Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday o fun!

What a wonderful weekend this has been! My birthday was on Friday. I can hardly believe I am 25 now! What?! When in the world did I get that old?! I am nowhere near where I thought I'd be at 25 (ya know, those dreams back in high school where you see yourself engaged or married by this age).

My birthday celebration actually started on Thursday. Best part was my class was cancelled. Needless to say it was the third time this semester it was cancelled but um, yeah, okay by me! Later that night, I went for some birthday drinks (early) with Shannon and Olivia at D&B's. I like how we no longer are carded there because the bartenders Rich & Richie (yeah, they are not father & son like I thought originally!) know us well. Then we headed off to go see this:

And omg we almost got kicked out because someone thought my friend cursed out a manager...totally NOT the case but we were able to enjoy the movie still. The movie was 2 hours long and totally could have been done in 30 minutes. They did it 2 hours knowing that people are going to see the second part (which does not come out til 11/16/2012!). Still it was quite comical!

Friday, my actual birthday, was nice. I got to sleep in (considering I didn't go to bed until 4am!) and then had lunch with Olivia. She gave me a darling pink Polo wristlet which I adore and we had lunch at my job, CPK. My co-workers were all coming over and chatting and when my Tostada Pizza (my fav after the buffalo chicken!) came out, they put candles on it and everyone...and I mean everyone (both managers, all my coworkers, the bussers, some of the kitchen staff) came out and sang happy birthday. Loved it. And the best part? My GM Elliot paid for my lunch! I was wondering why I got no check and it was completely covered! Seriously, it was so nice of him!

My boyfriend truly spoiled me for my birthday! I got a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret (my favorite store!) and a box of lotions from there which smell so good. I have been dying to get a massage and he kept telling me not to do it. He gave me a full day of beauty at a salon...with a full body massage. OMG I was happy! But the BEST part of all?! I was given an 8 day cruise (with him of course) to the tropics! I ABOUT DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN! We aren't going until March or April (knowing him he is trying to get the best deal) but I am so excited!

Had dinner with the family (would have been nice if I got to see the nieces and nephew) and then got ready for a fun night out in the city with the BF, Olivia, Sarah, Skye, Natalie (the last three are co-workers) and some of Sarah's friends. Sarah had turned 21 on Monday (11/14) so it was a dual celebration. We had fun but I am so glad we left when we did. By the time we got off the 2:53am train (it always amazes me how many people are in Penn Station at that hour!) and I got into bed, it was 5am! Best part? I had to work all day yesterday. Seriously, not cool and my fault for not taking off but I made do. I got 11+ hours of sleep last night so I am good.

Overall, it was one fantastic birthday and I had a lot of fun! I feel like 25 was one of the best birthdays I have had in awhile and actually, it was much better than my 21st! :) I will post some pictures from the festivities once I find my camera cord. :)

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