Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday random post

*All the random thoughts floating in my head*

This is the first time in years that I have been three days from Christmas and still not finished with my shopping! What is my problem?! I have no idea but for some reason, I did not know what to buy anyone this year/no one feels like they are in the Christmas spirit. Christmas morning should be interesting.

I really wish they would just post my stupid grades already. I only took two classes and the autism workshop. I already have my paper from the workshop to send to NYS for my certification but come on teachers! The grades are suppose to be in by today so maybe later I will see it. I really just want one from my assessment class because then I can make my complaint about the teacher since she was the worst professor I have EVER had. My dog could have taught the course better! Side note: just checked after leaving this open to go to the mall to finish my shopping and she gave me a B+ when I had all 100's on everything. WTF. So complaining!

I really hope my friend's dad does better. He's been in the hospital for two months. :(

I am so over rude people in a restaurant. Sure, you have been to the restaurant 23582032 times. That does mean walk in and seat yourself at any freaking table you want even though there is a hostess. What's worse is some servers can't stand waiting on these people because they'll come in, the wife will knit at the table and then they won't leave until close to an hour AFTER we close. OMG the freaking nerve. I was so annoyed last night I was like "Next time wait to be seated because that is the policy." One of my co-workers Mike put this youtube video up on facebook and it is TOTALLY true. Anyone who has EVER been a server understands this!

If someone does NOT let me sleep in on Christmas eve, I will be one CRANKY person. My brother wakes me up to move my car which is fine. And I guess it is my own fault for not going to bed so late but OMG. I just want to sleep in til noon to catch up on my life! Ha.

I really wish my undergraduate school would stop emailing me that as an alumni my opinion is important for the future of the school and in turn, asks for a donation. How about I will donate when I am done paying off my loans that I owe thanks to attending your fine institution...which will be never!

I really despise the new timeline layout on facebook. It's annoying and makes it just that more complicated looking/annoying looking.

Congratulations to my friend Mike on his graduation today from the NYPD police academy! His first assignment is crowd control in Times Square on New Year's Eve and then he gets assigned his borough. I am proud to say I know one of New York's finest! :)

I find it really odd that my field supervisor from my part-time student teaching placement keeps emailing me about "connecting" on linked-in or whatever that website is called. Maybe it is for professional contact but IDK why it weirds me out!

My room needs to clean itself up. I need to go work on some things downstairs for my mom but right now, it looks like CHRISTMAS threw up in here. And I still need to wrap!

I hope I don't fall asleep tonight in the movies.

*off to go clean up downstairs* What a thrilling life I lead ha!

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  1. I hate it when teachers don't post your grades in a timely manner... the suspense just kills me sometimes. That happened to me this year!

    Hope you get all your shopping done in time for the big day! good luck!