessons, hopefully meet other great teachers and feel completely happy with my life goal!

It's 2011, it's a new year, with a fresh start. So far, I'm lovin' it. :)

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