Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Loves!

Time to link up with Jamie and talk about what you're loving on this Thanksgiving Eve before we all stuff our faces with turkey!

So, being that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, there'll be some sort of thankful post but for now, I am loving some wonderful things:

I'm loving how AMAZING the Taylor Swift concert was last night! It was at MSG in NYC and it was the last show of her entire Speak Now tour. Knowing that, I knew it was going to be spectacular and huge. She sang for 2.5 hours straight (no intermissions/breaks at all) and put her heart & soul into it. She had two surprise guests, Selena Gomez (they sang "Who Says" which, I'm not going to lie, is one of my favorites) and James Taylor (they sang "Fire and Rain"). And interestingly enough, she is named after James Taylor. Oh my, it was such a wonderful show I didn't care that our seats were the last row. Next time we vowed we were getting as close to the stage as possible but it was so worth it. I'm just loving the experience overall..

I'm loving that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I can't wait for some good eating, drinks with the family and sleeping in. When something can change so quickly, you need to sit back and remember what you're thankful for...

With that being said, I'm loving that my cousin and his wife are expecting identical twins! They have the cutest four year old daughter (who is so polite too!) and have been wanting to expand their family. Part of me wants girls (so I can babysit and play dress up ;)) and another part hopes they are boys to carry on the family name. I kind of want to buy her a set of onesies like this:

I'm loving the preview for this movie "The Vow" coming out in February 2012. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are both in it. It looks so good! A total chick flick but Shannon and I already plan on seeing it.

I'm loving that I got a pair of pajama pants with santas on them for $1.94 at the Old Navy outlet yesterday. They were originally $16, on sale for $11.94 and I had a $10 off coupon! WAHOO!

I'm loving FRIENDS reruns on Nick at Nite. I can't believe it is on that channel but I love watching episodes over and laughing at the same thing. Such an amazing show. :)

I'm loving Disney's Beauty & The Beast will be re-released in theaters in 3D on January 13th!! SO EXCITED!!! This is one of my favorite Disney movies ever. :)

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