Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yay and Nay

I'm all sorts of yay and nay today.

Yay for the sleeping in.

Nay for all the money I spent last week.

Yay for receiving a call from one of my professor's from last semester asking me to come back to tutor the student I worked with last semester. It's two hours a week for the semester (I got $1300 OFF my tuition last semester doing this!) and I get paid this time! If she has tests, I can just do lesson plans. This will look GREAT on my resume!

Nay for receiving a bill from my biopsy. I had it back in November on the 19th, the day after my birthday. So why does it take them two months to bill me $270 that I owe them? Those fools. I mean, I have my loan $$$ I'm gonna use to pay off bills but this just blows. At least my mom told me the insurance company covered everything in the hospital...that with the anesthesia could've been a pricey bill. And my mom won't pay it. Oh well...time to be a grown up. Maybe she'll let me skip by on my car insurance this month and next. It's already Jan 25th and she hasn't asked for it. =) It's because I'm the best.

Yay for cleaning my room. Nay for the mess all over it right now. Better go clean that mess!

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