Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hasta luego, 2011!

2011 is done and over with. It's kind of hard to believe! The year had lots of fun, some sadness and lots of trips. I can only hope 201


~Started the new year off with Heatherfest 2011! It was so wonderful seeing her!
~Went on a week vacation to Disney World with 4 friends from college, Zach, Amanda, Olivia and Shannon. It was one of the BEST trips I had!

-And who could forget snow-athon 2011 in January? It seemed EVERY Tuesday it was snowing. Thank god it really has not snowed yet!

~Started student teaching...finally! Well, technically it was at the end of january but it was quite interesting. had one of my observations three days after i took over instruction and definitely learned from it!

~visited April @ her apartment while she was attending Columbia. She took me for my first visit ever to the MOMA!


~left one student teaching placement and went to another. Loved the message some of my students in my first placement left me on the board:

~found out I was inducted into the Education Honor Society at school. Yay me!


~had the actual induction into the Education Honor Society

~visited Stephanie in Georgia!!

~had Easter at home

~celebrated Emma Grace's 2nd birthday!


~finished student teaching! BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF MY LIFE!

~graduated with my Master's Degree in Education

~had a "WTF is this liquor" party with my friends


~got so so sunburned after one day at the beach that so MANY customers commented on it at work.

~tried a zumba class and loved it. I wish I was still doing it!

~took two summer classes for my Special education A's in both!

~celebrated my nephew's preschool graduation! (he's the one in the plaid shirt)

~chopped off my hair!


~my doggie had to have surgery and have a toe amputated. she had cancer in her toe but they got all of it!

~went to my niece's dance recital

~celebrated olivia's 24th birthday!

~went to the mets game with the boyfriend

...july was kinda boring! lol.


~spent a week in Disney with my brother, his wife, nieces, nephew and my mom. It was SUPER hot but SUPER fun. I can say, "Are you having a magical experience?!"

~threw a surprise party for my friend Shannon with the help of her boyfriend for her 24th birthday. So worth the look on her face!

~lived through hurricane irene. yeah, it wasn't that bad where i lived but totally insane.

~saw Britney Spears in concert with Shannon! SO much better than her "Circus" tour.

~went wine tasting on the east end of Long Island with Amanda!


~started my LAST two classes of school.... (until i decide to go get another extension)

~my niece sara started first grade & steven started kindergarten!

~my nephew steven turned 5 and uncle eric (my brother) turned 30!

~went to the Yankees/Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium with Dan, Shannon, John, Olivia, Mike and Jen. The Yankees slaughtered the Red Sox!

~stephanie visited! allison came to the airport with me to pick her up!

~re-visited our old stomping grounds in new paltz!

~visited april at her apartment in queens. we went and saw "follies" on broadway. still totally wanna see the lion king.

~colored my hair brown.

~met Teresa Guidice from Real Housewives of New Jersey (she's my fav!)


~turned 25! celebrated my quarter of a century birthday by celebrating my friend sarah's 21st in the city!

~saw taylor swift @ MSG with shannon! such an amazing performer.

~found out my cousin was expecting identical twin girls!

~saw "Breaking Dawn" Part 1 at midnight....and almost got kicked out of the movies. whoops!

~celebrated brian's 27th birthday! my brother does not like taking pictures so there are none. Or maybe I could include this one of him getting pied in the face at work (reason why I chose NOT to work on my birthday!)

~attended my friend Ashley's wedding. What a beautiful celebration of love!



~celebrated the boyfriend's birthday
and got him really good tickets to a hockey game that he can't wait to go see

~celebrated my niece Sara's 7th birthday!

~got to see my wonderful friend Heather as she visited us on her way to MA for Christmas.

~celebrated Christmas

~ended the year on a sad note with the passing of my best friend Shannon's father. The funeral was Saturday and I just could not stop crying. Having never met my father, I feel like I missed out on a part of life but seeing the smile on Shannon's face through her tears as she saw me, our friend Amanda, Olivia, Olivia's boyfriend Marc and my boyfriend in the pew at the mass this morning was worth anything. There is that saying that "Many people come in and out of our lives but those who mean something always stay close at heart" (or something along those lines). If it was any of my friends, there is no question or doubt in my mind that I would be there.

While there is grief and sorrow, you can only grow from this experience. May angels lead him in.
I have to say that while 2011 was a year of changes, celebrations and achievements, I look forward to 2012. 2012 will be a year of getting myself organized (can't wait for my Erin Condren planner to come in the mail!), getting a job, and finding my place in life. Whether it be in New York or some other state, the future is in the palm of my hands and I cannot wait to see where this goes!

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  1. Looks like you had a great year! Congrats on graduating with your masters in Education!

    Cheers to an even better 2012!