Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today is Friday! In college, this was my favorite day of the week...start of the weekend, partying, nothing to do on Saturday morning, etc. Now, it's just another day of the week. I woke up early to go hand in my papers to the chairperson in my brother's district where he teaches for my student teaching placement...only, she wasn't there. Whoops. Apparently she was at a conference. I just need to do this ASAP so my placement there is SECURE and I'm not fretting the week before I'm suppose to go there.

Afterwards, I went to DSW looking for boots. I need something that will look professional, fit under my dress pants, and not too big of a heel. Of course the one pair I liked they didn't have in my size! Isn't that always the case? It's the same brand my brother got my sister-in-law for Christmas so I'm going to check their website. This is another reason why I hate shoe takes me forever to find something that works!

I came home, drank my French vanilla coffee from 7-11 because I was too lazy to make a new pot this morning (why is it that the coffee is ALWAYS gone before I get up?!) and then proceeded to go outside and shovel. My neighbor used their snowblower at the end of my driveway yesterday. But there's a line of snow down the middle of the driveway, basically dividing the sides we park our cars on...and it won't budge! My genius brothers shoveled their cars out and not that (or my car or my mom's) so it is frozen. I attempted to get most of it off as I could, but I failed. I did get more of the ice on our path off and made it walkable. I'm so sick of snow it is not funny. And to top it off, we're apparently getting another storm on Tuesday?!?!?! WHAT?! Good luck trying to find a place to put it, you plow people.

My mailman also honked at me at give me my mail when he was across the street. How nice, just what I wanted...bills! He also gave me a paper from the post office that was being given to everyone telling us to clear out the area/snow in front of our mailboxes. THAT made me laugh....again, where do you want me to put the mountains of snow? Just because our house is the corner house, we get all the snow when they plow the street. At this rate, it'll be April by the time the snow melts. =)

Time to go get ready for work. After work, I'm going on a date (oh lala) with a friend to see "No Strings Attached" with Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher. Exciting. Peace.

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