Thursday, December 1, 2011


Anyone who has ever been a college student/graduate student/medical student/law student/any type of student knows that after Thanksgiving break, the end of the semester = CRUNCH TIME! Tons of assignments due and what feels like so little time left to complete them in!

I am in my last two classes of my Special Education extension. I already took the CST for it and passed (just waiting on my CST for my Spanish so I HOPEFULLY can get a job soon!!). All that is left for me is to take the workshop and then apply for my certificate. Maybe if I get that done I can get a subbing job for Special Ed before Spanish. Really, I just NEED to get into a classroom soon!

And with my two classes ending in TWO WEEKS {reference to post title}, I have two major projects to do. Honestly, it is sad to say at this point i don't care anymore. I kind of made up my midterm for my Assessment class and got a 19/20 on it! I just am so over it and ready to teach. However, for my Assessment class, we have to write an IEP (Individualized Education Plan for all you non-teachers) and use a student's scores...which I did not have access to! Talk about a freakout session!! Luckily, my sweet friend Ashley helped me out big time! I so owe her!!! I just need to sit down in front of a Windows Computer (the program hates Mac users) and get the information. Nice.

I need to make headway on my Christmas shopping. I think tomorrow after morning I will browse the Walmart near work in the toy aisle for the niece's and nephew. Sometimes its SO hard to shop for them! I just love Christmas gifts! :)

Tomorrow is the day my best friend Steph should be moving into her own house in Georgia! I am so happy for her! She has been wanting to get out of her apartment for some time and she is quite happy. Especially since it is about 6 miles from where her parents' house is. I cannot wait to see it when I visit in January!

What I really want for Christmas is a maid to clean my room and a bigger walk in closet because as my mother put it "You have so many clothes they need their own house!" If she only knew the amount of purses i have! So speaking of which, I will go try to tend to that before I go to bed considering I can't fall asleep until 1/2am and mind you, I have to be at work at 11:30am tomorrow. Score.

And on that happy note, I leave you with this adorable picture. I plan on doing this to all my kids:

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