Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Happy Wednesday!}

I cannot believe this is the last Wednesday of November and we are almost to December! Where did 2011 go?! Considering it is Wednesday, it is time for one of my favorite link ups, What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie over at This Kind of Love!

I'm loving that the Christmas season is upon us! It is my favorite holiday! I enjoy all the decorations, shopping for the "perfect" gift and wrapping them. Nothing is more enjoyable then seeing the joy of Christmas through the eyes of my nieces & nephew! Plus, I can't wait to watch this movie on repeat:

I'm loving that I will get to see my best friend April this weekend! We were going to go out last weekend when she was home for Thanksgiving but I wasn't feeling well. This Saturday after I get off work we shall hang out and go get some twofers and half priced apps at Applebees (btw, only New York does this and I love that!) Twofers = some of their drinks are two for the price of one and their appetizers are half off after 10pm!

I'm loving that I now own The Lion King on DVD. It always upsets me when Disney puts movies back in the vault and then you can't get them so I try to snatch up my favorites when i can. Because after all, I totally believe this:

I'm loving the new wallet from Vera Bradley that I got using my birthday coupon! They give you a $20 off any purchase $25 or more in the month of your birthday. So I got a new wallet in this print, Happy Snails. (My mother rolled her eyes when I told her)

I'm loving that the boyfriend and I will be seeing this movie on Friday night:

I'm loving the reruns of 16 & Pregnant that MTV has been running lately. It's just a show I can't stop watching!

What are YOU loving today?!

(And now I need to go get out of my pajamas, shower and go be productive before work!)


  1. Love 16 and Pregnant, some of those girls are crazy.Swinging by from the WILW link up.

  2. Disney love...did you know that Beauty and the Beast is being released in 3D soon. Soo excited.

  3. I'm dying to see The Muppets movie!

  4. katmcd- yes I did know that! january 13th! the little mermaid, monsters inc and finding nemo will also be in 3d!