Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new me!

Well, now that it is 2012 and the world is suppose to end ya know, maybe it is time to work a little on myself. I firmly believe that no one is perfect. We all have room for improvement! With that being said, I know there are things I want to work on in this new year.

For one, I want to join a gym. Some people might find it a weird request to ask for a gym membership for Christmas, but I did. Did I get it? No. I could go to my Uncle Tom's gym for free but it is kind of out of the way. I mean, not by that much but when I did have it, it took me a half hour to go and kind of a waste of gas. I was going to join LA Fitness but it's $12.95 a WEEK. How my brother Brian affords that I will NEVER know. So, I am going to try Planet Fitness. I'm going to do $10 a month because I dont plan on bringing anyone with me and I dont need tanning. So I am looking forward to working out and getting a flatter stomach! :)

Secondly, I want to work on getting my "real adult job" aka you know, a teaching job. They are hard to come by in New York so I really might have to start looking elsewhere. I thought having Spanish would be helpful in finding a job...not so much, which is why I went and got my Special Education extension. New York is just so expensive to live here. I am 25 years old and living at home. It's great but I can't wait for my own place! My friend in Georgia is 24 and just bought her first house. What she probably paid is a DOWN PAYMENT on a house here. Insane. I look forward to finding the dream job I have wanted ever since I fell in love with learning languages.

Organization! I always love how right after Christmas that Target has every type of organization bin/tool on sale. New year, fresh start! Something I noticed this year was my credit card bills would come in and I'd be scrambling last minute to find them. Too often my bills ended up getting paid late and then I'd get a late fee. $29 or $35 late fee is just ridiculous. So, in an attempt to curb this problem, I decided to take manilla file folders and have one for each bill I get. Color code the tabs with high lighters (finally my office suppplies obsession will pay off!). And, I also ordered myself a planner from which I can't wait to get. This thing I will be carrying with me to help me keep myself organized, write down due dates for bills, etc. Hopefully this helps me!

I have almost finished the calendars for my mom & sister-in-law. I decided to hold off on my grandma's for next Christmas. I just need to decide on 101 pictures to print when I order them as well because I have a code for 101 free prints! Have to figure that out by the 4th. In keeping with the "new me" theme, I need to not wait until the last minute/after Christmas to do them. Be more proactive in 2012!

I also want to read more. I am still trying to finish "The Help." I keep bringing it to work to read while I am waiting for my brother, try to read it before bed, etc. I recently purchased these two from Barnes & Noble and can't wait to read them:

Please feel free to give me any suggestions! I also love finding books to put on my Kindle. :)

The other night after the wake for Shannon's dad, a group of 10 of us went out to get some food and have a drink. We went to TGIFriday's by Olivia's house and I had my phone on the table because I was checking something. The waitress was pouring my Pink Punk Cosmo and spilled it on my phone! ARGH! So now all the keys on my Blackberry are sticking. While it still works, it is annoying. I am trying to hold out for April because that is when my phone is due for a renewal of the contract. I'm going to try and hold out til then so I only have to pay $100 for the iPhone 4. I dont need the 4S for the snazzy features. It also could not hurt to take it to the store and see if they can help me.

I also love this shirt. It's part of the "Warriors in Pink" to find a cure for breast cancer. Jennifer Aniston, who I adore and want to meet, designed it. Each shirt costs $20 (white or gray) and 100% of it ($12.55 a shirt) goes to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. To date, $3,098, 589.00 of donations have been made. ASTOUNDING! I really think I will order one.

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