Monday, November 14, 2011

{Life's like a bowl full of cherries!}

Life is like a bowl full of cherries. Or, like Forrest Gump said, "Life's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Isn't that the truth?!

The past week was just super hectic. I worked Mon/Wed/all day Fri/Sat night. Thursday was just a day of annoyance overall but it has since passed. For some reason, I was having issues sleeping (probably stressed out about the CST). I just wanted Saturday to be over with! I woke up at the bright hour of 5:45am to drink my coffee/eat/review any last minute things for the CST. If you know me well, I am by no means a morning person. I am just cranky because I hate getting up. So to drive 40 minutes to take a test was not fun. The listening section was pretty easy, grammar was okay, writing was a complete joke because it was so easy and then there's the speaking. The situations are chosen at random, however I had written out all of them and practiced them. Right before I went in, the tape recorder broke on the girl before me! OMG talk about making me more nervous!! When it was my turn to go in, in I went and shook like a leaf, ha! The situation I had was about wanting to buy a new house and I think I did okay. I will have no idea if I passed the test until they send us our scores on December 16th. I'm praying I passed because then it would mean I will have my teaching license issued in February. Otherwise, I have to retake it and I really don't want to waste another $79. So let's think good thoughts!

Having a Sunday off all day is a rare occasion. I will either work the morning shift (12-5) or the evening one (5-9). I worked last Sunday morning but had had the previous Sundays off either because I requested them off or it was just the luck of how my schedule was made for that week! So, I was off again this Sunday and I went out to the outlets with my mom. She has a bunch of giftcards and wanted me to come along to help her pick out some clothes. She ended up getting a bunch of stuff at Coldwater Creek and then we went looking for boots for me. That was really all I wanted! Every where I went, whenever I saw a pair of boots, I tried them on. But my issue was they wouldn't really want to zip because of my calves being huge. I ended up finding a pair at Easy Spirit at the outlets and those were my birthday gift from my mom. :) Happy girl right here! Now I just need to go buy myself some new pants to wear with them (and because all my other ones are too big!)

I could seriously go to bed and not wake up til like 9pm tomorrow, ha! No, not really, I just love to sleep. I have so much to do and yet, I want to sleep. Hopefully I am not coming down with some sort of sickness.

Friday is the big day. I turn the big 2-5! Ha! It's not as important as my friend Sarah turning 21 (today was her birthday! and we're celebrating friday) but still. I am tickled to see what my boyfriend is giving me. He has been torturing me for months about it so it better live up to the torture! And the night before, Shannon, Olivia and I will be going to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn!! So excited for this week's festivities!

I am also in love with this scent, Be Enchanted, from Bath & Body works. When I was at the outlets, I got three of their minis to go and a future scent in a lotion for $10 all together :) I bought Be Enchanted in a lotion and spray and love it's scent!

And just for fun, because there is no other way I'd procrastinate, some of my new pinterest finds:

Goodness! That's how I always feel every Monday!

Oh Sophia! My favorite from "The Golden Girls"

Such truth!

When in doubt...

Such true words!

This just looks heavenly!

Be still my heart. Such an adorable baby picture!

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