Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need some motivation!

I need motivation. I will attempt to clean my room. Then I get sidetracked by facebook, blogs, email, the TV, or a movie I'm watching.Currently Leap Year with Amy Adams is playing in my DVD player. I just DONT want to be tripping over stuff in my room anymore but at the same time, I just wanna lay in bed and do nothing! I hope I am not getting mom thought i was getting mono considering I slept 16 hrs the other day. I certainly hope not!

My suitcase from vacation is emptied with my dirty clothes from the trip and they've been washed. Now it just holds the clean laundry. I think I'll put those clothes away for tonight and then finish everything tomorrow. Besides, who starts cleaning their bedroom at 10pm?! A nut job like me!

I have to go to my brother's district tomorrow to meet the chairperson to "interview" for my student teaching placement in that district. That is if they don't have a delay/closing. I didn't see her email from this morning until about 2 hours ago because I was at my student teaching meeting. Eeek. I dont feel like waking up at 8am to be there at 10. So maybe they'll have a closing and I can go friday. Otherwise, I'm going, coming home, going back to bed, and then cleaning my room. =)

The laundry should just put itself away! Goodbye for tonight. =)

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