Sunday, January 9, 2011

Screaming Children = No Bueno.

I love children. I really do. It's part of the reason why I want to be a teacher...except I can't teach Spanish to kindergarten...not at least in NY! I absolutely ADORE my nieces Sara & Emma and my nephew Steven. They are three of my favorite people ever.

But I do not like screaming children! My job holds birthday parties in the AM before the restaurant opens and they are a hit. Kids get a tour, make their own pizzas, eat ice cream, lalala. Good $$ for the server who works it and for the restaurant in general. I walked into work today to 26 screaming children. Not at the top of their lungs but they had to be like 3 or 4 years old. TWENTY SIX. Plus all the parents spread all over the restaurant made it a fun task for seating people. Eventually, 45 mins after people started coming in they left. Of course they left the bathroom a mess but hey, thats the joys of being a child. I am sure I was not the most easy-going child when I was little. I mean, who is perfect? I was so happy when they left I did a little jig behind the host stand.

I do like my job because my co-workers are all awesome and the bosses are super nice. I'll miss being there during the day when I start student teaching.

In other news, I burnt my left thumb making SOUP. How is that possible?! I am an impatient person and can't make my soup in a pan on the stove. I want that instant gratification in 2.5 mins so in the microwave it goes. When I took the saran wrap off, heat somehow burnt my thumb. It really hurts and just proves I can't cook for myself. Oh, and that I am a spaz.

I have had this blog for a few days now and while I dont have many followers, I welcome anyone! I have discovered some blogs and want to be a follower but don't want to be "creepy." So if that happens, you can remove me or whatever but I want followers. Who doesn't love internet friends?! I am also finding this to be a GREAT outlet for my thoughts, knowing I'll use it a lot in the coming weeks when I start student teaching!

Student teaching...SCARY! I am excited and nervous. Prepared? As well as I can be! I originally had my major as secondary education/Spanish with a French minor in college. However, the school of education decided it'd be fun for the people in my major to pass 2 tests in order to student teach - 1 - a $150 phone interview to determine your proficiency in the language and 2 - a departmental assessment test for grammar, culture, and literary analysis. Clearly, they did not do that great of a job teaching us if all of us failed it. I tried it twice and the second time missed passing by 16 points on two sections. Everything was within reach. I cried and really thought I was a failure. All that legwork and they basically denied me student teaching. I dropped said major and just graduated with my bachelors in Spanish/French minor and didn't get to walk at graduation. No big deal...yeah right. That sucked missing it with my friends. However, now in grad school, a year from when I started, I'm going to be doing my student teaching and will be finished in May!!

My first placement is 20 mins from my house and my 2nd is with a friend of my brother's. I emailed him last week but haven't heard back so I'll resend him an email. I have an interview with the first district on Friday @ 9:30. Do I know what I want to wear? NO! I'll probably wear dress pants, a dress shirt and a sweater. I'm so nervous!!! I can't wait to meeting my cooperating teacher and my students. Hopefully I dont run for the hills after it!

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