Monday, November 7, 2011

procrastinate. procrastinate.

This assignment for my class on Thursday is giving me issues. The professor's directions were so vague and I hate that! We basically have to write "a 3 page paper" which seems so simple, and it is. It has to be on an authentic assessment tool in education (so like portfolios, teacher-made tests, rubrics, concept mapping, etc). Any time I try to find a somewhat decent article on the databases through the school library, I'm striking out. Not cool by any means. I have a feeling this paper is going to be a lot of FLUFF aka complete b.s. but whatever. I am so ready to be done with this class and I have truly never felt that way before. Mind you, I still have to write my midterm...all this due by Thursday at 530pm. Not seeing the boyfriend til Saturday, boo.

I really hope I get my request off for the day after Thanksgiving because I really can't work. I have a wedding out east on Long Island and when I was in the office today, I saw a thing that said "No RO's" under the manager's schedule. I am hoping that was for them because I am not missing my friend's wedding!

I should just got to bed now since it is almost midnight and I slept horribly last night! I woke up at 6 to go babysit and as I am putting my shoes on, my sister-in-law calls my cellphone to tell me I don't have to come because she thinks her oldest has strep so to not worry about it. I asked her if she was sure because I didnt want her to miss work and she said yes, go back to bed. So I tried..only to be woken up by my dog barking because my brother left the front door open and she barks at all passing traffic. Weirdo. I yelled for him to shut the door and ended up going back to bed until at least 10. Later, I met April to see Puss In Boots in 3d! It was such a cute movie. :) Only now if I could actually make progress on homework.

Can I actually get up tomorrow early and do work before I have tutoring and class? I hope so because it will be a long night otherwise! i would just like to get a manicure in the process...I deserve it with the stressful week approaching so off to bed I go!

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