Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mother Nature has GOT to be Kidding!

Mother Nature is really starting to tick me off, lol. I am proud to be a New Yorker but I HATE HATE HATE the cold winters up here! How is it I was just in Florida in 75 degrees at Disney walking around in short sleeves and now I'm about to go shovel snow? Life is cruel sometimes.

Well, we were suppose to get snow last night and we didn't. So thankfully it did not ruin my plans with Shannon and Olivia. I wake up this morning at 8:30am (which is ungodly to me after sleeping 16 hours the day before). I had my student teaching meeting this morning at 10:30am and when I looked out my window, SNOW was there...AGAIN. That made for a FUN commute to my campus which normally is only 15 minutes (with traffic) from my house. I slid coming out of my block, and when I went to turn onto a major highway, I almost slid into a pole because they had not plowed anything and it was all slush (brown slush, might I add). I literally drove home after the meeting GRIPPING the steering wheel in a death grip with the fear I might slid. My lovely car, Cora the Corolla, does not like snow. And I am not a fan of driving in it!

My student teaching meeting was just loverly. Same old stuff as last time. Dont go out to the Drift or Boardy Barn, get drunk, and appear on the cover of a magazine. It is really pointless. I wish we could just go, check in and meet our field supervisors. I have a different field supervisor since last semester. I don't know if she is not doing it this semester since her name wasn't on the sheet of supervisors. Oh well. I have a guy, which is interesting. My friend Ashley, who is in the same school as me, had him last semester so she has him again too. He seems pretty nice and I look forward to any advice he can give me. I'm the only person doing two different schools with two different cooperating teachers. Oh well. My brother's friend is taking me on and considering I know a LOT of people in the district my brother teaches in, it is like getting my foot in the door. Speaking of which, I need to hear back from them this week to finalize the plans. I already contacted my cooperating teacher for my school that I start at next week. I'm PETRIFIED, lol. I hope it all works out.

You know what would be nice? If I didn't have to go to work. My brother and I both work at the California Pizza Kitchen at our mall. He is a server and I am a host. He got me the job last summer when I DESPERATELY wanted to leave my serving job in the Hamptons because of my cruel boss (and the fact I cried like every day). My mom always complains "Why cant you two carpool" since we do work at similar times but usually he is a closer so if I got off at nine, I wouldnt wanna wait til 11:30 for him to be done. I came home from my meeting and he was like "I SO DONT WANT TO GO TO WORK." Honestly, what freaks will drive in the snow to go to eat at a restaurant? Some insane people. He called our boss who said call back at 3 to see if he was going to close the restaurant for the night. I'd love it, especially since it's suppose to pick up and snow a lot more later on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I'm still going to go shovel a bit before I may have to leave for work.

I can't wait for it to be spring. I wanna stop complaining about snow (which is all I feel like I do but I am SO SO SO SO SO SICK OF IT!) and enjoy the sunshine!

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