Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Seriously?! Thursday}

1. is November! And they have the Christmas cups at Starbucks now. That made my trip there this morning to get my Vanilla Latte before getting my car serviced much more enjoyable.

2. many exciting things going on this month! My birthday is two weeks from tomorrow(presents please! ;)), I see Taylor Swift at MSG with Shannon on 11/22, my friend Ashley's wedding is 11/25 and we're getting closer to the end of the semester. SCORE.
(Can I just have her guitar?! It's so SPARKLY!)

3. Seriously...Kim Kardashian...why did you even bother getting married? 72 days, what was it a trial experiment? HA. I totally saw that coming! The five year age difference probably did not contribute but come on. I totally think it was for a publicity stunt/to get money although she denies it. And this is why Kourtney is my favorite Kardashian sister.

(Her veil was so weird!)

4. is disgusting that Lindsay Lohan is from Long Island. Thank God I don't live in the same town she is from but she tarnishes the LI rep. And that girl is just a walking trainwreck. She got sentenced to 30 days in jail but she'll only serve 6 of them? Wow, she's a real winner. Keep going LiLo. Keep making us proud!

5. Seriously...I love my brother for wanting to save me $ but if I want to take my car to the dealership to have them check my brakes out, I will. The guy where I usually take it told me it was going to cost me $2000 to fix my "struts." Turns out it'll only be $300 which I am seriously grateful for taking it here. The high pitch squeaking noise will be GONE in awhile (I'm sitting at the dealership on my beloved Macbook Pro, which desperately needs a cleaning, writing this).

6. Seriously..I would love to know why my bank has not sent me my new debit card considering my other one is expired. JOY. Maybe it will come today. Seriously, I hate banks. Even Chase is starting to piss me off.

7. Seriously...I wish I had the motivation to do the two assignments necessary for my class next Thursday. I detest that class and would never encourage anyone to take this professor again! I have learned more by myself from the textbook then her lectures. And I have to pay $3000 for the class...score.

8. Seriously...time for new pants. I think I need to go look in Old Navy since everything else seems to fall off me. I am just too lazy and it's like 5 minutes from my house. WTH. Maybe on the way home from the car dealers.

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