Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Happy Wednesday!}

I cannot believe this is the last Wednesday of November and we are almost to December! Where did 2011 go?! Considering it is Wednesday, it is time for one of my favorite link ups, What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie over at This Kind of Love!

I'm loving that the Christmas season is upon us! It is my favorite holiday! I enjoy all the decorations, shopping for the "perfect" gift and wrapping them. Nothing is more enjoyable then seeing the joy of Christmas through the eyes of my nieces & nephew! Plus, I can't wait to watch this movie on repeat:

I'm loving that I will get to see my best friend April this weekend! We were going to go out last weekend when she was home for Thanksgiving but I wasn't feeling well. This Saturday after I get off work we shall hang out and go get some twofers and half priced apps at Applebees (btw, only New York does this and I love that!) Twofers = some of their drinks are two for the price of one and their appetizers are half off after 10pm!

I'm loving that I now own The Lion King on DVD. It always upsets me when Disney puts movies back in the vault and then you can't get them so I try to snatch up my favorites when i can. Because after all, I totally believe this:

I'm loving the new wallet from Vera Bradley that I got using my birthday coupon! They give you a $20 off any purchase $25 or more in the month of your birthday. So I got a new wallet in this print, Happy Snails. (My mother rolled her eyes when I told her)

I'm loving that the boyfriend and I will be seeing this movie on Friday night:

I'm loving the reruns of 16 & Pregnant that MTV has been running lately. It's just a show I can't stop watching!

What are YOU loving today?!

(And now I need to go get out of my pajamas, shower and go be productive before work!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice...

Oy to the vey! Now that I have settled in with the fact that I am 25 and truly an adult, I guess it is time to do a little growing up. I am so not thrilled about that, ha! I kind of hate finances. Then again, what young person doesn't? I still live at home, which is great, but I do have to pay my mother rent. And my rent would consist of actual rent, my phone bill, and car insurance all rolled into one. I won't tell the actual amount but it is definitely NOT what I would be paying in rent if I lived by myself on Long Island!! Living by yourself on Long Island at my age is almost impossible. You couldn't get a nice studio apartment for probably less than $1200 a month BEFORE utilities so I guess considering my rent is 1/3 of that, I'm lucky.

Problem? I really don't make THAT much money for everything. If I do eat out, 95% of the time my boyfriend is paying (which is nice) but the majority of my money goes to gas, buying my own clothes, school (hello college loans!) and rent/other adultish things. I do have a nice chunk of change as a refund from my student loans. And I dread the day I have to start paying those back, oy. But it is currently sitting in my Higher One Account where the school deposits it. I really want to transfer it into my checking account at my main bank so I can pay off my credit card bills, pay my mom, and actually do Christmas shopping. I hate that this is stressing me out at this time of year, but oh well. You would *think* it is easier said then done to transfer it but it won't work. I can't link that account with my checking on either of my bank websites (including Chase) so I guess tomorrow I will be calling up Higher One and asking them how I can get that money. I really want to avoid having to pay $25 for them to write me a check but if that is what I have to do, then so be it. And I guess for the mean time, I will have to cut back on shopping...something no girl who loves to shop wants to do!

It would just be nice if I actually had a real job in my field of education that paid well because that'd help too!

They opened up a Big Lots right near Stop & Shop less than 5 minutes from my house, aka where I love to do my grocery shoping. How sad is it that I am excited they opened? I have not been yet and I want to go. I am hoping that I can find my niece's birthday gift there and maybe some gifts for the nieces and nephew for Christmas. I have no idea what to get them!

It would have been nice if the nail guy listened to me today. I have no idea how it happened but when I was in panera yesterday, I looked down and the tip (aka fake nail) on my left thumb had fallen off. I think it got snagged/cracked at work on Sunday. So I went in today to tell him I needed a new tip (which kind of pisses me off because I had just gotten a fill in/the color changed last Wednesday) and he didn't put it on! Instead he just put the acrylic liquid stuff on my actual nail. So I shall be making him fix that next week!

And I am excited for the premiere of Teen Mom 2 on MTV next week. Not that the show advocates getting pregnant at a young age (and if this happened to you or someone you know, I majorly applaud them for any decisions they made about it because that can't be easy!). It's just another one of those "addicting" shows that I can't stop watching!

I am nowhere near any place making a dent on my Christmas shopping! Oy to the vey. So much to do and so little time. And I got a summons for jury duty. I have to start calling 12/16 for the week of 12/19...yep the week of Christmas! What a merry time for me.

Okay, time to hit the hay so I don't fall asleep tomorrow night at work!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The A to Z of Moi

I've seen this done on a couple of blogs such as Emily's here and I thought it'd be fun for me to do! :)

A. Age = 25 (wow I feel old writing that!)

B. Bed Size = I'd like a king size eventually. Right now I have a twin and when I move out, I plan on getting a bigger bed!

C. Chore that you hate = Raking leaves. Actually, any yardwork.

D. Dogs = Shadow. My little black Cocker Spaniel. Look at this face!

E. Essential Start To your Day = COFFEE. I never used to drink it until I came back from Spain but seriously, I can tell a difference in my alertness if I dont have a cup.

F. Favorite Color = Pink and lime green really. I can't choose! Either makes me happy :)

G. Gold or silver = Silver.

H. Height = Apparently I'm 5''7" but I always thought 5'8". oops? Did I shrink? Hope not!

I. Instruments you play = I took private violin lessons from my aunt who is a music teacher in 4th grade. I wish I continued! I also played the flute from 5th-9th grade.

J. Job Title = Hostess for now. Will soon be Senorita when I have a classroom full of kids!

K. Kids = I can't wait to have babies of my own! My poor daughters are going to have so many clothes. Actually, my poor future husband!
(These babies are so cute!):

L. Live = Right now, Long Island, New York. Aka i can't afford to NOT live at home. I hope to move to the South soon!

M. Mothers Name = Mary Jane.

N. Nicknames = I have a ton. They call me LJ at work, Apples, Babe (only by the BF), Mouth (thanks to my brothers), Maggie (IDK but my mom calls me this), Kwistin (my friend allison calls me this)

O. Overnight hospital stays = NONE! Except for when I was born, ha.

P. Pet Peeves = people who pick their teeth in front of me (omg people do it all the time at my job and it GROSSES me out), deciding you're going to make a turn at the LAST second and not use your signal, People who chew with their mouth open or talk with food in their mouth

Q. Quote from a movie = I have too many favorites but this one always makes me chuckle:
"Oh, you know what? Next week's no good for me....The Jonas Brothers are in town. But any week after that, it's totally fine."-The Hangover

R. Right or left handed - Righty!

S. Siblings = 4 older brothers. Scott, Mark (who is married with three kids), Eric and Brian.

T. Time it takes you to get ready = Varies. I can procrastinate and sit in my towel forever on my computer and then it takes me like a half hour to decide on clothes, ha!

U. Underwear = pretty much only come from Victoria's Secret. I am addicted!

V. Vegetable you hate = Broccoli. Gross.

W. What makes you run late = My hair takes FOREVER to dry. No matter what length it is.

X. X-ray's you've had = Chest x-ray, x-rays of my hips, back, and shoulder at the orthopedist, teeth, my foot when i broke it.

Y. Yummy food you make = I'm not a good cook by any means (right now I refuse to really cook) but I have a yummy recipe for dijon chicken!

Z. Zoo animals = Monkeys! So adorable!

Coffee in an IV....

I could not for the life of me fall asleep last night. Nyquil was not helping. My nose feels completely raw from how many tissues I have used since Saturday! I finished the box I had in my room and moved onto the box my mom gave me. I am almost done with that one! Ha! I felt pretty miserable the last two days at work. Nothing sucks more wanting to blow your nose and not being able to. I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection or something because I can't seem to breathe out of my nose. And it is affecting the way my voice sounds. Plus, I have a pretty nasty phelgmy cough going on. Lovely! I was on the phone with the doctor's office as I was trying to write this one handed and got an appointment for 12:10. WAHOO! I don't even care if I have to wait three hours, I just want something for this. Considering I've been feeling like crap since Thanksgiving, it is about time I do something about it.

Friday, I had attended my friend Ashley's wedding out on the East End of Long Island. Ashley and I only really met a year, year and a half ago in grad school. We were in the same part-time student teaching seminar class and this class where we tutored a student and then had a seminar about it. Then, we ended up student teaching in the same school for seven of the 14 weeks of student teaching (she remained there..I changed placements). She is an absolute doll. Her wedding dress was gorgeous and the ceremony was lovely. I adored their first dance to Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend." I wish her and her husband Tommy a lifetime of happiness!! <3

I have a final in my class tomorrow and I just *might* want to start studying, ha! I'm going to start studying soon.

After leaving work early on Saturday night (my boss said as soon as it was not busy I could leave), I had stopped at Walmart to get myself Nyquil to help me fall asleep. And I also bought myself The Lion King on DVD. :D Go ahead and judge. I am 25 and PROUD to love that movie! Disney movies are awesome no matter what age you are.

So much for sleep in today. My mom's coworker's husband who is a contractor is installing crown molding in the hallway, living room, dining room, and molding around our fireplace. I am quite cranky considering I couldnt fall asleep until 2am and they got here at 830. Let's just say this girl loves her sleep! Thankfully it'll only be two days (so they say) so I can sleep in the rest of the week. I'll just need coffee in an IV to function later.

And because Pinterest always entertains me, here are some of my new finds that had me laughing or that I just loved:

What girl doesn't want a wedding picture like that?!

Good thing my dog would never do this. She hates when you try to put anything on her!

Friday, November 25, 2011


How do I always manage to get sick before something I have been looking forward to? Today is my friend Ashley's wedding and I am not missing it. If we end up having to leave the reception early, so be it but I have been looking forward to this.

Tuesday, my throat started hurting a little when I was swallowing. That stopped when I woke up Wednesday but then a cough ensued in its' place. I woke up on Thanksgiving and never felt crappier than I did then. I almost considered staying home from Thanksgiving dinner but a warm shower and staying in bed all day until we left was the key to not having to do that.

Last night, I had the worst time falling asleep, which I know is going to catch up to me today. Then when I finally woke up, I sounded like a different person when I tried to talk. My nose is definitely backed up and it still hurts a little bit when I swallow. Of course this would happen today...that is just how the luck in my life plays out. I do have Day-Quil which I plan on taking before the wedding but I hope I am at least able to enjoy it! I was going to go out with my friends tomorrow night but at this rate, I feel like major poo and might just come home and go to sleep after work! I dont even have time for a doctor's appointment until Monday so maybe this will pass. If not, I'll get up early monday and get myself checked out. Say a prayer!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Let's take a look back at some of my favorite Thanksgiving photos/memories:

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

"It tastes like feet!"

Oh Joey scared of Monica dancing with the turkey on her head.

The one where Chandler was in a box!

Mocklate anyone?

"Now I'm a Koala bear!"

Oh season 5!

TOW Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs

Season 10...their last Thanksgiving episode.

Their first meal!

The "I Hate Rachel Green" fanclub!

Season 3. One of my favorite Thanksgiving episodes.

Oh, right. These aren't pictures of my family and/or friends. FRIENDS had the best TV Thanksgiving episodes.

Today being Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so many things: my education (to be 25 and have my bachelor's and master's degrees is amazing), my health (even though I have this hacking cough right now, so many people are much worse off in this department than I am), my family (love all my siblings), my mother for everything she has ever done for me, my friends who stand by me through thick and thin, my boyfriend who treats me like a queen (as it should be!), my nieces and nephew who I love to spoil, a warm bed to sleep in, a car that works to drive, actually having a job that I enjoy working with the people there (most of the time when they are not whining!), TV to lose my bad days in, clothes to wear, and a heart full of love.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Amidst stuffing our faces with Turkey (or fake turkey) and pie, let's remember what we are thankful for. <3

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Loves!

Time to link up with Jamie and talk about what you're loving on this Thanksgiving Eve before we all stuff our faces with turkey!

So, being that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, there'll be some sort of thankful post but for now, I am loving some wonderful things:

I'm loving how AMAZING the Taylor Swift concert was last night! It was at MSG in NYC and it was the last show of her entire Speak Now tour. Knowing that, I knew it was going to be spectacular and huge. She sang for 2.5 hours straight (no intermissions/breaks at all) and put her heart & soul into it. She had two surprise guests, Selena Gomez (they sang "Who Says" which, I'm not going to lie, is one of my favorites) and James Taylor (they sang "Fire and Rain"). And interestingly enough, she is named after James Taylor. Oh my, it was such a wonderful show I didn't care that our seats were the last row. Next time we vowed we were getting as close to the stage as possible but it was so worth it. I'm just loving the experience overall..

I'm loving that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I can't wait for some good eating, drinks with the family and sleeping in. When something can change so quickly, you need to sit back and remember what you're thankful for...

With that being said, I'm loving that my cousin and his wife are expecting identical twins! They have the cutest four year old daughter (who is so polite too!) and have been wanting to expand their family. Part of me wants girls (so I can babysit and play dress up ;)) and another part hopes they are boys to carry on the family name. I kind of want to buy her a set of onesies like this:

I'm loving the preview for this movie "The Vow" coming out in February 2012. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are both in it. It looks so good! A total chick flick but Shannon and I already plan on seeing it.

I'm loving that I got a pair of pajama pants with santas on them for $1.94 at the Old Navy outlet yesterday. They were originally $16, on sale for $11.94 and I had a $10 off coupon! WAHOO!

I'm loving FRIENDS reruns on Nick at Nite. I can't believe it is on that channel but I love watching episodes over and laughing at the same thing. Such an amazing show. :)

I'm loving Disney's Beauty & The Beast will be re-released in theaters in 3D on January 13th!! SO EXCITED!!! This is one of my favorite Disney movies ever. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Some pictures that document the fun that was had recently! :)

Seeing Breaking Dawn at Midnight! (We had second row seats).

City for Sarah's 21st and my 25th!

Biffle! <3

Biffle! <3

Boyfriend <3

November Babies :)

CPK loves! <3 Two of my favorite servers to work with.

I'm not sure if it is a good sign or a bad sign that I am excited about cleaning my bedroom on Thanksgiving. Don't worry, I'll be having a lovely feast with the family but that's not til later in the day. I currently put my laundry in a pile and shoved it in the closet because "I just couldn't deal" with it right now. My main problem is I need to switch my summer clothes to winter clothes. This takes FOREVER and I need a day to do it. Maybe.

Tomorrow (or today since its after 1am) I am going to the outlets with two friends to start Christmas shopping and then Shannon & I will be off to MSG to see the lovely Ms.Taylor Swift. I had no idea you could google an artist's set list before a concert. Yeah, it makes the surprise of what song you will hear not be there but she has a good one for tomorrow night. From what I can tell, it includes: "Sparks Fly" (my favorite off her latest album!) "Mine," "The Story of Us," "Our Song," "Mean," "Better Than Revenge," "Speak Now," "You Belong With Me" (another favorite) and so many more. Ahh!! So excited! :) Plus she looked gorgeous at the AMA's:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday o fun!

What a wonderful weekend this has been! My birthday was on Friday. I can hardly believe I am 25 now! What?! When in the world did I get that old?! I am nowhere near where I thought I'd be at 25 (ya know, those dreams back in high school where you see yourself engaged or married by this age).

My birthday celebration actually started on Thursday. Best part was my class was cancelled. Needless to say it was the third time this semester it was cancelled but um, yeah, okay by me! Later that night, I went for some birthday drinks (early) with Shannon and Olivia at D&B's. I like how we no longer are carded there because the bartenders Rich & Richie (yeah, they are not father & son like I thought originally!) know us well. Then we headed off to go see this:

And omg we almost got kicked out because someone thought my friend cursed out a manager...totally NOT the case but we were able to enjoy the movie still. The movie was 2 hours long and totally could have been done in 30 minutes. They did it 2 hours knowing that people are going to see the second part (which does not come out til 11/16/2012!). Still it was quite comical!

Friday, my actual birthday, was nice. I got to sleep in (considering I didn't go to bed until 4am!) and then had lunch with Olivia. She gave me a darling pink Polo wristlet which I adore and we had lunch at my job, CPK. My co-workers were all coming over and chatting and when my Tostada Pizza (my fav after the buffalo chicken!) came out, they put candles on it and everyone...and I mean everyone (both managers, all my coworkers, the bussers, some of the kitchen staff) came out and sang happy birthday. Loved it. And the best part? My GM Elliot paid for my lunch! I was wondering why I got no check and it was completely covered! Seriously, it was so nice of him!

My boyfriend truly spoiled me for my birthday! I got a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret (my favorite store!) and a box of lotions from there which smell so good. I have been dying to get a massage and he kept telling me not to do it. He gave me a full day of beauty at a salon...with a full body massage. OMG I was happy! But the BEST part of all?! I was given an 8 day cruise (with him of course) to the tropics! I ABOUT DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN! We aren't going until March or April (knowing him he is trying to get the best deal) but I am so excited!

Had dinner with the family (would have been nice if I got to see the nieces and nephew) and then got ready for a fun night out in the city with the BF, Olivia, Sarah, Skye, Natalie (the last three are co-workers) and some of Sarah's friends. Sarah had turned 21 on Monday (11/14) so it was a dual celebration. We had fun but I am so glad we left when we did. By the time we got off the 2:53am train (it always amazes me how many people are in Penn Station at that hour!) and I got into bed, it was 5am! Best part? I had to work all day yesterday. Seriously, not cool and my fault for not taking off but I made do. I got 11+ hours of sleep last night so I am good.

Overall, it was one fantastic birthday and I had a lot of fun! I feel like 25 was one of the best birthdays I have had in awhile and actually, it was much better than my 21st! :) I will post some pictures from the festivities once I find my camera cord. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

1. I swear the rain makes people drive so slow. I get that you need to be cautious, believe me. But it's almost like no one knows how to drive. WTH?!

2. I am so glad I am paying $3000 for a class that has been cancelled three times since September, the professor doesn't teach us anything, and I have learned zilch. My dollar is getting me far. Seriously can't wait for that class to be over. And to never take a class by that professor again.

3. Seriously, some people should not be allowed to have children. Case in point: This 9-year-old boy in Delaware drove to school with his mother in the passenger seat. Why? Because he wanted to drive the car. What in the world kind of parenting is that?! Or this Ohio mom who is charged with the death of her 14 year old daughter who had CP because she weighed 28lbs...hello child abuse. OMG. It breaks my heart. Next thing you know, we're going to have more episodes like when Britney Spears did this:

4. Seriously, a protest over who is hotter for People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2011. Yea, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling are both gorgeous but um, hello, look at Bradley Cooper. Seriously...DROOL.

5. Sometimes, I seriously wish my laundry would do itself. I am almost tempted to just get up tomorrow early on my birthday and do it! Also, can my room just clean itself? There are seriously not enough hours for me to accomplish everything I need to do.

That's all I got for this week. Time to hydrate with caffeine so I can go enjoy/mock Breaking Dawn with some of the girlies! Happy birthday to me!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{What I'm Loving Wednesday}

Today is a yucky day outside {all rainy!} But it is almost the weekend and what is not to love?! Come on ova and link up with Jamie to show What You're Loving!

I'm loving
that tomorrow night at midnight, Shannon, Olivia and I...along with a billion other people...will be attending a wedding. And laughing. To see this:

I'm loving the new boots my mom bought me for my birthday! Lesson learned - do not wear ankle cut socks with them! But I am happy to have a pair of boots that keep my feet warm and won't get my feet soaked when it is raining.

I'm loving there is about one month of this semester left! YAY! So ready for these classes to be done and not sit in class until 10pm at night, dreaming of cheesy fiesta potatoes. Say what?

I'm loving the deals I got at Kohl's. I had a $10 off coupon for my birthday and a 30% off coupon. I need new pants because they either do not fit in the waist and/or legs or vice versa. I ended up getting a pair of Vera Wang jeans and a frame for my friend's wedding present (putting a bunch of pictures of her & her future hubby in it) for $25 together! The jeans were originally $58. WAHOO!

I'm loving that my birthday is Friday! Finally, I get to find out what that lovely boyfriend of mine got me for my birthday. I hope he knows his gift for his birthday is contingent on what i get, he he. I want to order him tickets to a NJ Devils hockey game. I just want to know where/if/when we are going away. I could really use a week of relaxation here:

I'm loving the new shampoo I tried. I feel like no matter what I do, my hair is always one big frizz ball. Enter this shampoo. Thanks for making me look like I am not a frizzy mess anymore! :)
I'm loving these Pinterest finds because they made me giggle/smile: