Thursday, December 29, 2011

.randoms on a thursday.

I really wish people would learn how to drive. Working at the mall (well a restaurant at the mall) has been horrible this month. It took me 15 minutes to get from the gas station up to the mall entrance on Monday when I went to work. Then came the task of finding a parking spot. I had to park WAY far away from where my job was. Partly because I did not want to deal with people beeping at you when you're waiting for a space. And because I was desperate because it was 5 minutes before I had to clock in. Joyful. And here's a helpful hint don't block intersections! Oh I can't wait for the normal parking lot to return!

Plus, I love how my manager told a customer the other night who was yelling at me that people were getting sat before her "We don't have a crystal ball to predict when people will get up." OMG almost peed myself when she said that. Not really. just kidding. Cause that'd be gross. Yes, I did underquote you by 15 minutes but EVERYONE came in at the same time and you were 5 people plus a highchair. Oy to the vey. Last night ran smoothly and thank god it was busy because it kept my mind off of things.

I had one of the hardest days ever yesterday. Family issues which I would rather not discuss and a text message from my best friend Shannon from school. (A girl can have multiple best friends, can't she?) Her dad has been sick in the hospital for two months and he passed away yesterday. My heart just aches for her family. He leaves behind three children from one marriage and five from his second. Tonight and tomorrow are the wake which my friends and I are going to both times tomorrow. And the funeral is Saturday at 9am. I switched my shift to be able to go because that's what friends do. Knowing he is out of any pain or misery he was in is a relief for the family but at the same time, it is never easing losing a spouse or parent. Rest in peace, Mr.Farrell. Be the guardian angel I know your family needs right now.

I wish Wife Swap was on more often. I love watching that show. Speaking of shows, you know what comes back January 5th? That's's time to fist pump!!! I am not ashamed to admit I watch Jersey Shore. It's my guilty pleasure. Side note: Vinny graduated from my college the same year I did! I tried so hard to remember if we had any classes together. Don't think we did!

And you know what other show I love that comes back January 10th? That's right, Dance moms! I am so thankful I went to a dance studio where our director did NOT act like Abby Lee Miller at all!

I am so bad at picking up my room. Maybe it will magically clean itself. Ha, a girl can dream!

Also, super excited to find a code for 101 FREE PRINTS from Shutterfly in my email this morning! SCORE! I have so many Disney pictures I want to print so this will definitely help out. And there's free shipping on orders of $30 or more. I just wonder if I have to do two separate orders or I can combine it.

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