Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice...

Oy to the vey! Now that I have settled in with the fact that I am 25 and truly an adult, I guess it is time to do a little growing up. I am so not thrilled about that, ha! I kind of hate finances. Then again, what young person doesn't? I still live at home, which is great, but I do have to pay my mother rent. And my rent would consist of actual rent, my phone bill, and car insurance all rolled into one. I won't tell the actual amount but it is definitely NOT what I would be paying in rent if I lived by myself on Long Island!! Living by yourself on Long Island at my age is almost impossible. You couldn't get a nice studio apartment for probably less than $1200 a month BEFORE utilities so I guess considering my rent is 1/3 of that, I'm lucky.

Problem? I really don't make THAT much money for everything. If I do eat out, 95% of the time my boyfriend is paying (which is nice) but the majority of my money goes to gas, buying my own clothes, school (hello college loans!) and rent/other adultish things. I do have a nice chunk of change as a refund from my student loans. And I dread the day I have to start paying those back, oy. But it is currently sitting in my Higher One Account where the school deposits it. I really want to transfer it into my checking account at my main bank so I can pay off my credit card bills, pay my mom, and actually do Christmas shopping. I hate that this is stressing me out at this time of year, but oh well. You would *think* it is easier said then done to transfer it but it won't work. I can't link that account with my checking on either of my bank websites (including Chase) so I guess tomorrow I will be calling up Higher One and asking them how I can get that money. I really want to avoid having to pay $25 for them to write me a check but if that is what I have to do, then so be it. And I guess for the mean time, I will have to cut back on shopping...something no girl who loves to shop wants to do!

It would just be nice if I actually had a real job in my field of education that paid well because that'd help too!

They opened up a Big Lots right near Stop & Shop less than 5 minutes from my house, aka where I love to do my grocery shoping. How sad is it that I am excited they opened? I have not been yet and I want to go. I am hoping that I can find my niece's birthday gift there and maybe some gifts for the nieces and nephew for Christmas. I have no idea what to get them!

It would have been nice if the nail guy listened to me today. I have no idea how it happened but when I was in panera yesterday, I looked down and the tip (aka fake nail) on my left thumb had fallen off. I think it got snagged/cracked at work on Sunday. So I went in today to tell him I needed a new tip (which kind of pisses me off because I had just gotten a fill in/the color changed last Wednesday) and he didn't put it on! Instead he just put the acrylic liquid stuff on my actual nail. So I shall be making him fix that next week!

And I am excited for the premiere of Teen Mom 2 on MTV next week. Not that the show advocates getting pregnant at a young age (and if this happened to you or someone you know, I majorly applaud them for any decisions they made about it because that can't be easy!). It's just another one of those "addicting" shows that I can't stop watching!

I am nowhere near any place making a dent on my Christmas shopping! Oy to the vey. So much to do and so little time. And I got a summons for jury duty. I have to start calling 12/16 for the week of 12/19...yep the week of Christmas! What a merry time for me.

Okay, time to hit the hay so I don't fall asleep tomorrow night at work!

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